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Day 13: Thirteen

*Adam’s Pov*

Today me and Taylor have been together for 13 years. It’s the longest time I have ever been with a girl, it’s actually almost 30 percent of my life. Although we have been together for so long, my love for her is the same. We have been through so much together, award shows, new music, lots of parties, weddings, our own wedding, giving birth to three kids and now on this day we would celebrate our 13th anniversary. I know the most people probably just celebrate their wedding day, but I think this day is equally important. And extra important today when it’s our 13th anniversary, because of the fact that it’s my wife’s lucky number, and always has been.

Now when we are a bit older we prioritizes different things from when we were 32 and 26, cuz then we didn’t have the most beautiful kids on this planet. Now when we are 44 and 38 we try to write as much music as possible, but still spending so much time as possible together with each other and our kids. So today I had told Taylor that I just wanted to spend the day at home with our kids, but I had so much bigger plans, and I knew she would love them.

*Taylor’s Pov*

*Hello darling” I said as I walked down the stairs with our youngest child Dan in my arms. When Adam saw me he started to smile and walk against me. ”Hello babe” he said and kissed me on the cheek. ”Congratz on our day” he said. ”Same” I said and put down Dan on the floor. I put my arms around him and kissed him very passionate. ”Uhh mommy, daddy” Dan said. Me and Adam started to giggle. I heard someone knock on the door so I went to open.

Before opening up I looked in the window, to ensure that it is someone I know. And there Austin was standing together with his wife and their daughter. I opened up with a surprised face and asked ”What are you doing here?” Adam hugged me from the back and said ”SURPRISE babe”. I turned around to face him. ”I have planed this trip for you and me, it’s our 13th anniversary and you know what my favorite person in this world would say? I think she would say something like basically whenever a 13 comes up in my life, it’s a good thing. So I’m gonna make sure this will be a great thing.” he said. ”This is so sweet, thank you. And you totally quoted me. I love you” I said and kissed him. I was so surprised. I had gotten a bit sad when he sad he wanted to stay home, but thought it would be good too, because I love our kids. more than nothing. But I love spending time with just him sometimes too.

We went in and showed them were everything was and also were they could sleep. Faith, Scarlett and Dan was very happy to see there cousin Hope and they started playing right away. ”Thank you so much” I said to Jackie and Austin and then looked into Adams eyes and realized it was a long time since we spent time together just the two of us. ”Adam was the one planing everything. We are just here to watch your kids. And Hope will really enjoy spending time with her cousins” Jackie answered.

When we had go through everything with Austin and Jackie I grabbed my brothers hand and said ”This mean the world to me, thank you so much”. He smiled and answered ”I can’t believe you are so happy already….” and giggled. ”Wait, what?” I asked. ”You will see” Austin said and smiled. I hugged Austin and Jackie goodbye and now it was time for the worst thing, saying goodbye to the kids. I hugged them and kissed them lots of times and said ”I’m gonna miss you a lot. You know that mommy loves you more than anything, right?”. The girls had fun with Hope and just wanted me to leave but Dan looked at me with a sad face. No, I thought to myself, please be okay with this, don’t start cry. Just when I thought he would start to cry and ask us to stay he said ”Mommy, don’t you love daddy more than anything?”. I started to giggle, this was so cute. ”Yeah of course I do, I love you all more than anything else, you are my family” I said. Adam kissed me and Dan started to smile again, then went over to his sisters and cousin. My eyes started to tearing up. I hated leaving them, but I was happy that Austin and Jackie would take care of them, it felt safe.

Adam put his hands on my waist and kissed me and said ”they will be fine, babe”. ”I know. But it’s just..” I said before Austin interrupted me by saying ”You two need this, and deserve it. So go and have fun”. He gave me my bag I just had packed and I took it, Adam took his and we then walked out.

We had a limo right outside of our house. ”Really?” I asked. ”Yeah, I want this day to be perfect honey” he said and grabbed my hand. We walked to the limo and he put in our bags. Then opened the door for me. ”Thanks” I said and smiled. We sat down in the limo and he took out champagne and strawberries. ”Naww” I said. ”Here you go” he said and pulled up some champagne in the glass he gave to me. He then pulled up some champagne in his own glass and I drank some before kissing him. ”I love you. This day is already the best in a long time” I said. He started to giggle and kissed me. ”Where are we going?” I asked him. ”It’s a surprise” he said with a smirky smile. It was no idea, I was not going to get a word out of him, we had been together for 13 years so I knew that much about him. ”Okay…” I said and just enjoyed the ride to wherever we were going.

