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So I finally managed to watch Castlevania (thanks to a very nice friend and her Netflix password) and OMG, it was amazing… not something I would usually watch but god was it good!

Richard Armitage & his Voice <3 <3 <3 (not that I expected any different, & it helps that the character is pretty hot too)

Cant forget about Graham McTavish, as he was pretty good too! 

Defiantly recommend it… cant wait for more…

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A huge thank you must go out to the amazingly talented people lending their voices to this project.  I love you all!!

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Richard Armitage reads the “Proposal Scene” from North & South

His voice is a pure delight. It’s one of the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. 

This moment read by him makes me shiver and put tears on my eyes because of the passion in his voice. This man is a treasure, really.

#UnforgettableVoices: #RichardArmitage in #Castlevania. Armitage is no stranger to the medieval landscape - he did play #ThorinOakenshield in #TheHobbit trilogy. Despite that, his own take on #TrevorBelmont couldn’t drastically different: Trevor, despite his dark past, retains a level of dry humour that only Armitage could draw in.

#BeAddicted #CertifiedUnforgettable