Clara’s memories of her grandparents

Richard: “Hey, my princess! Come here and give me a kiss.”

Clara: ”No! grandpa! YOU give me a kiss!”

Richard: “All right, all right…as you wish.” *kiss* “Hum…you smell good!” *Clara giggled*

Clara: “I want to be a lady like granny in the future.” *hug*

Louise: “Oh, you’re already a little lady, my dear, and you’’re more than that. You’ll be the queen of our country!”

Clara: “Queen? So I’ll marry the king and live in the palace?”

Louise: “Yes!”

Pose by simtrovart  ❤️

Ebil horse noises.

Another crossover nobody asked for…

When I realized how Brownie addresses LHW - “little me”, almost like “mini me”… well, I knew I’ll end up drawing this, sooner or later. >~>

Brownie Bun, Little Horse Wife and Richard belong to TJPones.

Drawn in SAI at 2016/06/04 - 2016/06/06. Took ~7 hours.

Fullres at dA: http://dsp2003.deviantart.com/art/THW-Ebil-horse-noises-613448142

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