”Mr Wiles, everything is done. You can go out and here you have the numbers and all information you need” the driver said and handed over a piece of paper to Adam. ”Thank you” he said, grabbed my hand and opened the door. ”Wait we are at the airport. Adam were are we going?” I asked him. He started to laugh and answered ”You have to wait and see.”

After 15 minutes we sat on an airplane and I still had no idea of where we were heading. ”What if my clothes doesn’t fit with the weather?” I asked. He started to giggle. ”We are not going to the north pole babe” he said. ”I will not get out a word from you, right?” I asked. ”No way” he said. ”But I love you, and hope you will like it…” he continued. ”I will love it, because you will be there”. Wow, we had been without our kids for around one hours and I felt like I was 26 again. He made me feel young, happy and in love. I loved that he was the man I would grow old with. He was the one and he was the best thing that’s ever been mine. He had been there for me through a lot of different things, my mothers cancer for an example. I loved him so much.

After around one hour on the plane a person came out with chocolate hearts and diet coke. I started to laugh, and then said ”diet coke” with a big smile on my face. ”Yeah, your favorite” he said and started to laugh. ”I love you” I said and took on of the chocolate hearts. ”You know I’m really lucky to have you right” I said and looked him in the eye. ”Yeah, and I’m lucky to have you too. Cuz you are the best” he said and kissed me.

”It’s time now Mr Wiles. We are there in 10 minutes.” The man who came out with the diet coke and chocolate hearts said. ”Thank you very much” Adam answered. ”I am so excited” I said as I leaned my head against his chest.

”WOW” I said as I walked out of the plan. ”Do you like it?” He asked. ”I love it, I love you” I said and hugged him. ”We are in Bahamas” he said. ”Oh so now you are telling me” I said and smiled. We walked to a limo who stood parked beside the airplane. ”Again?” I asked. ”You are my queen, you deserve the best” he said and grabbed my hand and we walked against the limo.

When we got to our hotel I was really surprised. It was so beautiful, and it was right on the seafront. ”Do you like the view?” Adam asked me and all I could say was ”You kidding me, it’s amazing”. We got our keys from our driver and walked to our room. It was really big and beautiful, and had the best view over the sea. ”Can I change clothes before we eat dinner? It’s really hot and I think this is a bit too hot to go out with.” I asked Adam. He light up the room and said ”Yeah of course babe, I actually need some time. What about I call you in like half an hour?” Adam asked. ”Sounds good” I said and then I kissed him. And I let my hands slide under his shirt. He pulled away from our kiss and said ”we do this later babe”. I looked at him a bit disappointed and then said ”okay”.

He walked out of the doors and said ”see you later honey”. I walked in to the bathroom and fixed my makeup. Then I put on a dress I had not wear for years, the dress I wore the night me and Adam got together, 13 years ago. I tried it and it didn’t look as good as it did 13 years ago, but I had given birth to three kids since then. Then I heard one of my favorite songs starting to play from my phone. The song Adam wrote to me and sang to me at our wedding. That song was his ringtone on my phone.

”You can go out on the balcony” he said. ”Okay why?” I asked him. ”You will see” he answered. I walked against the balcony and then walked out. This surprise was the most beautiful of them all. Adam stood in the middle of the pier and it was red lights along the edges of the pier. ”Oh my God” I said. ”You can come down now he said” and I hung up.

I walked down and when I got down he hugged me. ”Your dress” he then said. ”Your suit” I answered. He was wearing the suit he wore the night we got together. He grabbed my hand and we walked out on the pier. We stooped where it was a blanket, picnic basket and a box. We sat down on the blanket and he took up some stuff from the basket. It was a lot of different things, my favorite things was the champagne and the fruit salad. We at a lot and then he opened the box and there was a photo album. ”Taylor, we have spent 13 years together and I have loved you from the day Ellie introduced us. You are my whole world. Our weeding day was amazing and after that we have been through so much together. We have three kids together. We don’t have a lot of time together alone. So I wanted to make today special. Taylor Alison Swift, I’m so happy that you picked me, chose me, that you love me. I love you today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life”. My eyes teared up and everything I could get out of my mouth was ”Adam”. He kissed me and we looked at all the pictures in the photo album, we laugh a lot and also cried. The day was perfect, he made it perfect, because he is perfect.


I really hope you liked it. It was a bit different, a big time jump. But I hope they stay together because it seems that Adam makes @taylorswift very happy.

