richard brook was real

Backing up the 'Moriarty is a twin' theory, and looking at each brother's personality

At the end of a Study in Pink, when the cabbie is talking to Sherlock he explicitly says, “You’re just a man, but they’re so much more.” – “There’s a name…that nobody says and I’m not going to say it either.”

Was this our first clue we were dealing with two brothers?

At the swimming pool, Moriarty famously claims “I’m so changeable!” when he goes from wanting to leave John/Sherlock alone, to suddenly wanting to kill them.

Should we have taken him literally? Is it possible there were two brothers similar to the Krays?

“Janus Cars…that’s the clue” from the Great Game was another clue people have mentioned. And who was Janus? A two faced God. The Moriartys may see themselves as Gods with the same face.

So here is the idea: Two brothers.

One was fascinated by Sherlock and wanted to keep him around (the first one we met at the pool), the other despised him and wanted him dead (the one who came back in). We saw  both of them at different points throughout the show. 

Richard Brook was real, in that he was one of twin’s real identities.

Probably the one who liked the idea of keeping Sherlock around for a while. How else would he have been able to have such a full resume? Kitty wasn’t a great reporter, but she would have at least checked out his story.

People have said: Well, how could he have gotten away with being on a popular medical show? Because he actually was on one.

There are some other reasons the “Two brothers” theory makes sense.

For one thing, it gives the Moriarty brothers the time they need to carry out their heinous deeds:

Would one guy have had time to:

-date Molly and work a job in IT for a significant amount of time?

-have a moderately successful acting career

-get locked up and interrogated by Mycroft for God knows how long.

-go on trial, which usually takes several months

-go stay with Kitty for a prolonged period of time

ALL while trying to run the biggest criminal web on the planet and give advice to up and coming criminals?

Even by Moriarty’s standards it’s a bit much.

One of brothers did indeed shoot himself on the roof. I’m guessing it was the “darker” non-Richard one (well, they’re both technically evil), he wanted rid of Sherlock at all costs and may have been the most destructive and depressed one of the siblings.

He was the brother who genuinely was bat**** crazy. Richard Brook  is (somewhat) more calmer and saner, probably because he spent more time in the real world. (If we compare the Moriarty twins to Mycroft/Sherlock, he’s the Mycroft of the pair).

The Richard Brook twin is still out there and has been in hiding for the last couple of years.

What made him emerge from hiding? The news that Sherlock was about to go on a suicide mission. Yes, several years on and he still wants to have his fun with Sherlock and isn’t OK with him dying…just yet.

M-Theory: Johncroft is real

The entire series is of course Mycroft trying to get Sherlock out of the way so that he can be with John. First thing he tries to convince John not to be loyal to Sherlock. On THE DAY THEY MET Mycroft followed John to a crime scene just to make sure he wasn’t put in prison for shooting the cabbie. 

In TGG Mycroft knows that Sherlock and Moriarty’s little game will end in a swimming pool with Semtex so he tries to distract John with the Bruce Partington plans, and it totally works until Sherlock finally realizes what’s happening and get’s involved, so now John is at the pool too.

Then Mycroft called Moriarty at the last second and tempts him away with a promise of a jumbo jet, but really his plan is to have Irene seduce Sherlock and get rid of him so he can be with John. When that doesn’t work he has Irene fake her death, hoping Sherlock will have a “danger night” and end up in a drugs den so he can at least have one night with John. But Sherlock isn’t that affected and Mycroft is horrified and decides Sherlock must die. 

But while he’s planning Sherlock’s death, Sherlock practically kidnaps John and takes him to Dartmoor and so Mycroft sends Greg to retrieve John and make sure Sherlock doesn’t poison him or anything.

When they get back to London Mycroft implements TRF plan.

All of TRF is a ploy on Mycroft’s part to kill Sherlock and Moriarty together. He pits them against each other by spreading lies through media, but he tells the papers that the Sherlock lies are from Moriarty and vice versa.

That’s why Mycroft calls John into his office to give the info about the assassins but sneaky the info about Sherlock getting closer to his death, because he wanted John to know they are getting closer to their canon moment, but in a sneaky kind of way and with assassins because John has an espionage kink. 

Then TRF went down the way TRF went down. Mycroft didn’t know Moriarty faked it, but agreed to help Sherlock because he had told Mummy Holmes on Mycroft, so Mycroft exiled Sherlock instead. Then Sherlock was finally gone, and Myc and John were free to have “fish and chips” every friday without being in danger from Sherlock or Moriarty.

