richard holden

The Signs as Starkids
  • (The other post with this title isn't accurate to the Starkid's actual signs so here's my version)
  • Aries: Dylan Saunders/Corey Dorris/Nicholas Strauss
  • Taurus: Jeff Blim
  • Gemini: Jamie Lyn Beatty
  • Cancer: Tyler Brunsman/Denise Donovan/Brian Rosenthal
  • Leo: Joe Moses/Joey Richter
  • Virgo: Brian Holden
  • Libra: Richard Campbell/Elona Finlay/Bonnie Gruesen
  • Scorpio: AJ Holmes/Matt Lang
  • Sagittarius: Julia Albain/Chris Allen/Nick Gage
  • Capricorn: Eric Kahn Gale/Nick Lang/Devin Lytle/Robert Manion/Lily Marks/Meredith Stepien
  • Aquarius: Darren Criss/Jim Povolo/Joe Walker
  • Pisces: Lauren Lopez

“renner is very much a very physically capable guy and i like that. i like the challenge of that because i like that the guy i’m up against is tough. not just mentally tough but physically tough … i like that it’s renner.

renner reminds me of, like, richard widmark. he reminds me of bill holden. a guy who he can be charming and he can throw it off in a certain way but he can be tough.  a very tough guy.”

 - alec baldwin on jeremy renner