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headcanon that ronan gets gansey very drunk one night and in his alcohol induced stupor, with ronan egging him on, gets giant raven wings tattooed on his upper back in jet black ink, all the way down the back of his arms to his elbows and the words “regis corvi” written vertically between the wings.

Domestic Sabriel #8/?
  • Sam: *putting the kettle on*
  • Mary: I still don't understand, if he tortured you emotionally, killed Dean over and over again, why do you love him?
  • Sam: *blushing* I kinda-eh-he's-eh-
  • *assortment of salads coated in chocolate appear on the table*
  • Sam: *laughing* he's just kinda perfect.
  • Mary: *bites back tears at how happy her son is*

IMAGINE…being set up on a New Year’s Blind Date with Richard Madden

New Years One Shot #1 !!!

Word Count: 2,554

Warning: None….OH it ends on a cliffhanger!

((I TRIED SO HARRRDDDD….I’m not very good with writing about real people! I’m sorry! This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now though so…here it is. Perhaps next time, if there’s a next time, I’ll try it with Richard and Reader in a more private, relaxed environment.))

Y/B/F – your best friend

Y/E/C – your eye color

Y/n – your name

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I’m Not Kissing You - Chapter 4

Richard Speight jr x reader

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Flirting, bit of angst. Nothing much.

You and your best friend are taking a holiday for a few months in america. Your friend has invited you along to a big house in the countryside where some of their friends are staying. It’s July the 6th, known as kissing day and Richard and Rob have made a bet to kiss every girl they can.

(Yes yes I know, it’s been 10 months what was I thinking. I don’t have an answer for you. I’m just an asshole who forgets to finish ever fic I start.)

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Imagine Richard telling your daughter how you both met.

Requested by @buckyoakenshieldxo Enjoy! 

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Every night after dinner and your daughter, five-year old Amelia, always asked for ‘Daddy time’. Due to Richard working away for long periods of time, you and Amelia both missed him dearly. 

Richard would get down on the floor with her in the living room of the house you had recently brought in south London, or he would lie across her bed, and they would enter into their own world which only a daddy and daughter lived in. You would hear Amelia’s chuckle from down the hall as you washed up all the crockery from dinner, and then Richard’s deep voice would follow. 

Tonight and you decided to take a peek around the doorway of the living room and see what they were both up to. Yet again and Amelia had asked to watch a Pixar film, knowing they were Daddy’s favourites. You snuck to the doorway and peered in to see Richard sitting on the leather sofa with Amelia next to him, her head on his chest. 

“Daddy?” she asked in her sweet, high-pitched voice. 

“Yes, sweetheart?” Richard replied, kissing her forehead. You knew that Richard idolised and worshipped the very ground his daughter walked on as he had yearned for a family of his own for years. 

“How did you meet Mommy?” 

“You ask me this every night before bed time,” Richard laughed. 

“I know but I like to hear the story….tell me,” Amelia said, grinning. 

You folded your arms and rested against the doorway, seeing how oblivious they were to your presence. 

“Alright, seeing as you asked so politely. On a day when Daddy wasn’t dressing up and playing someone else, he decided to see one of his friends. And his friend introduced him to a lovely lady. She was the best friend of Daddy’s friend’s wife. And that lady took Daddy’s breath away.” 

“Did you kiss?” Amelia asked, looking up at Richard and laughing harder. 

Richard blushed and chuckled in response. “You are being very cheeky, little one.”

“You did kissy kissy with Mommy.”

“It took me a while before Mommy allowed me to give her a kiss. She came to see me quite a lot while I was working and she became Daddy’s best friend. And then she came to work with me, travelling to lots of places.” 

“Do you love Mommy?” 

“Of course I do. We loved each other so much that we decided to have you.” 

“Do you love me as well?” 

Tears were falling down your cheeks as you watched your husband and daughter have such a beautiful heart to heart. 

Richard looked at his daughter, a lump in his throat. “That is a silly question to ask. You know that me and Mommy love you more than anything else in the world.”

For Raven

“(y/n), time for bed!” Richard called.

 You nodded “Alright, daddy!” you squealed and hugged Richard tight.

 You had lived with him for almost a month since he adopted you. The two of you had grown very close.

 "Are you gonne tuck me in?“ you whispered in his ear and licked your lips quickly.

 Richard nodded and pecked your neck “Ofcourse, sunshine.” he said sweetly and picked you up in his arms, carrying you to your room in bridal style. He opened the door with his elbow and dropped the two of you on your bed, both laughing and giggling.

