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Moriarty x Reader | ‘Always Take The Shot’

Hey! So this is gonna be my first ever Moriarty x Reader fic, I hope you guys like it. (It might be a series…)

Plot: You are a crime scene photographer working alongisde Sherlock, John and Lestrade. You capture something you weren’t supposed to… 

Warnings: None,

Guide: C/N = Client Name


The sound of your camera snapped a photo of the dead body in front of you. You quickly looked down at the screen and blankly stared before it disappeared again. You were a photographer. 

Well… You took a course at university to be a creative photographer but ended up being a crime scene photographer. You also worked alongside Sherlock and John. The two were very famous in the media, Sherlock was a ‘consulting detective’ whilst John was a blog writer and wrote about the two. Sherlock said you were the best photographer he’s ever seen and regularly uses your photos for evidence. John also uses your photos on his blog. It has given you quite good rep in the past. 

But you were just working alone this morning. Sherlock and John were caught up with a particular man called Moriarty. 

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[Sherlock Character Aesthetic; Richard “Richie” Brook, Jim Moriarty’s twin brother]

Hey all! I did this one more for myself, since Richie is one of my softest, sweetest muses and I wanted to do him justice. He is the smallest rabbit who plays ukulele, wants to be a great actor on the London stage, and has a cat named Pez. He also wants to open a bookshop one day. Kudos to Jude ( @rinmxran​ ) who plays my Severin. You’re the best, babe!

Richard Brook’s stage performances + Birth Certificate - from the Sherlock Chronicles [my scan]


Richard Brook lives..???

(Andrew narrates (is The Storyteller..) in this CBeebies show “School of Roars” full episodes on iPlayer, this is too perfect 😄)