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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


30 day Richard Armitage challenge

8. A scene of his which made you cry.

Without even thinking, I can say the death of Guy… this scene is beautiful and so touching! It’s incredible all the emotions that we can feel. By the way, in this only moment, Richard Armitage reveals how great and wonderful actor he is! And how much feelings he can give to us with only the expression of his eyes and face.

Guy is so happy and proud to have finally a brother and to have fought side by side with him, and even Robin. He had finally found a family and he is so proud of it!

As a fervent Guy/Marian’s shipper, I don’t like when he said that Marian belonged to Robin ^^ but my heart melts everytime Guy said she was the love of his life and particularly the way he says her name… I always loved how he says her name, it’s like he relishes the sound of it, like if saying her name overwhelmed everytime with warmth, love and tenderness.

When he thanks Robin - not in those words but that the purpose - because he had helped him to redeem himself, I always feel shivers because that’s the real moment when we saw how great they could have been as allies, friends and half-brothers. So bad we couldn’t have more of their bromance…

“I die proud… I am free.”

For the first time in his whole life he feels at rest, serene, almost happy. He knows he took the right decisions finally and he can make peace with himself.

I’m so sad and angry that the writors let him die! It’s so unfair! He was finally free of all his guiltiness, he could have had peace, love… But I must admit that his death his beautiful because he is not alone! He is surrounded by his brothers… and you can feel that there are no anger, no bitterness… just the sorrow that everything ends that way.

Even the fact that after Guy’s last breath, Robin stays with him, closes his eyes and cries on him, is amazing but what a pity! They waste so much time hating each other…

Well… that’s really the scene that makes me cry everytime I see it, no matter how many time I do it.