Signs as princesses
  • Aries: warrior princess that rebelled against her parents and saved her town
  • Taurus: rich princess that sits in a gold throne all day eating fancy treats
  • Gemini: techno future princess that's super smart
  • Cancer: sleepy princess who stays in her tower sleeping all day not wanting to leave
  • Leo: dancing princess that wears glorious dresses who goes to all the balls
  • Virgo: space princess who lives on another planet
  • Libra: romantic princess who lives happily ever after with their lover
  • Scorpio: evil princess who casts a devious spell on the world
  • Sagittarius: restless princess that runs away who can talk to animals
  • Capricorn: cat princess rules all the cats
  • Aquarius: magical princess who can cast spells and makes potions
  • Pisces: water princess who lives in a castle by the sea that has ocean blue hair
Okay a breakdown of Riverdale Characters for my friends who don’t watch

Archie Andrews: Troy Bolton but if Troy Bolton fucked his teacher

Betty Cooper: The Girl Next Door™, Nancy Drew, and victim of awful parents

Veronica Lodge: Gay Rich Latina princess with a heart of gold

Jughead Jones: Hot Topic but sadder and homeless

Cheryl Blossom: Cheerleader stereotype who may have been involved in incest?

Kevin Keller: Hey remember when characters like Kurt from Glee were revolutionary

Josie McCoy: Slightly cranky very talented black girl who is going to change the music industry

Valerie Brown: The gentlest soul? So talented. So pure.

Melody Valentine: We know nothing about her but she’s a Pussycat so she’s probably amazing

Reggie Mantle: A jock that will hopefully get character development

Fred Andrews: The only parent on this show that isn’t FUCKING TERRIBLE

dangan ronpa characters:

the ahoge

the tech princess

the “unpopular with the fandom because i’m not conventionally attractive”

the precious angels who did not deserve to die

the big-hearted muscle

the “food????? food. food”

the tragic past and hella self-esteem issues

the misunderstood gang leader

the solitary protective one

the bitch princess

the rich pretty princess

the magical weirdo

the “boys are nerds anyway”

the hot useless dork king


the walking spoiler

the byakuya togami

@godhelpthesickies happy bday!! enjoy your perfect square age <3 here’s some richjake for you :)

Richard Goranski totally has a crush on Jake Dillinger. It makes a lot of sense, okay? Jake is badass and smooth and always confident of himself–the dude’s like the coolest person in their grade. So of course, when Jake invites Rich to go for a jog, Rich is quick to accept.

He’s excited for it. Really excited. This is quite possibly one of the best things that’s ever happened to him. That’s why when, halfway around the first block in the neighborhood, Rich’s lungs start acting up, he dismisses it as nothing important.

He’s a little tired, and the breaths he’s taking in are a little shorter and choppier than usual; his lungs ache a little, but it’s not all that bad. He should be fine, he thinks to himself. He’s not running very quickly, anyways.

A few minutes later, though, his lungs are starting to burn really badly. His chest feels weirdly tight in a way that he knows can’t be good, and every breath makes his airways sting.

He slows down for a second, his shoulders shaking with harsh, irregular coughs that leave him painfully short on air. “You good? We can stop if you want,” Jake asks concernedly, still jogging in place beside him, but Rich shakes his head.

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It Ain't a Crime (Happy x OC)

Here you go my lovelies. 10,000+ words! This one took longer than expected because I just couldn’t stop writing. For some reason this entire fic is in the third person. I don’t know why. It just didn’t feel right when I tried to write the OC in the first person. 

Word Count: 10,473

Playlist: Cold As Ice - Foreigner, U Mad (feat. Kanye West) - Vic Mensa, & LUV [Remix] (feat. Sean Paul) - Tory Lanez

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They all sat around the chapel’s table, voting on their latest retaliation efforts. Lee counted the unanimous ‘Yay’ and slammed his gavel down on the table. The men began to murmur, agreeing with the measures to be taken and thrilled to get to drinking. It was Friday after all.

“Wait!” Lee stood up, gesturing to the group to wait. They all turned their attention to him, “I hired a new bartender. Be nice.”