 "Daddy, let me go!“ you scream giggled and tried to wrestle out of his grip.

 Richard laughed and tightened his grip around you "You’re not going anywhere, princess!” he chuckled and kissed your cheek a little too close to your lips.

 You jumped a little and he let you go, giving you some more space. “Oh god, (y/n). I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-” Richard started. But you shook your head “That’s okay. I eh… I kinda liked it.” you said softly and bit your lip, blushing slightly.

 Richard frowned a little and tilted his head as he sat up on your bed “Are you sure, (y/n)?”

 You nodded and climbed on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing the tip of his nose. “Yes.” You shifted on his lap, accidently grinding yourself against his crotch. He gasped a little and grasped your shoulders “Darling, you can’t d-do that!” he wheezed and looked at you with big shocked eyes.

 You frowned and smirked. “Why not, daddy?” you muttered and shifted on his lap again “Don’t you love me?” you said with a soft voice and pouted.

 Richard’s eyes softened and he pulled you close again, kissing your forehead “But of course I love you!”

 You smiled “Didn’t you like what I did?” you whispered.

 Richard gulped and nodded a bit “B-but you-”

You didn’t let him finish his words and grinded down on him again, harder this time.

Richard shut his eyes and rested his head on your shoulder, groaning softly in pleasure “(y/n), stop… P-please.” he stuttered.

 But you wrapped your legs around him and continued grinding and bouncing on top of him. Richard couldn’t contain himself any longer and started moaning. “I’m sorry, baby… You just… Aah!”

 He pushed you off him on your back and climbed on top of you “Do you want this?” he whispered.

 You licked your lips and nodded “Yes…. Daddy.” you said lustfully.

 Richard smiled and carefully pressed his lips against yours. You smiled into the kiss and slightly parted your lips, licking Richard’s mouth and begging for action.

 Richard wrapped his arms around you to deepen the kiss.

 You kissed for a while before Richard pulled back, panting and confused. “(y/n), I can’t. You’re-”

 "Shhhh!“ you shushed him and kissed his lips again. "It’s okay, I want this. And I know you want this too.” you whispered and touched his chin.

 He looked away and bit his lip. But soon enough he looked at you again and smiled. “Yes,” he said softly and nodded, “I want this. I want you.” he said and kissed your lips hungrily while his hands pushed your pajama top over your bare breasts to feel them.

 "I love you.“ he mumbled.

 "I love you too.” you breathed and pushed your stretchy bottoms down leaving you on the bottom in only your silky panties. “You’re beautiful.” he whispered and hooked his lean fingers behind the waistband of your panties, lifting the fabric and pulling your panties down to your knees. “So soft.”

 Richard brought one hand down and gently touched your intimate parts. You closed your eyes and rested your head on your fluffy pillow, heaving a sigh.

 "You like that, (y/n)?“ Richard asked with a sweet voice.

 You nodded and licked your lips "Yes, daddy. Please don’t stop!” you whimpered as you felt your muscles contract a little under his touch. So gentle and loving.

 Richard smiled “Alright. I won’t stop.” he whispered and kissed your forehead. He sat up and pulled your panties down completely before kneeling between your spread legs and pulling your butt on his lap. “You’re gonna like this, I’m sure!”

 He put two fingers in his mouth and covered them with his sweet saliva. By the time, he pulled them out they were dripping wet. He tilted your pelvis a little and carefully shoved his wet fingers inside of you, stroking and scissoring your inside. You closed your eyes to focus on the hot, wet sensations that Richard caused and you gripped the sheets loosely. “D-daddy!” you moaned. He knew exactly what he needed to do to make you feel this way and you loved it. Every minute, every second. Every move and every sound and tingle. Shivers shot through your spine as he moved a little faster, making you moan even more. This was bad, and you adored it. You wanted more.

 As your butt was resting on his lap you could feel his growing erection against your bum.

 He noticed you were longing for more and he stopped, letting his fingers slip out of you and leaving you empty and whining.

 He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard-on. “You want this, don’t you?”

 You nodded like crazy and let yourself slide off his lap and on your mattress so he could take off his pants, which he did. He kicked his jeans off and crawled between your legs again, lining his precum dripping cock up with your leaking entrance. “You want this, don’t you?”

 You nodded again and grabbed his shoulders. “I love you.” you whispered and Richard smiled.

 "Alright, (y/n). Here we go.“ he said softly. "This might hurt a little, sweety. You may bite my shoulder or scratch my back if you like. That’s okay.”

