richard andersen

Ive been reading a lot of stories about people meeting their favorite celebrity or something and then going on to have some insightful conversation with them…but like how?

An attractive guy or girl smiles and me and I retreat in the opposite direction. Like no.

When I was like 16, I went to this Native American festival and one of the guys involved in the dance kept smiling at me the entire time and I was fucking smitten. So the announcer dude said that they could choose a person in the crowd to get up and learn the dance. Guy comes right for me and me being me, I book it in the opposite direction towards the bathrooms. My parents said he was actually really upset and like to remind me that the guy could be my husband today if i hadn’t been a wimp.

So how do people have a conversation with celebs/people that inspire them? I don’t get it. If any of my favorite celebrities even glanced at me, I’d run away as fast as possible.

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