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George Harrison and Tom Petty (and, in photo 1, Martika), at a party in honor of George Michael, Beverly Hills, 5 October 1988; and at the Long Beach Grand Prix, 15 April 1989

Photos: Scott Downie Celebrity Photo; Richard Creamer Celebrity Photo | © Scott Downie; Celebrity Photo

“We had an immediate connection. We were really good friends and our families were friends. […] [T]he kids formed lifetime friendships. It was a nice thing. Adria used to stay with George and his family at Friar Park. He told her something that he had never mentioned to me, which is that he had a cousin from Florida who reminded him of me. Before George was really settled at Friar Park, he and this Florida cousin would sleep in every room in this, well, this castle, trying to figure out which one had the best vibe and ought to be the bedroom.” - Tom Petty, Runnin’ Down A Dream

* * *

“‘Almost as soon as we met them, we spent more time with Tom and Jane Petty than with anyone but the Keltners,’ says Olivia Harrison. ‘They were family. We had Christmases together. They came to Friar Park. We’d just hang out, for hours and hours, with Dhani and Adria and Annakim playing together, staying up way too late, probably. Tom and George playing guitars and ukuleles. Between George, Tom, and Jane - a lot of cigarette smoke. But we had fun. We got very close. I think it was a lot of fun for Tom. And George had never met anyone quite like Tom. George with his Liverpudlian accent and Tom with his drawl, there was something connecting them, some common element.’” - Petty: The Biography [x]