richard campbell

i’m legitimately laughing bc depending on where you began the story, it was about richard campbell gansey iii turning around from his best friends for two seconds to ogle at a girl and when he looks back, two of them are frenching and the other has been dead the whole time

  • Adam: You're smiling, did something good happen?
  • Ronan: Can't I just smile because I feel like it?
  • Blue: Gansey tripped and fell in the parking lot.

“Let it be to kill the demon.”

He fell quietly from her arms.

He was a king.


|| Latin and the Raven Cycle ||

ostendes tuum et ostendam meus : I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

excelsior: ever upward 

arbores loqui latine: the trees speak Latin

rex corvus parate regis corvi: make way for the raven king

non mortem somni fratrem: not death, but his brother, sleep

forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit: and perhaps it will be pleasing to have remembered these things one day


Gansey touched his lower lip very gently. He lowered his hand, and he said, “Wake up.”
He said it like he had said stop earlier. He said it in a voice Adam had heard countless times, a voice he could never not listen to.
The beasts woke.
                               // Blue Lily, Lily Blue, chapter 47.

Make way for the Raven King.
The last tree fell, and the forest was gone, and everything was absolutely silent.
Blue touched Gansey’s face. She whispered, “Wake up.”
                               // The Raven King, chapter 67.

why dont we ever talk about the fact that adam mentions gansey has dated before?? what the hell were those dates like? who were these people?? we all joke about how nerdy he is but in canon he’s also goddamn CHARMING. i bet he was a perfect, charismatic date until he let his glendower obsession take over all conversations,, what if richard campbell gansey iii is a heartbreaker