A few eyebrows raised at his announcement. They knew about the bar being short staffed, but they didn’t think he’d been in the market for more employees. Needless to say, the boys were intrigued. He’d never warned them to be nice before. He thought about the woman he hired. She was far from timid, but she’d be a shock to the rest of the boys. They definitely wouldn’t expect her to be standing behind their bar, doling out the shots.


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anonymous asked:

I really don't want Clarke to be an outsider to the group when they all come down. All 7 of them were together for 6 years so they'll probably be even more tight-knit and closer to each other than Clarke is.. i hope the writers can pull off this time jump thing

I think you need to remember that Clarke has ALWAYS kind of been an outsider. Bellamy was the man with the bond to the people. 

She was the rich princess in season 1, and she won them over. Season 2 had her mostly separated taking care of them from a distance. Season 3 had them divided in distance and alliance. Season 4 had her ‘leading’ but also held apart, divided by lists and science experiments and hard decisions.

For all that Bellamy is the rebel king, Clarke is a loner. She cares and she is devoted, but the only one she REALLY belonged with, at least after season 1, is Bellamy. Her bonding has been very distant with all the delinquents since season 1. 

I think they’ll be building something new together. 

My Hero!

Anon asked: Luke also rescues reader when he rescues Leia in new hope. When he takes off his storm trooper helmet it’s pretty much love at first sight for the reader and you convince Leia to trust him and escape. Thanks.

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I actually lost, like, half the story while working on this at my aunt’s house, but I ain’t gonna leave a good prompt hangin’!)

Plot Summary: As a fellow princess of a neighboring kingdom of Alderaan, and an ally of Princess Leia, you’re an obvious target for capture by the Empire. Stuck in the secluded cell with your friend, you’re bored and tired, and frankly, pissed. That is until a certain ‘stormtrooper’, too short to actually be one, swoops in and saves the day.

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“No!” You watched alongside Leia, shackled as Alderaan was blown, taking the lives of families, friends, lovers and neighbors.

“You monster!” You screamed, as yours and Leia’s home was ripped apart, pieces scattering across the galaxy.

“Take them to Detention Block A A23. Level 5.” Governor Tarkin ordered, as you dragged your feet with stormtroopers pointing blasters at each side of your head.

You and your friend struggled against your cuffs, enraged and distraught as the troopers practically dragged the two of you to the barren cell.

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Celebration Day- Rich Clune

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Ok so this one is sweet and cute, but does dance around the issues of alcoholism and addiction. It’s fluffy though! Also I don’t own ‘Shake it out’ by Florence + The Machine, just using some lyrics! So enjoy!

Warning: mentions of drug and alcohol abuse

Anon Request: Could i please get a Jacob trouba and Rick clune one please! Thank you lovely (sorry for 2 im in love lol)

PS- I took this as two separate requests, but if you wanted one with both of them let me know!


              You were dancing around the kitchen, making Rich’s favorite dish. Your iPod was on shuffle and blaring throughout your apartment.

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Predictions for 1000-ish
  • The case would be connected to a shrine or historical drama play.
  • Heiji and Momiji would work together without realizing they are working together (distantly, like Heiji and Shinichi in Yuki Onna case).
  • Momiji and Sonoko would see each other for the first time despite both being rich ‘princesses’.
  • Kazuha might be absent.
  • Since we would have 4 detectives, maybe more than one case would happen and they would investigate it in teams.
  • Or maybe a renewed detective Koshien can happen (Heiji, Shinichi, Hakuba-> Momiji, Sera’s inspiration -> Sera)
  • Shinichi’s means of return won’t be a problem and would be simply told in a flashback.
  • A parallel to Desperate Revival would happen where Ran will tell Shinichi to go investigate a case.
  • But I have a feeling you won’t return again, so here’s my answer…
  • Sonoko would tease Shinichi about Okita.
  • The case would resemble Mystery Tour (like Stork Mystery Tour) and would involve a lot of running to show all Kyoto’s scenery
  • In the end they will make a traditional class school trip photo which may bite Shinichi later 

it starts in the dark dusk of a night worth sleeping through. the boy runs his hands over my neck, callouses bruising my shoulders with a quiet intensity. his face is the devotee of a gentle god. i can still taste him in the back of my throat, sharp and clear like a tungsten sword. he sighs heavily and his weary bones creak like the dust filled house at the end of the road. the wooden floorboards are all cracked and stained. they press into my spine. but he is here, and so everything is okay for a time. 

