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Superhero Aesthetics // Young Avengers

We’ve got a super-soldier, a giant girl, a robot from the 30th century, a Skrull/Kree super-soldier, Billy (who, yeah, is kind of lame, but can cast spells), an Olympic class archer and martial artist, and… me.



A little know fact is that I have interest other than US History and one of those is literally every LGBT character marvel has release, and since the young avengers is pretty much entirely LGBT i’m hooked. Also I literally can’t find an answer, is Teddy actually a prince or is it a different title? 


every lgbt book i’ve ever read: the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater

humans were so circular; they lived the same slow cycles of joy and misery over and over, never learning. every lesson in the universe had to be taught billions of times, and it never stuck. maybe it was good that the world forgot every lesson, every good and bad memory, every triumph and failure, all of it dying with each generation. perhaps this cultural amnesia spared them all. perhaps if they remembered everything, hope would die instead.

Hi Everybody! Firstly, thank you very much for your support and likes! :) I really glad you enjoy my artworks. :)))) Now, I show you my newer artwork, what I making. :) I will finish this in a short time, I will shading by pencils. :) This is a heavy metal bands crossovers, I drew Metallica, Rammstein and Sabaton band members. :)

So… would anyone be interested in a Young Avengers Secret Santa?

IDK how to go about setting one up, but I might as well gauge interest first. Please reblog this so more people see, and comment/like/tag/whatever to indicate if you’d be down to join in!

EDIT: Yes, I’d go with art and fic as both being acceptable gifts, with minimum word counts and image sizes.


Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #5 (of 9)

“We have to go! Now!!

Not without Wanda.”

“Don’t worry…I’ve got her.”

Again, it’s small and honestly really under appreciated but this moment, Tommy being the one to save Wanda himself even at the great risks that they take, it’s a huge moment for his character. And I really appreciate it. Even in the midst of Jack’splode. 

Hi Everybody! I promised you, I will finish my heavy metal bands crossover artwork. I uploaded the final version from the Metallica, Rammstein and Sabaton. I drew this picture for a long time., but I am satisfied. :) I love them, but I have more favourite bands, I love this style of music.The Heavy metal gives energy and power for me and makes me happy..:) Thank you for support…:) I hope you enjoy this.