Hope you have had or have a great day, lots of love from Sweden <3 

Day 3: Austin Swift

Before starting this story I just wanted to tell you that I have chosen to write this story a bit different. The most people will probably write about when Austin got to meet Adam the first time. I choose to do a story about a few years from now, with me in it (lol). And kind of one of my dreams. And with that I mean I do write my own country music, but I have never recorded an album, I hope I will do it in the future though. I’m just 16 so I have time ;) Some of you may love this and some of you may hate it.

I hope you will like it and I hope you have a great day <3

2th July 2020

*Austin’s Pov*

I’m really happy to get the chance to introduce Jackie to my sister, but I’m also scared. Taylor is one of the most important person in my life, but so are Jackie. And I know Taylor is happy with Adam and that they have been together for years now, and even have a kid together. But she had to go through so much with boys. And she protects me a lot, I love her for that, but maybe I wish she wouldn’t do that today.

Jackie came in to the room and hugged me from the back. I turned around to meet her face. I always feel so happy when she’s around. She makes my life better and that’s why I want her to meet my sister. She has already met my parents and they love her. But I just want Taylor and Adam to like her too, they are also my family. ”What are you thinking about,” she asked me with a big smile on her face. ”Ohh nothing…”, I responded. It was a lie, but I didn’t want to tell her I was nervous. I mean why should I be? She’s the one who should feel this way. I wonder if she does. ”So you are nervous, babe it’s okay. I’m too. Nervous over getting to meet her, she was my idol as a kid and now she’s the man I love’s sister. And what if she hates me”, Jackie said with a worried smile. I think it’s so funny how she knew exactly what I was thinking. We are so similar somehow and it’s like we always think on the same stuff or like we can read each others thoughts. ”She will love you”, I said and kissed her.

*Taylor’s Pov*

”Look Adam, she’s blonde and have blue eyes. And we kind of have the same hairstyle. She released her first country album a year ago. We need to listen to it”, Taylor screamed to Adam who was trying clothes for the evening. ”Taylor Swift, did you google your brother’s girlfriend”, Adam asked with a smile on his face. ”Yeah, it’s bad, right”, I said. But come on, of course I was worried. He’s my little brother and no one can hurt him. ”Yeah, Austin will kill you”, he said and started to laugh. I listened to some of her songs, they were good, but was she? I needed to look at an interview with her. She seemed to be kind and a bit shy. And her accent was a bit funny. My brother loved her so of course I should give her a chance.

I was about to look through her Instagram pictures when Faith came in to mine and Adams bedroom. She sat down next to us on the bed. I hugged her and she said ”Mommy, I will miss you tonight”. I smiled, she was so sweet. I couldn’t believe Adam and I had created something so beautiful. ”I will miss you too, a lot. But Ed will be here and take care of you”, I responded. ”Will you go out on a date?”, she asked and looked at me, then Adam. ”Kind of, sweetheart. We are going to meet uncle Austin and his girlfriend”, I said. ”Does Austin have a girlfriend?”, she asked with a big smile on her face. ”Yes, he has. But I have never met her before, I have been so busy lately”. ”I’m so happy for him, he’s just the best”, she said. I hugged her and realized I had to go and get dressed for the evening.

*Jackie’s pov*

I stood in front of the mirror and just looked at myself. I had been nervous a lot recently, but this was too much. I was going to meet Taylor Swift, my childhood idol, the woman who still inspire me and I feel like I have to prove that I’m good enough and that my love for him is real. ”You look beautiful”, Austin said. ”Thanks, but maybe I should go for that red dress instead”, I said. He went closer to me and kissed me. ”No, you look good in this dress, and we are going to be late if you need to change dress one more time”, he said and kissed me again. ”Okay, I’m ready”, I said after kissing him back.

We sat in the car, on our way to the restaurant and I was so nervous I almost couldn’t breath. When I met Andrea and Scott it was scary too, but not like this. And Austin have never met my family so he couldn’t talk about how he felt. But I think he is nervous too. He loves Taylor a lot and when we are doing the same thing, writing music and singing, he’s probably scared that she will think I’m bad or something.

Have a great night, our driver said and Austin opened the door. Lot’s of camera flashes and I was a bit surprised, but I guess this is a normal day in Taylor’s life. And I know that the magazines love to write stories about me and Austin. Taylor and Adam was in the car behind our and they got out and Austin introduced us. The paparazzi’s took lot’s of pictures and I could see the headlines for tomorrows news paper in front of me. But who cares, now I was going to have a great time.