(Fish and chips is obvious subtext for the inevitability of Johncroft. Mycroft gets upset with Sherlock saying he might have found a goldfish while Sherlock was gone because he did: John is the fish. Mycroft is the chips, which we see are quite phallic when Sherlock drops them in TEH when John is kidnapped. What else is phallic? An UMBRELLA. That’s right. John is fish. Mycroft is chips. They belong together. Every Friday. For two years. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. #TJCC IS REAL.)

But the problem is Moriarty who was secretly still alive hired Mary to seduce John because he hates happiness. I mean, why do you think Mycroft brought Sherlock back from his fake death? To get rid of Mary. SO HE COULD BE WITH JOHN.

But Sherlock didn’t deduce fast enough about Mary so John had to go through with the wedding and then Mary found out Sherlock was on to her and shot him, but he survived AGAIN and he finally had it figured out and then he told John. John  was super pissed because he couldn’t believe Sherlock hadn’t sussed Mary sooner and he thought that if Sherlock had then he could have been with Mycroft the whole time. 

Then Mycroft and John make a plan where it looks like John is going along with Sherlock’s plan, but really the whole time they’ve been building up CAM as this horrible man (he’s the real Richard Brook, acting for Mycroft and doesn’t realize he’s about to die) but Sherlock pulls his Christmas stunt and FINALLY Sherlock is going to be exiled and he’ll certainly be dead in six months. Mary has agreed to divorce John because she owes him because she failed to kill Sherlock and then everything is about to be OK and then


what if Moriarty really was Richard Brook

what if Richard Brook was an innocent man, hired by the real Moriarty

and he killed himself because the real Moriarty “forced” him.

So we don’t know how the real Moriarty looks like.

Or who he is.

We got tricked into thinking Moriarty played Richard Brook but was Moriarty when irl it was Richard Brook pretending to be Moriarty, then trying to come to the truth but gave up because he had no chance to flee from the real Moriarty and so played Moriarty till his death.

Which means Moriarty was never Moriarty.

Can you follow me?

So Moffat said that Andrew Scott’s Moriarty was dead. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Moriarty himself is. It could be possible that Andrew Scott was really playing Richard Brook, a talented struggling actor that the real Moriarty stumbled upon and hired to play him. Brook would eventually realize how deep he was in this and would be asked to kill himself to protect the life of the true Moriarty. And I swear if Molly’s now ex-fiancé is the real Moriarty I’ll kill someone.


In “A Study in Pink,” Anderson recognized that RACHE was the German word for revenge. So we know Anderson speaks German. Meaning that he would have realized that Richard Brooke is Reichenbach in German. hE KNEW MORIARTY WAS REAL AND THAT’S WHY HE WAS SO SURE THAT SHERLOCK WAS ALIVE.

coffeeisoxygen  asked:

Hello! I absolutely love your blog, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of all your meta! I have a question for you, sorry if it’s stupid. I definitely believe Moriarty is back, and nowhere near finished playing his game, (that’s why I was so shocked when he “died” in Reichenbach, it just felt… a bit anti-climactic, I suppose, after his comment of “something special” in TGG). So, if Moriarty really is still running things, how is it possible he’s got that much power after Sherlock’s [1/2]

[2/2] spent the last two years dismantling his network? One of my theories as to why Moriarty faked his death in the first place (along with screwing with Sherlock, of courseI) was that he needed his network to be dissolved. Probably silly theory. But do you think he spent those two years creating a new network? I just have a difficult time grasping how he could still be the main player (which I do believe he is) if Sherlock’s gotten rid of his network. Sorry if this is a stupid question. :)

Not a stupid question! I think there could be a number of reasons.

For one, he could have been allowing Sherlock to dissolve that network as a distraction while he creates a new, stronger network. He clearly took over Cam’s, for one thing. The boys got patted down thoroughly when Cam came to Baker Street – then flew straight into Appledore, flanked by security guards, and not one of them found the gun in John’s jacket pocket? Absurd. Those goons aren’t Cam’s anymore, they’re Jim’s. (*raises eyebrow at Janine*) Add to that the fact that both Jim’s Richard Brook plan, and his “resurrection,” relied on the media. By the end of HLV, Jim owns that shit.

Then there’s Mycroft, who I 100% believe knew full good and well Jim wasn’t dead. (No body on the roof.) And yet he let his little brother run off dismantling Jim’s network for two years. Just like he knew Mary was an assassin, but never said a word. Because his hands are tied – Mycroft’s been trying for years to beat Jim, but he’s outmatched and it’s killing him. Maybe Jim’s taking over some of Mycroft’s network, too. In fact, I bet anything that’s exactly what he’s been doing.

