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(In response to the Tumblr user (who I forgot posted I’m so sorry) but they were talking about what if the movie came out in 2009 instead of 1989 which I assumed meant the boys would be their age and the whole story and actors would be the same. That brought up the question as to who these boys would be living in the 21st century. Obviously they’d be cute social media obsessed teenage guys who have the greatest bond so I took it upon myself to make this modern AU. This could totally also work as an au where the boys in the movie just grew up as teens in the 2000s )

Modern AU: Dead Poets Society was made in 2009 with the same actors, director, and story. The boys are teens in the 21st century and obviously have accustomed to the new technology of the 2000s. As actors in one of the most iconic movies of all time, they’ve become quite popular in hollywood and online. Dylan is an avid Tumblr blogger, Robert loves updating his Snapchat stories of new projects, Allelon and Josh are verified on Twitter with plenty of adoring fangirls, Jamie is one of the most successful YouTubers on the web, Ethan constantly is taking pictures of him and his friends for his aesthetic Instagram feed, and Gale woos his 11 million fangirls with his 6 second masterpieces (and adorable face). They’ve grown their audiences and friend circle thanks to the life changing experience in 2009.

Girls Dead Poets Society Fancast

Neil Perry by Robert Sean Leonard // Nell Perry by Yara Shahidi

Todd Anderson by Ethan Hawke // Tess Anderson by Rowan Blanchard

Charles Dalton by Gale Hansen // Charlotte Dalton by Kelsey Chow

Steven Meeks by Allelon Ruggiero // Stephanie Meeks by Stefanie Scott

Gerard Pitts by James Waterston // Geraldine Pitts by Hayley Kiyoko

Richard Cameron by Dylan Kussman // Cameron Richards by Camila Mardila

Knox Overstreet by Josh Charles // Lennox Overstreet by Amandla Stenberg

Chris Noel by Alexandra Powers // Chris Noel by Kiernan Shipka