richard drinnon

We–Europeans, descendants of Europeans, civilized peoples–need to have dominion over what is ‘out there.’ These other people are in what is 'out there,’ which means they must be dominated. These are deeply held convictions, not just rationalizations dreamed up to facilitate economic exploitation. This is an imperative that lies much deeper, that creates a bone-certainty among those committing genocide that we not only have the right to destroy these others, but that we must. Why? Because in the end our attempts to dominate nature can do no other than to reach around finally and catch ourselves in the same trap we’ve set for others. Even the dominators are a part of nature, which means that those who set out to dominate nature must ultimately dominate themselves. Dominating ourselves means we’re going to live ways we don’t want to live, express things we don’t want to express, and find out things about ourselves we don’t want to find out.
—  Richard Drinnon in an interview with Derrick Jensen for The Culture of Make Believe