his voice is a stream, rushing in a barely audible hum to the sea. my hair is the lilac of the hair dye i finally remembered to use, his some shade between blond and brown, a pale muskrat of softness. he stares at me the way some people stare at a bird with bloody feathers, a mix of pity and adoration. it is a heavy burden to know that he loves me. Laurel he begs, waiting for me to stop dissociating, say something. i remain silent and instead mull over the cadence of his voice saying that name. it’s my own, but only halfway. this girl is the girl he fucks in abandoned buildings and kisses in parks. this girl is the girl who calls him babe and leaves lipstick on his collarbone.

 i leave before morning, his lithe body curled up on a couch with a god awful paisley print. it is not hard to extricate myself from his warm tangle of limbs and pulse. people tell me i should be so lucky to hold his heart in my blood covered fingers, but i just feel trapped. he is not the boy i wanted. Evelyn calls almost as soon as i step out of the building, impeccable timing for a girl who strictly adheres to the belief that time is meaningless.

so did you tell him

it takes me a few minutes to formulate a proper answer. i pull off my heels and walk barefoot to the wetlands we called home base. no, i think it might hurt less if we just take off. is Kat in? i know he’s a sweet guy but she knows better than to fall for him, right? this is all temporary, it has to be.

 right. like pulling off a band aid. there, then gone.

yes. if Kat doesn’t come today, consider her done for. bye. the walk to the wetlands is short and bitter in the late may heat. uncharacteristic for this state, and honestly disturbing. Evelyn is there as promised, her winter smile filling me with the kind of warmth i don’t mind. Kat shows pretty quick after that. i was correct in assuming no boy could match this trio. the pink knife girls, some asshole called us once. we loved it, and kept the term alive whenever possible.

how’s your boy?

the meetings always start like that. leading people on has never been more of an art. they fill the void that grows as a result of living in a town that doesn’t move, and we throw enough danger at them to remember us by. the three of us were home enough to run away with: filthy little rich girl, pastel flower princess, tattoo artist’s daughter. others learned quickly that we could have built rome by the audacity in our throats.

the lyrics to minnesota get stuck in our heads while i buy plane tickets on my phone.

how is my boy? the very definition of Orion. and yours?

he doesn’t know it but he could pass for Icarus.

Kat was the kind of girl so good at hiding the ache that you almost thought all her self-inflicted bruises had been dreamed up in an attempt to make her seem more human. turns out pink and blonde can hide a whole lot if your smile is bouncier than a damn prom queen’s. but we saw her for the mark she bore, blessed by hades to join him soon. she was a good girl, stripped down to fishnets and leather every night where only her boy could see. he was nearly intolerable sober but he looked good next to her on sunday mornings. she was sweet, if you liked the kind of sickly nectar that forms when you’re never not high.

the morning he found her body we shattered and threw our luggage into the river. we knew it was an accident. she gets these things sometimes, she’s not fully in control. she downed an entire medicine cabinet to avoid possession. the funeral was supposed to be lovely but Evelyn and i just ran. we got on the flight and never looked back.

in early august the crows led me to a rotting carcass i couldn’t identify. we cleaned the bones in warm water and hydrogen peroxide and didn’t talk about it. 

do you think she’s in hell?

 this was the bloodletting summer, letting go of all the life we had too much of. no more boys and no more bruises. a girl, a poet, a corpse.

we could jump into the pulsing river after her and find out

yes, we could


Buzzfeed recently released a post that featured this incredibly beautiful gallery of reimagined Disney posters. While some of these movies are among the list of my favorite films of all time, and others featured here are films that I am not a huge fan of, I think we can all agree that ALL of these pieces are impressive. Enjoy.

Beauty and the Beast by Martin Ansin

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Anne Benjamin

Sleeping Beauty by Bill Baumann

The Jungle Book by Olly Moss

Alice in Wonderland by Ken Taylor

Winnie the Pooh by Dave Perillo

Aladdin by Tom Whalen

The Incredibles Tom Whalen

The Lion King by Tom Whalen

The Sword and the Stone by Rich Kelly