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Is HIIT Exercise the Fountain of Youth?

Need another reason to hit the gym? According to a recent study, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) could be the secret to staying young.

For the study, researchers analyzed three groups of participants who were exercising. One group of participants performed high-intensity aerobic training; the second group performed resistance training; and the third group performed a combination of high-intensity aerobic training and resistance training. The study covered a 12-week period.

Researchers found that all three groups of participants lost body fat at a cellular level. However, participants in the high-intensity interval training group experienced the greatest improvements in their muscle’s mitochondria, leading researchers to believe that high-intensity aerobic training is the most effective type of exercise to combat early aging.

So, how exactly does mitochondria affect aging? As explained by the study’s researchers, mitochondria produce energy for our cells. When we age, however, they become less efficient at doing this. The good news is that high-intensity interval training was shown to reverse age-related differences in mitochondria, according to the study.

When they looked at the cellular level, the changes they saw in the older people’s cells with the high-intensity [training] made those cells look more like younger people’s cells in terms of how they handled energy,” said Dr. Richard Besser, who wasn’t involved in the study. “That was very interesting.”

You might be wondering what exactly classified as high-intensity interval training. Well, it’s essentially any type of aerobic training that includes short bouts of weight training. When exercising at the gym, for your instance, you can spend the majority of your time on the treadmill or elliptical, while taking an occasional break to lift weights. Assuming this study is true, engaging in high-intensity interval training such as this could help to keep you young.

High-intensity interval training isn’t going to turn back the hands of time, though this study certainly reveals some benefits associated with this type of exercise.

This study was published in the medical journal Cell Metabolism.
Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely to Hit Kids Across Country

A respiratory illness that has already sickened more than a thousand children in 10 states is likely to become a nationwide problem, doctors say.

The disease hasn’t been officially identified but officials suspect a rare respiratory virus called human enterovirus 68. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus is related to the rhinovirus, which causes the common cold.

According to Mark Pallansch, director of the Division of Viral Diseases at the CDC, similar cases to the ones in Colorado have been cropping up across the U.S. At least 10 states – Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia – have reported suspected outbreaks of human enterovirus 68 and requested CDC support.

“Viruses don’t tend to respect borders,” ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser said. “It is only 10 states now, but it’s going to be across the country. So if your state doesn’t have it now, watch for it, it’s coming.”

Doctors say they are not even sure yet how this particular virus spreads, though the back-to-school season is a normal time for illnesses to spread among children.

Yahoo and Disney/ABC Television Group Announce Expanded Relationship

By Anna Robertson, VP, Head of Yahoo Studios

This morning we announced an expansion of our long-standing relationship with Disney/ABC Television Group. Starting today content from hit shows across the Disney/ABC Television Group will be featured on Yahoo. On Monday, March 16th, Good Morning America will launch a new daily “Yahoo Your Day” series, featuring top Yahoo editors, bringing Yahoo’s category-leading digital magazines to America’s number one morning show.

New York, NY March 12th - Disney/ABC Television Group and Yahoo today announced an extension and expansion of their long-standing relationship. Starting today content from hit shows across DATG will be featured on Yahoo. On Monday, March 16th, Good Morning America will launch a new daily “Yahoo Your Day” series, featuring top Yahoo editors, bringing Yahoo’s category-leading digital magazines to America’s number one morning show. (Photo by ABC/Heidi Gutman)  

(From Left to Right) Lara Spencer; Gio Benitez; ABC News SVP Tom Cibrowski; Robin Roberts; ABC News Digital VP Colby Smith; Amy Robach;  Michael Corn, EP, Good Morning America; Dr. Richard Besser; Ginger Zee; Sara Haines; George Stephanopoulos; Tory Johnson; ABC News President James Goldston, Kerry Diamond, EIC, Yahoo Food; Kathy Savitt CMO and Head of Media, Yahoo Inc., Megan Liberman EIC, Yahoo News Group; Katie Brown, EIC, Yahoo Makers;  Joe Zee, EIC, Yahoo Style; Michele Promaulayko, EIC, Yahoo Health; Rob Barrett, VP, Media Initiatives, Yahoo Inc; Susan Kittenplan, VP Digital Magazines; Kristen Baldwin, EIC, Yahoo TV; Josh Wolk, Executive Editor at Large, Yahoo Entertainment; Bobbi Brown, EIC, Yahoo Beauty; Anna Robertson, VP, Head of Video, Yahoo Inc.; Paula Froelich, EIC, Yahoo Travel; David Pogue, VP, Yahoo Tech; Lindsay Powers, Editorial Director, Yahoo Parenting)

The “Yahoo Your Day” daily franchise will feature Yahoo’s top editors and experts, including Yahoo Style editor-in-chief Joe Zee, Yahoo Beauty editor-in-chief Bobbi Brown, Yahoo Health editor-in-chief Michele Promaulayko and Yahoo Food editor-in-chief Kerry Diamond.  Flickr images will be integrated into Good Morning America’s weather reports, and Tumblr will be featured in the morning show’s ‘Social Square’.  In addition, Yahoo News and ABC News will deepen their collaboration on major news events, including the 2016 presidential election, and content from Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric will be distributed across ABC News.

Special clips from across the Disney/ABC Television Group, including hit shows like Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Dancing with the Stars, will now be available on Yahoo Screen and Yahoo TV.

Today viewers will find an exclusive clip from the stars of Scandal, a sneak peek from the next episode of Scandal, and a special video from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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We are excited about our expansion and look forward to providing our users the best content from great partners.