Richard’s speech about Misha

Richard: What fame and money did to Misha Collins was enable him to start one of the most powerful charitable organizations that any actor has ever started, fueled by fanbases gathered just behind somebody’s efforts. And Misha Collins has taken a role on a CW show that not everybody knows and changed lives globally with his efforts and with his magnanimous spirit.

He’s an example to everybody, a wonderful man. I’m so pissed off that he had that happen to him, because it’s not right, but what it shows you is, you know, shit happens - even to good people. But I want you to know - because you’re not gonna get to see him on a stage this time but you will another time - that he is a wonderful man with a wonderful spirit, and we are lucky to have him in this world and he is an example not only to me but to my children and to you and to your children. He is an excellent human being. We’re lucky to have him. […] I know he wishes he were here with you.

Matt: I also think, that being said, Rich. The a-holes that participated in that awful attack on Misha. Look out, you m-n-effers, something’s gonna rain down on you.

Richard: And I want to say, on that same point, that a lesser man would have stayed home based on vanity. And he’s here doing photos with a busted face because he loves you and he sees what you do. […] He is not letting you down because he cares that much. That’s the kind of man he is. That’s why he’s gonna come back to see you tomorrow. Because he rules. An exceptional man.

I wanted to transcribe this because it’s supportive and beautiful and links to videos and audio may not work for everyone. I tried my best but there are a couple of places where the words are muffled by distance and cheers, so I ask for your understanding on that. ♥


You done did it Dingers!!  

Whether driven by your love of the arts or your unholy desire to see Matt Cohen in his birthday suit, you pulled it off.  You got us to 200K!   And for that we salute you…with nudity.*

*SPOILER ALERT: Trust us, no one loves full frontal more than we do.  However, our legal department came down on us like a bag of hammers.  So out of respect for our younger viewers, we’ve taken precautions to make sure Matt’s “happy parts” are PG-13.

Without further ado…. Matt Cohen’s 200K Naked Run.