richard hammond i love you

In the midst of chaos, we are stronger.

In times like these, when our whole world has been turned upside down, the Top Gear fandom’s kindness, acceptance, passion and resilience has shone through.

I awoke in the middle of the night to a tweet from a fellow Top Gear fan asking me if I had heard the news that Jeremy Clarkson was suspended by the BBC and Top Gear had been ripped off air. Since I am from Australia and live in the wrong hemisphere I first read the horrible news that series 22 had been cancelled while sitting in bed at 4am, shaking and very confused as to why this had happened.

Naturally my Twitter feed exploded with concerned tweets, outraged tweets and confused tweets, I follow a LOT of amazing Top Gear fans and we all banded together in the midst of massive chaos to comfort each other while we had absolutely no idea why Clarkson was suspended. Many of us changed our Twitter name to #WeAreAUnit in support of the show we love and in support of each other.

I have been criticised and shamed for supporting Top Gear at this time, as I’m sure a lot of other fans have been as well. Those criticisers have no idea what a great fandom this is and the amount of support we provide for each other. They cannot hurt us, though they have tried. The media have also played a role in our suffering through these past days with conflicting stories, pulling things out of context and outright ripping into Clarkson and the show.

Let me tell anybody reading this that the main thing I’ve learnt after joining the Top Gear fandom in 2013 is that the show, with its humorous antics, hilarious stunts and charismatic presenters with epic chemistry have helped save many, many people from falling into the depths of depression, sadness or bad situations. Unfortunately a lot of the criticisers of the show don’t know that and don’t realise exactly why there is such a big group of people supporting Clarkson and praying that he stays on. We know Top Gear would not be the same without him and we know Hammond and May would jump ship if he was sacked.

This is why I signed the petition to bring back Clarkson, this is why I will continually support Top Gear, because I’ve seen all the good it can bring to millions of people around the world. If Clarkson did act violently towards the producer I will be bitterly disappointed, and I would expect a form of punishment to be handed to him, but to see the end of such an important show to so many people is not necessary and will be heartbreaking.

Ultimately if the show does end all I can say is thank you Jeremy, James and Richard for making me laugh without fail with every episode. Thank you for reigniting my love for cars. Thank you for introducing me to the best OTP ever, Richard and Oliver. Thank you for introducing me to some of the best internet buddies that make up a part of the amazing Top Gear Fandom. Thank you for always being yourselves no matter what the media or the public may say against you. Thank you for all your time and effort you put in to entertain us. We love you guys and if you do leave our screens, at least your show brought us Top Gear fans together to support each other, share a laugh or a tear. I can assure you there will be many of those if the show ends.

Just like the Top Gear presenters, the Top Gear fandom is a unit. Nobody will ever take our bond away from us, and nobody can take away our hope.


Happy 45th (38th!) Birthday Richard Mark Hammond!

Normally I would make a very long post with numerous pictures of everyone’s favorite little Hamster, but as you have probably noticed I am insanely busy, which is why my updates are so infrequent these days. 

So I just wanted to say I still love you Hammo, even though you won’t get a post filled with pics. 

Happy 38th (for the 8th time!) you beautiful man!


Submitted by hammond-the-hamster

There’s no prizes for guessing which Top Gear presenter is for me.

Richard ‘Hamster’ Hammond.

I love how animated he is, you really can’t keep your eyes off him when he’s on the TV because at any given moment he might pull an absolutely amazing face. He is hilarious to watch, let alone GIF! As you can see above these are some of my favourite GIFs I’ve made of the Hamster. 

You can really tell that Hammond, as well as Clarkson and May really, REALLY enjoy their job and care deeply for each other. The antics they get up on Top Gear put such a big smile on my face and without fail, cheer me up.

Hammond nearly died for the sake of the show in ‘06, which I only found out about last year when randomly looking up Top Gear. (I had only recently gotten back into the show and didn’t know all that much about the presenters). Reading his autobiography On the Edge about the crash allowed me to learn so much about the strength he and his family possess, and suddenly I irrevocably and utterly loved him.

Seeing his comeback to the show in ‘07 will always make me tear up, thank goodness he was lucky enough to make a full recovery and still grace our screens being his funny, animated and adorable self.

The show wouldn’t be the same without any one of the three presenters.

I love you Hamster!