We sat down and got our menus. Now the first problem would arrive, I’m a vegetarian. But happily I found a meal without meat in it. ”So what will you eat, honey”, Austin said to start a conversation. ”Cannelloni with spinach. They have something vegetarian here. What do you want to eat”, I said. ”Haha sweetie, sorry for not thinking they had. I don’t know yet, you know when you eat meat you have a lot to choose between”, he answered with a big smile on his face. Although Taylor and Adam sat right there it was like we were the only one who existed. ”Lucky you”, I answered. Adam started to laugh a little bit and all eyes turned to him. ”What?”, Taylor asked. ”No nothing, it just take me back to one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite persons”, he said. ”Shut up, I sounded like a chipmunk”, she responded. ”No, you didn’t. I wish my first song was that good”, I said. Taylor looked surprised by the fact that I knew about her first song. Like she thought I had googled her. And sure I have, a billion times, but that was when I was 12 to 16. ”Thank you. So I hear you make your own music. Witch was your first song?”, she asked. I couldn’t believe I was sitting in a restaurant with the love of my life, Adam aka Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. ”My first song was Everything will be okay, it’s actually on my album. But I wrote it when I was 15 and not 12”, I said.

We talked a lot and had a great time, then that moment came where Taylor wanted to talk with me alone. We went to the bar to order drinks and the boys stayed at the table. ”So my brother seems to love you”, Taylor said. ”I hope he does, because I really do love him, a lot”, I said……

*Austin’s Pov*

We talked a lot and had a great time, then that moment came where Taylor wanted to talk with Jackie alone.They went away and they looked back over there shoulder at the same time. They were a lot like each other. Me and Adam started to laugh when we both realized they looked back at the same point. ”She seems nice”, Adam said. I could feel how my lips went from a normal face to a big smile and I couldn’t stop smiling. ”Yes, she is. I just hope my sister will like her”, I said. Adam started to laugh again and I looked at him a bit confused. ”If you are afraid that Jackie will screw up now when they are gone, I can say the same. But not with Jackie, I’m scared that Taylor will screw up. She googled her”, he said. ”Oh no, she didn’t…she’s so dead”. ”I know, that’s what I told her”, Adam answered.

The girls came back a few minutes later and laughed together. ”Oh so you two had a great time over there”, Adam asked. They both smiled and said ”yes” at the same time.

We said goodbye to each other a bit later and Taylor hugged Jackie to my surprise. When me and Jackie got home we switched clothes and lay down beside each other in our bed. I still couldn’t get that smile of my face. Jackie seemed to like them and they seemed to like her. ”So are you happy about the evening? What do you think about them?”, I asked a bit curious. ”I loved it, thank you. They seems to be great. I can not imagine better persons to be our kids aunt and uncle”, I looked at her with a big smile and asked ”so that’s what you want? Us getting kids together?”

*Jackie’s Pov*

When he asked me that question I blushed, I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. And my idea was that I was going to talk to him first about this. But when Taylor took me to the bar and asked me what I wanted I didn’t know what do say. I couldn’t lie to her, but I couldn’t drink. But she promised to keep it a secret until I had talked with Austin about it. And I know it was the first time I ever met her, but it felt like I could trust her.

”Austin”, I started. ”Yes babe…”. ”I love you and I really want you to be the father of my babies, our babies”, I continued. ”I love you and I want that too, we just never really talked about it so when you said that I just wanted to ask, I hope that’s okay”, he said with that beautiful smile. ”That’s fine babe. I said that because……”. He looked at me with does beautiful blue eyes that you could die for, and his smile just got bigger and then he asked ”really?” I couldn’t stop smiling. ”Yes Austin, I’m pregnant!” He kissed me and put one of his hands on my belly and said ”Hello little baby. This is your father speaking. I really look forward to meet you, but until then, be nice to you mother”. I laughed and then he kissed me again. He really is the one!

*Adam’s Pov*

”What happened between you and Jackie at the bar?”, I asked. Taylor started to smile and I was dying to know what had happen. ”I love you, but I can’t tell you”, she said. ”It’s a secret, but I really like her, I never thought I would, but I think they are great together. She loves Nashville, writing songs, taking pictures, she can play instruments and she talked about the future the same way that Austin does”, she said. ”Wow”, was all I could say. I switched clothes and waited for Taylor to come to bed, but she didn’t so I went to look for her. She was in Faith’s room. She sat next to her bed and although Faith was sleeping she talked to her quite. She whispered ”She’s really nice sweetheart and this is a secret, but you are going to get a cousin”. I understood everything and went back to our bedroom before she could see me. Jackie was pregnant, that’s why she liked her so much, she’s the woman who carry around her brother’s child.

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