richard daskas

ZODIAC (Working Title)

(2014) Photoshop

Oriental Dreamworks

Visual development for ODW/Dreamworks project I was Art Director on for about a year before it was shelved. Layout by Michael Isaak, character design by Willie Real. Obvious similarities to other animated movies with animals, dressed in clothing, in a big city.But this project was being worked on a few  years before Sing and Zootopia. 


(1998) Acrylic

Dreamworks Animation

Production background painting for El Dorado. We had started using Photoshop on this movie, usually just to be able to paint overlays on board instead of cel.We then would scan the painted overlay(sometimes multiple overlays) and the background, separate it out from the board and assemble it with the background in the computer using Photoshop.This painting was actually all traditional and did not have an overlay.