 You bit your lip and closed your eyes, preparing for the worst.

 Carefully he pushed himself into you. You winced and hissed a little at the stinging pain, but it wasn’t that bad at all. Soon enough you were adjusted to his size and you nodded. “It’s okay.” you wheezed and Richard started to move. At first it was slow and gentle, but soon you wanted more. You wanted harder, faster, longer, higher. And that’s what Richard did. He sped up until he was mindlessly fucking your brains out.

 You screamed and cried out in pleasure. Clawing your nails into his back and shoulders, scratching him like crazy, driving him insane.

 "Darling… I’m close!“ he panted.

 And you felt it too. An old familiar sensation wrapped in something new. Hot and tight and slippery wet pressing inside of you. So close but you couldn’t climax for some reason. You growled out in frustration. Richard was about to come and leave you undone.

 "I’m sorry (y/n)…” he brought out and groaned. His breath hitched in his throat and he closed his eyes as he exploded inside of you.

 You were still on the edge, so terribly close.

 It wasn’t until he pulled back when you found your release. You climaxed squirting all over him and you screamed his name at the top of your lungs.

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Under The Mistletoe *Steve Rogers x reader*

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(the gif has nothing to do with the one-shot I just really like Chris Evans and Chris Hemswroth bromance, look at them, is it weird that this reminds me of my mum and dad? They act like them, its hilarious)
Requested by Anon: could you do one where you (avenger) bring a date to Tony’s Xmas party & the date turns out to be using u to meet the team. and it ends with the reader and Steve under the mistletoe by accident? just a bit of angst and a lot of fluff? 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff and Steve being a Super Sweetie
Admins Note: I have been writing Wanda stuff left, right and centre its good to be writing some cute Steve stuff. Hopefully you’ll like this, worked super hard on it. SHUT UP I REALLY LIKE JUSTIN BIEBERS CHRISTMAS SONG… OKAY. LEAVE ME ALONE.

“STEVE!” Yelled in delight once you found the super soldier, he stopped walking instantly the moment he heard your voice. He turned to see you running down the hallway with the biggest grin on your face; probably the most beautiful sight he had ever seen “I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” you over exaggerate, he smiled down at you.

“What do you need (Y/N)?” he asked you, you simply grinned. A couple days ago Steve told you to ask your crush to Tony’s Christmas party, of course, he didn’t think it would be him but he couldn’t help but hope for you to miraculously love him back; you did have the biggest crush on Steve but you always thought he was still hooked on the past, so you saved yourself the rejection and asked someone else you had your eyes upon.

No, not to ask but to thank,” you correct, he frowned. “I did it. I took control of my nerves and asked that guy to Tony’s party” his shoulders slumped down, for a split second he let his face show his heart breaking but he pulled it together, grinning and hugging you in congratulations.

 He now has to go to the party and watch the girl he loves with some other guy, it felt like the world was constantly against Steve, he couldn’t be happy in the forties and now he can be happy in the twenties!

“That’s great,” his voice broke and coughed lightly. “So…who’s the lucky guy?” he asked and you tapped your nose, a beautiful smile on your face that made Steve’s head spin in circles, just once he wished that he was the reason behind your happiness.

“It’s a surprise, he kinda asked me before I could ask him but I hinted that I had no date, he seems eager to go with me,” you giggle and he nods.
“Well, he has to get past the Avengers test first.” He mused you rolled your (E/C) eyes at him as he chuckled. “Kidding, but seriously I’m going to give him the talk,” you groaned but smiled, he always protective of you, you liked that about Steve; always so caring.

Okay, old man,” you patted his shoulder following him down the hallway, Steve scoffed at the pet name you had given him, something he hates others calling him but lets side when you say it.

I am not old,” he defended and you laughed. “Besides, Tony said women love older men, something about their money, although he calls me the whole elderly package deal; I’m old at heart but young on the outside.” Steve frowned looking down at you, you laughed loudly, holding onto his arm for support as you walked so you wouldn’t fall over.

That’s brilliant!” You calmed down after a few seconds, “elderly package deal, do me, Natasha and Wanda get friend discount if we date you?” you asked in amusement, he sarcastically laughed, shoving you away slightly with his shoulder. “I’ll see you tonight, Steven,” you saluted to him and he did the same back.


Martin was the exact opposite of Steve in every way possible. He was a brunette, with hazel eyes and he was small compared to Steve, kind of Clint’s height. Despite not being Avenger he was ‘cool’ or that’s how you would describe him, he wasn’t like Steve who was opposed to partying and drinking, in fact, Martin lived for that lifestyle; even though he is an Agent like Maria. 

