richard brook was innocent


The Doctor took the hint. He believes in Sherlock Holmes.

The Master on the other hand… he’s such a troll.

(Well The Master was originally invented to be the Moriarty to the Doctor’s Holmes so it seemed fitting. And I was dusting my Doctor Who figures and got bored…)

(Two and Three kept arguing about how to hold the sign so One got annoyed and made Two share his word instead. Six refused to team up with anyone and sulked because Ten laughed at his coat.)

(Yes I made up a whole little scene in my head while I was doing it.)

Today in my psychology class, we somehow got on the topic of religions.

And my teacher asked us what we believe in, and some girl in the middle of the room shouted “SHERLOCK HOLMES!”

Everyone just looked at her like she was crazy and I started laughing.

But my teacher gave her a weird look and said:

“Richard Brook is innocent.”

There was a strange silence and then all three of us started cracking up.

And my classmates just sat there in confusion.