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okay so i see you're a dps fan from your about section and as u may have noticed from my url, so am i. hit me with a few anderperry headcanons for sleepover saturday? also anything else about the other characters that you want to talk about :)


  • Todd writes poetry, Neil performs it - usually with just the two of them, though
  • they often exchange jumpers, and not just for romantic reasons. their jumpers somehow fit the other better and both of them think the other smells nicer
  • the “flying desk set” becomes a tradition, sometimes they invite the others too
  • surprisingly, Knox is the first who notices their intimacy. he doesn’t tell, but his knowing smiles when he looks at the couple gives it away to the rest of the poets
  • Neil gets headaches a lot, usually because of his loud and boisterous behavior, and Todd sneaks into Welton’s kitchens and somehow manages to make the best hot chocolate and sneak it out without anyone noticing. it’s a mystery how he does it, really.
  • they leave each other small sweet notes on the typewriter
  • for example: “i hate your stupid face and can’t wait to kiss it after classes”
  • when they sleep together, Neil falls asleep first - and clings so hard that Todd has to wake him up if ever he needs the toilet
  • Todd hates all flowers apart from daisies, and Neil always makes sure to get one on his way to school from the theater
  • Neil annoys Todd when the boy is reading/studying so Todd starts writing on his face to shut him up
  • the writings usually say things like “i am annoying”
  • Neil pretends to hate them but keeps from washing that area on his skin for as longs as he can
  • they don’t kiss or have sex a lot. usually they just enjoy each other’s silent company, and it feels comfortable and they have grown into being unable to imagine themselves alone alone
  • Neil never dies

A random headcanon for each of the boys bc why not:

  • Knox is actually very good at poetry once he gets over Chris and starts writing about about better things like the cave and a certain boy named Nuwanda
  • Cameron loves chocolate. And while the boys pretend to hate him, he knows that the random chocolate bars in his pockets and bags and on his bed don’t appear out of nowhere
  • The saxophone isn’t the only instrument Charlie’s good at. He can play pretty much every string instrument known to mankind, and some occasional woodwinds here and there
  • Pitts accidentally creates a new staple snack for the boys: the nutella jam cake, which was never meant to be edible
  • Meeks actually is not good at everything, and has to take English lessons from Todd
  • Todd always lets his coffee go cold and then crashes on his books, Neil has to carry him to bed
  • Everyone thinks Neil is a natural at Latin, when in fact he stays up late just going through his books again again because he just loves the subject so much. Neil also smells of cardboard, for some reason

(also non-binary charlie dalton???? yes. canon.)

Girls Dead Poets Society Fancast

Neil Perry by Robert Sean Leonard // Nell Perry by Yara Shahidi

Todd Anderson by Ethan Hawke // Tess Anderson by Rowan Blanchard

Charles Dalton by Gale Hansen // Charlotte Dalton by Kelsey Chow

Steven Meeks by Allelon Ruggiero // Stephanie Meeks by Stefanie Scott

Gerard Pitts by James Waterston // Geraldine Pitts by Hayley Kiyoko

Richard Cameron by Dylan Kussman // Cameron Richards by Camila Mardila

Knox Overstreet by Josh Charles // Lennox Overstreet by Amandla Stenberg

Chris Noel by Alexandra Powers // Chris Noel by Kiernan Shipka


(In response to the Tumblr user (who I forgot posted I’m so sorry) but they were talking about what if the movie came out in 2009 instead of 1989 which I assumed meant the boys would be their age and the whole story and actors would be the same. That brought up the question as to who these boys would be living in the 21st century. Obviously they’d be cute social media obsessed teenage guys who have the greatest bond so I took it upon myself to make this modern AU. This could totally also work as an au where the boys in the movie just grew up as teens in the 2000s )

Modern AU: Dead Poets Society was made in 2009 with the same actors, director, and story. The boys are teens in the 21st century and obviously have accustomed to the new technology of the 2000s. As actors in one of the most iconic movies of all time, they’ve become quite popular in hollywood and online. Dylan is an avid Tumblr blogger, Robert loves updating his Snapchat stories of new projects, Allelon and Josh are verified on Twitter with plenty of adoring fangirls, Jamie is one of the most successful YouTubers on the web, Ethan constantly is taking pictures of him and his friends for his aesthetic Instagram feed, and Gale woos his 11 million fangirls with his 6 second masterpieces (and adorable face). They’ve grown their audiences and friend circle thanks to the life changing experience in 2009.

headcanon #3 (i think???)

the boys in a party

neil- he’s THE ONE THROWING IT. he’s overly excited about the whole thing, constantly walking around and asking people questions. “do you need more food?? should i put the heat on? change the music???”

todd- THIS WEE LITTLE BABY IS SHY AS FUCK AT FIRST. stands in a corner, awkward small talk with another random shy kid. BUT WHEN HE STARTS TO WARM UP, HE’S ON. i’m talking rambling all night, laughing, making jokes. he brings life.

charlie- DO I NEED TO SAY MORE. he’s the drunk ass fuck dude who tries to sleep with EVERYONE in the party. come on. you knew this.

knox- THE DRUNK CRIER. takes ONE SHOT… and then he’s sobbing and threatening to text his ex.

cameron- THE ONE WHO’S TRYING TO CONVINCE KNOX NOT TO TEXT HIS EX. basically the sober friend.

meeks- the VIDEO GAME NERD. the one who plays Just Dance and absolutely CRUSHES everyone who dares to compete with him. he’s a boss.

pitts- the DRUNK DANCER. he’s always in the middle of the dance floor, DANCING his ass off, and he looks ridiculous. Yet everyone is amused, in a good way.


meeks adores hydrangeas and has ever since he was a kid.  meeks would sit in the windowsill watching the man he looked up to work so tenderly with the beautiful flowers in the garden.  his dad always came back in the house with a handful of beautiful sky blue flowers that were always handed to meeks.  he keeps hydrangeas in a vase on his desk.

pittsie tells everyone his favorite flowers are lilacs.  little does everyone know, his actual favorite are roses, but he fears being made fun of for having such a standard flower choice. particularly he knows he will be made fun of by nuwanda.  his favorite color is purple anyways, so the lie is honestly quite believable.

knox used to love marigolds more than anything else.  upon his introduction to hellton, he grew a new appreciation for begonias.  when he met charlie during lunch, the shorter boy whipped out three orange begonias and threw them at knox.  “welcome to hellton.  this place sucks more than the gross color of these flowers,”  this was also the day that knox decided to switch his favorite color to orange.

cameron has horrific allergies and hates all flowers.  he tries to hide this from charlie, but it slips one day .  now charlie tries to sneak flowers into their room whenever he can just to rile cameron up.  

charlie likes to bring in daffodils and hide them under cameron’s pillow.  they provide surprising dull contrast against his bright personality, and that’s exactly why he loves them most.  he picks some for his mother on her birthday, but she takes it as an insult and yells at him for thinking she is only worth a couple of ugly flowers from the dirt.  

todd never really pays much attention to flowers since his parents don’t garden and believe they ‘do not have time for such foolish tasks’.  on his first date with neil, there is a vase of roses in the center of the table they sit at in the restaurant, and neil pulls one out and tucks it behind todd’s ear.

neil’s favorite flower has always been the rose,

and now it’s todd’s favorite too.