Everybody likes him, or a lot of people hate him, he’s like Marmite, unlike Steve where you can’t help but love the guy; even Tony would admit that you can’t help but like him. Maybe that’s why you wanted Martin around you, he was different to Steve and maybe that’s what you needed to get over this affection you had for the super soldier, a different person altogether.

You wore a red dress which flowed out into a skater skirt, the hem of the dress was deep green, it was your go to Christmas dress because of the colours. At the top it had a white peter-pan collar, and it was long sleeved, it fit you nicely and the shoes were black ankle boots; you didn’t really want to wear heels tonight. When Martin showed up he was wearing a long sleeve white shirt with black skinny jeans, you couldn’t help but think that Steve would hate this guy, Steve wouldn’t dare admit it but you would be able to tell. 

You arrived at the party ten minutes late; due to the fact Martin was late to pick you up, figures. The party was already in full swing with everyone drinking, dancing and mingling amongst themselves, a few faces you recognised as friends and others must be Tony’s acquaintances. 

You held Martin’s hand as you made your way through the guests, trying to get to the bar, people stopped to greet you and you smiled and introduced yourselves, or hugged them if you knew them already. 

“So, where are you, friends?” Martin asked you shrugged looking around, guessing you would find them later; instead grabbing a drink before you could be bothered to look for any of them. You and Martin talked at the bar, he was an only child like you, he didn’t actually want to be an agent in the beginning but when his boxing career fell through he applied. 

You listened to him, although when it came to you he seemed to be lost in translation, he didn’t seem interested in the past rather what’s happening now; with you being an Avenger, which seemed to be his favourite topic.

Oh, Martin this is Clint and Natasha,” you pulled them towards your date, they both smiled, extending a hand to him. “Or also known as Hawkeye and Black Widow, where are the others?” you asked Natasha, she shrugged.

“Bruce and Tony are somewhere on the dance floor with Thor, don’t ask,” you chuckled. “Steve had invited all those war veterans and are sat on the sofas talking, it’s really cute, they are all wearing ugly Christmas jumpers and got one for Steve; adorable you need to see it.” 

Your heart clenched at the image that popped into your head, the thought of Steve sat around with people from his time in ugly sweaters made you feel warm and fuzzy with delight. “Wanda and Pietro are playing beer-pong against Rhodes and Sam,” she concluded, in which you nodded, looking at Martin to ask if he was ready to meet some others.

Natasha was right, Steve looked utterly adorable in his jumper, it was blue with a snowman on the front and the carrot nose was 3D and stuck out; he was drinking eggnog with his friends.

“Well, hello beautiful,” one of the veterans called, you chuckled, You had met them all before and they all loved you; despite them being all over ninety whenever they flirted it still made you blush. 

Hey, Richard,” you called, Steve grinned at you. “Natasha told me you brought Steve a present, I dare say you look smashing tonight, gentlemen,” you looked at each, even Steve, all laughing at you. “This is Martin, my date. Martin that is Captain America and this is his squad,” you gesture to the men who all held their glasses up in welcome. Steve stood up and offered a firm handshake, you chuckled at the fact he tried to seem menacing in that god-awful jumper, it still somehow managed to work.

After you introduced Martin to everyone, he somehow went missing, you searched everywhere for him but came up empty handed; he can’t have gotten far, although Starks place is massive. When Wanda eventually found you, she sat at the bar with you, talking about how she defeated Pietro at beer pong and that now he has to do her laundry for the whole year of 2016.

“Can I throw some of my stuff in?” you asked and she nodded. “Not like he’ll know the difference,” you mused with her. You laughed rather loudly with one another, although that eventually died out when you saw Martin dancing with another girl. Wanda followed your eyes, she sighed, she hoped you wouldn’t see if she kept you distracted.

I didn’t want to say anything,” she muttered, you turned to look at her. “He used you just so he could come to this party and meet us,” you sighed, you should have known better. The first time someone shows interest in you and just to come to a party with the Avengers, you are one yourself but you couldn’t compare to the others; it’s no surprise that Martin left you. 

“I can ask Tony to get him kicked out, and then we can watch him get dragged away together?” she suggested, you sighed shaking your head, he’s here now besides you can still have a good time, right?

I might go sit with Steve’s veteran friends, thanks, Wanda,” you stand up and she nods. Steve was playing beer pong against Thor, you could see them both as you walked over to the sofas that held veterans, they all cheered when you sat down; at least these guys were interested in what you had to say. 

