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Max Roach His Chorus and Orchestra - Lonesome Lover

It’s Time (Impulse!, 1962)

Personnel: Max Roach: drums; Richard Williams - trumpet; Julian Priester - trombone; Clifford Jordan - tenor saxophone; Mal Waldron - piano; Art Davis - bass; Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson - conductor; Abbey Lincoln - vocals


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Kings WAGs

Paige Clifford (Kyle Clifford), Alyssa Greene (Matt Greene), Laura Colella (Jordan Nolan), Nicole Brown (Dustin Brown), Taylore Bryce (Tyler Toffoli), Ivana Surovcova (Marian Gaborik), Molly McGrath (Alec Martinez), Megan Mitchell (Wilie Mitchell), Jaclyn Quick (Jonathan Quick), Courtney Fischer (Jake Muzzin), Lauren King (Dwight King), Meaghan Loveday (Tanner Pearson), Megan Keffer (Jeff Carter), Lindsey MacDonald (Mike Richards), Kelly Williams (Justin Williams), Kristina Regehr (Robyn Regehr)

On 23th September 2016 In Napa Valley, California. Derek with the cast of Measure for Measure and Dido and Aeneas (Shirine Babb, Owiso Odera and Richard Clifford) delight a group of Napa Valley sixth and seventh graders (and some visiting Stanford students) with an impromptu performance during an education event (with the courtesy of Laura Rafaty of NapaShakes)


‘I couldn’t live on my own now. In a sense, I’ve given myself to somebody else who I rely on. He organises me. I’ve kind of said, “OK, you take over now.” Inside I’m older; I’m not wiser. I don’t feel much older than early 20s really. I don’t have a sense of being venerable or being solid or old or experienced. I’m probably all of those things in some people’s eyes, but I don’t feel them. I still feel like a teenager.’

Derek Jacobi and, in the words of the man himself, his far better half of nearly 38 years Richard Clifford