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Interviewer: Is true that you wrote Hamburg Song for Tom?

Tom: YES!

Tim: mmm…Yeah…well you know…that is what we kind of do as a band. We try not to kill all the most of painful things that we feel ….or the most awkward to talk about …we try to put them  into our music …you know.. is not easy to say those things but is …. it makes a much more powerful record I think. 

Interviewer: Was it hard initially to show him the lyrics?  because is such a personal thing… it is hard for guys to talk in general… but then to open up and … so here is a song a wrote about you… is not romantic but here it is about our relationship… 

Tim: yeah… but not only because we´re guys… also because we

are doubly difficult to achieve to actually say anything!!!

Tom: People ask me: how is it singing that song? which is a song very much directed at you…how do you sing it?

In a way it has even more kind of power and meaning for me to sing it .

It´s that kind of good remainder of  not to let my ego run away with me and sort of take me away of all the things that I know I love… wich are these guys and the band and making music. 

It means a lot sing it right back to Tim…to feel like that song has kind of help us to go though some of the difficulties that we may have had in the past. 

Social business is a means to an end.

Our ultimate goal is not “to become a social business”; our goal is to communicate more effectively both inside and outside the organisation. Too many social business projects concentrated on adoption – how to get people into a network – rather than what they will use it for once they’re there. In our experience, this is the wrong way round – by clearly identifying the business processes a social network will be used for, adoption follows automatically, because people are compelled to use the network to get their job done.

(via Social Business For Real Work)