My money’s on the God,” one called, four others joined him, and you laughed as they all betted on who would win. Steve won, he bowed as everyone clapped and cheered, Sam patted his back and Thor waved him off going back to dancing with Jane.

Where’s your date?” Steve sat on the arm beside you, you let out a huff of air, you had already explained to the veterans what happened; all offered to go beat him up for you, you had a difficult time declining, but you did for some stupid reason.

“He ditched me,” you confirm, he widens his eyes and you nod. “Yeah, using me to meet all of you guys,” you shrugged as if you knew that would happen. “Should have known better,” you mutter but Steve hears and scoffs loudly.
“He’s an idiot!” he tells you “Don’t think for a second you aren’t good enough (Y/N) because you are more than enough to somebody.” You nod with a small smile.

“Yeah but that somebody is taking a frigging long time to come into my life,” you mutter, he chuckled and nodded in agreement, standing up he offers his hand. “Come on, Tony put up a really cool Avengers Christmas tree in the other room, it has all of us on it,” you chuckle and take his hand and follow him.

 The other room is decked out in Christmas lights, all of which are actually Steve’s shield, glowing red and blue; its pretty cool. The tree is above ten feet, on top of the tree is an Iron Man action figure with small white wings, of course, Tony would do that and all the ornaments are Avengers related.

“This is amazing,” you whisper, an action figure of yourself is dressed in an elf costume and bellow Steve’s who was dressed as Santa. “That’s actually hilarious,” you chuckled and walked around the room with Steve following. 

Every Christmas decoration was somehow related to the Avengers, Tony really went for it this year, you stopped and looked at the fireplace; a snow globe sat right in the middle. The Avengers Tower inside; Thor was in mid-flight, Tony was hovering as Iron Man, the Hulk was climbing the tower like King-Kong. 

Clint was perched at the top, arrows in hand, Natasha and yourself were on the floor, guns pointed in opposite directions, backs pressed together and Steve was near you, the shield being thrown. You had seen this last year but this time, Wanda and Pietro had been added, well a blue blur was to signify Pietro and Wanda had her hands raised and red lights signified her powers.

“What the hell is that?” you dragged your eyes away from the snow-globe and looked to where Steve was, you choked on the air as you saw mistletoe above yourself and Steve, he narrowed his eyes. “Is that… mistletoe?” he asked somewhat confused as to why Tony would decorate the tower with mistletoe, what if himself and Tony got stuck under it? 

We don’t have to…” you trailed off.“ Tony probably put there to prank people,” you mutter, embarrassed about this whole situation.    

I mean… I wouldn’t mind,” Steve whispered, you looked at Steve who was shuffling on his feet, he wrung his hands together, his palms sweating with embarrassment. He knew if he kissed (Y/N) under this mistletoe he would have to thank Tony.

“You want to kiss me?” you asked, somewhat shocked by this, he nodded slowly and you smiled, Steve shared the same feelings all this time. “You mean all this time you’ve liked me and never said anything?” he nodded and you sighed. “You goofball,” you mutter and you both laughed.

Steve took a hold of your face, both hands on each cheek as he slowly brushed his mouth against yours, your eyes fluttered shut and he kissed you softly and slowly. Your heart was racing; it felt like it would beat out of your chest, both of your hands rested on Steve’s shoulders as you stood on your tippy-toes to somehow push yourself more into Steve’s embrace; both his hands slide up into your (H/C) hair, pulling softly as he went. 

He licked your bottom lip asking for entrance, once you compiled his tongue darted into your mouth, this whole moment was surreal and yet wonderful at the same time. Steve slowly pulled away from your mouth, his head resting against yours as his breathing was short and breathy like your own, he chuckled breathlessly and smiled.

“Best Christmas ever,” he muttered mainly to himself but you smiled, kissing him softly in a short tender kiss, pulling away to hug him around his neck. 

Can I get that discount?” you whisper-ask and he chuckled, his shoulders shaking as he hugged you, making you laugh with him and pull away. Noticing the mistletoe was now gone, you looked to the door where Wanda was using her powers to pull it back to her and the other Avengers, you frown.

“It was Bruce and Tony’s idea,” Thor yelled running away holding Sam and Jane, Pietro pulled Wanda and Natasha away, whilst Clint jumped up onto a shelf and into a vent leaving Bruce and Tony to stand in the doorway.