Also, keep in mind that Sherlock is likely getting his information on who, precisely, makes up Jim’s network from Mycroft. Mycroft’s the one who interrogated Jim back in season two. So Mycroft only gave Sherlock the information Jim wanted him to give, meaning Sherlock dismantled what Jim allowed him to dismantle.

You know what I find most interesting? Up until TRF, Moriarty is just a name, “more than a man”…most of the people who employ his services never see his face. Then it’s splashed all over the place during the trial, quickly followed by the Richard Brook scandal to place doubt about his real identity in everyone’s mind. 

He vanishes, Sherlock dies, Sherlock’s name is cleared, Sherlock comes back and is generally adored by the public again…and then Jim splashes his face all over the place once more.  

The weird thing about that is that clearly he isn’t going for the anonymity he used back in season one. And I would imagine that high-profile celebrity image would make it hard to run a successful consulting criminal business.

And the timing of it! Think of this from the public (and the media’s) POV: Sherlock Holmes killed a man, he’s convicted of murder, he’s being exiled, that HUGE news…and then the minute his plane leaves the runway, boom. Look who’s back. People are so going to speculate on that serendipitous timing.

As well they should. Jim timed it purposefully. He wants those old questions, those doubts, raised once more. In both his and Sherlock’s names.

Which means we’re going to revisit the Richard Brook thing in season four. I love the theory that Jim really was born Richard Brook and created the Moriarty name – honestly, I find it hard to believe that James Moriarty is in fact his real name. For one thing, it’d be too easy for Sherlock to learn more about him – just go back to Carl Powers’ hometown and start digging around. But I feel like his birth name can’t be Richard Brook either because the German thing – reichen bach - is too much of a coincidence with Sherlock’s recovery of the painting. 

So what is his real name?

Ugh. All I want is for Sherlock to take a trip out to Janine’s Sussex cottage, realize he’s right by the school where Carl Powers went, and Janine’s like “yeah I went there too,” and Sherlock sees her yearbooks and picks the one from 1989 and finds Carl and then Janine but she’s not the only Hawkins there and right next to her picture is

External image

(Sorry for getting off topic.)

The Reichenbach Fall in a New Light (or My Defense of the third Scenario in The Empty Hearse)

I have read that the writers confirmed in a q&a that the third solution to the Fall we see in The Empty Hearse is the actual one. I don’t even know if that is confirmed. Still, I’ve given this possibility some thought.

Initially I rejected this solution just as fast as Anderson did in the series and tumblr tells me that I wasn’t the only one. There are enough emotional and logical reasons to reject that scenario.

On an emotional level this solution seems to devalue not only the audience’s but also John’s and Sherlock’s suffering throughout the episode. In addition it suggests a lot less character development on Sherlock’s side than we have interpreted so far (from self-sufficient brilliant loner to someone who actually cares for others and is willing to make big sacrifices for them).

Logicwise it was mentioned that if Mycroft actually could have stopped Moriarty’s assassins so easily, Sherlock would not have needed to fake his death.

After giving it all some thought I’m not so sure about that being true though. The “third solution” has provided me with a new reading of The Reichenbach Fall that actually makes more sense to me on a logical level than the storyline we saw in the episode, and doesn’t take away from the suffering and growth of the characters.


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The Christmas special is going to be set entirely in Victorian times (well, with a few modern establishing modern scenes). THis has now been established by TPTB but was hardly a surprise.

Quite a few people are taking this to mean it won’t have any connection to the show as it’s being told outside the special.

This sees to be a good time to remind people that we are the fandom that AU’s things that simply should not work. Coffee-shop AU. Werejohn and vamplock, cats, and otters and hedgehogs and bats and bunnies, plants and dolls-and-menders, they meet as kids, jam and red pants, ballet and rugby antics, they meet as college students, somehow they meet in Afghanistan and James Bond is there as well, Mycroft is secretly a Kingsman, Lestrade has no actual first name, Molly is as it turns out the real Moriarty using Richard Brook as a front, and the whole show will wind up to be a fever dream of Anderson’s that somehow involved dinosaurs. Also, skeleton wars and a vengeful ACD pulling himself out of the grave just so he can flip us off. Also, somehow, bees. Lots and lots of bees.

Want to tell me again how canon divergence means there won’t be any connection to or comment on the original?