richard boleslavsky

“Notice everything around you- watch yourself cheerfully. Collect and save in your soul all the riches of life and the fulness of it. Keep those memories in order. You can never tell when you will need them, but they are your only friends and teachers in your craft. They are your only paints and brushes. And they will bring you reward. They are yours- your own property. They are not imitations, and they will give you experience, precision, economy, and power.” -Richard Boleslavsky
Don’t look at me now, dearest friend, look into space and listen with your inner ear. Music, and the other arts which follow naturally, will be only an open road to the whole of the universe. Don’t miss anything in it. Listen to the waves of the sea. Absorb their sweeping change of time, with your body, brain, and soul. Talk to them as Demosthenes did, and don’t weaken after the first attempt. Let the meaning and Rhythm of your words be a continuation of their eternal sound. Inhale their spirit and feel at one with them, even for an instant. It will make you, in the future, able to portray the eternal parts of universal literature. Go through the same experience with woods, fields, rivers, sky above - then turn to the city and swing your spirit to its sound as you did to its creative rattle. Don’t forget the quiet, dreamy, small towns - and above all, don’t forget your fellow men. Be sensitive to every change in the manifestation of their existence. Answer that change always with a new and higher level of your own Rhythm. This is the secret of existence, perseverance and activity. This is what the world really is - from the stone up tot he human soul. The theatre and the actor enter this picture only as a part. But the actor cannot portray the whole if he does not become a part.
—  Richard Boleslavsky, Acting: the First Six Lessons