rich white people laughing

Like is really fun to laugh at rich white people stuck on an island, but PLEASE remember: this is not some “deserted island”, there are people native to there, or have lived there for generations. Bahamians have been conSistently shit on by rich [white] tourists who travel there to have a great time with no consequences, but their actions DO have consequences and repercussions for those who live there. These rich folks are trashing their island and literally LIGHTING SHIT ON FIRE? and you know they aren’t going to be the ones cleaning it up.
So please - keep Bahamians in mind at the very least, help however you can if you can (I’m sure there will be donation funds for clean up if there aren’t already), and if you end up visiting the Bahamas please remember to respect the locals and try to support them rather than the multinational corporations whenever you can

I’m fucking laughing at the people defending the rich white instagrammers at fyre festival

I literally don’t give two shits like they blew 12k on a fucking concert. TWELVE THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS FOR ONE SHITTY FESTIVAL! I’m pretty sure they’ll fucking figure out how to move on once they get back home to their penthouse…


“If you’re white and you’re poor, you’re in trouble. If you’re black and you’re poor, you’re in trouble. If you’re black and you’re rich, you’re alright. If you’re white and you’re rich, you’re alright…So it’s about the have and have-nots…And see, you have rich black people and rich white people sit back and laugh at the poor black people and poor white people that’s fightin’ against each other…So if all the poor people get together, you can stop some of the stuff that the rich people are doin’. Or the unrighteous rich people, ‘cuz everybody that’s rich is not unrighteous…It’s deeper than color, and we have to get that point across. REALLY have to get it across…”