(Okay wow this is over 2,000 words… I am so sorry that its really long. I had no intention on making it that long either, plus the ending was added bonud because my Uncle Dondy complained that me and Angie don’t write enough Science Bro’s stuff… my whole family looks at our blog its hilarious; well actually my four uncles, my parents and my brother, no idea if my sister reads my stuff since she has an account also. Remember you can request; imagines, ships and one shots by myself and Angie- Rosalee)


Chibi Test - Richard - inverted-mind-inc ask-the-nightshift

i was trying to decide who i should draw at the time, it was either gabe or Richard but i chose Richard. Also one of my favorite things about all the nightguards Fuboo has made….their pants. I don’t know why I am so fascinated by them XD

also I was nice enough to give Richard one without blush, but most of the chibi’s I do have blush because i enjoy shiny blushes ouo

anonymous asked:

"Hey, Richard. What's this?" *holds up something good really embarrassed* (Ask-Cannibal-Scout)

Richard blushed darkly when he saw the bundle of egg vibrators.
“Uh-! It’s nothing! Don’t worry about it!” He said nervously, biting his lip.
((( hwe hwe hwe >:3c )))

Okay so this is my favourite of my photos I had taken, I’m gonna get it framed. I am one of those people who hates being touched but nothing has ever felt as awesome as being in the arms of these two men at the same time. And I heard, I don’t know if this is true so correct me if I’m wrong, but they don’t offer this photo op anywhere else? They called it “Angel Sandwich” which I thought was awesome.

Anywho so I went up to get this photo and it was the one I was the most excited for, two of my three favourites in one photo. I went up to them and Misha recognised me from our photo and smiled brightly. They both asked how I was and I told them I was great. Then this happened:

Me: (standing between them and turned to Misha) I was wondering if I could get you hugging me from in front? (turning to Richard) And you from behind?

*realising bad word choice IMMEDIATELY and staring down at my hands as I blushed*

Richard: (suggestive oohhhing)

Misha: (evil, evil laughter) Yes you can! (puts his arms around my waist at the exact moment that:

Richard: (laughing) That’s actually our specialty!

Richard then throws his arms around both me and Misha and pulls us all so tightly together that there was literally no room between me with either of them. I could literally feel both of them pressed up against every inch of me. I was laughing and their faces basically tell you how suggestive they decided to make it. They were so close that my plaid shirt still smells like Richard’s cologne.

Afterwards I was laughing and I sort of stumbled away from them, thanked them both and then tried to walk out the wrong door because they’d successfully flustered me. They both laughed as I turned around and left the other way. But still, it was amazing and I think this photo is perfect!!


“It’s gym class and we’re playing volleyball and you spike really well and you manage to hit the ball square in my face and I think I’m bleeding and you’re apologizing profusely and it’s okay but you’re really cute so I guess I’ll take you up on that offer for coffee” AU. With Dick Grayson

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Special thanks to: @lovekenya24


“Okay. Remember you can only hit the ball 3 times.” Your couch droned on as you held onto the ball.

Okay you’ve got this, time to relax you worried, ugh it didn’t help that opposite of the net was Richard Grayson.

You blushed as he looked in your direction or rather at the ball before he continued flirting with Rebecca Chambers on his team. Focus on what the teacher is saying Y/N, you closed your eyes.

“The ball can’t touch the ground on your side if it does it’s the other team’s point - Mr.Grayson if you would please pay attention.”

You rolled your eyes as they flirted together, envy was definitely a monster and being  a teenager you still didn’t have a handle on it, although you had a better handle on it then you had for your P.E skills.

“If you touch or pass the net, it’s an automatic point to the other team, okay Y/N, you’re up!” the teacher yelled before blowing their whistle.

You threw the ball up into the air and hit it over the net as hard as you could and felt relieved as the fact it went over the net. You watched in horror as it hit your crush in the face, you didn’t mean to but why wasn’t he paying attention? Did you accidentally gain some kind of mental powers over the ball and for it to hit the person you were thinking about it? Surely you could have used your powers for a better target.

You ran over to him and as you passed your sighing teacher, you saw him sit up.

“I am so so so so sooo sorry!” You said horrified as you stood over him. “Are you okay? Please, please, please let me take you out to coffee to say sorry.“

“How about I let you know over coffee? Am I bleeding?” He grinned looking up at you and standing up. Even with a big red mark he still looked cute you thought and here he was flirting with you.

“Why?” You stumbled out as you looked him over “I can’t see anything.”


“I’ll tell you over coffee.” He winked.

“Yes Mr.Stonesby.” Dick laughed “You should put Y/N on the volleyball team. They’ll win by hitting the other team down!”