rich vegans

Don’t call out rich asshole vegans for referring to small designer handbags as “affordable”. They don’t like it.

My local vegan facebook group has a lot of people who spend money rather frivolously - which wouldn’t brother me, whatever, it’s your money - but then they refer to their extravagant purchases as smart, affordable, baseline. We live in one of the poorest cities in the country so I really don’t fucking get it (although gentrification has been working its “magic” here a lot in the past decade).

It’s, idk, it’s just kind of creepy, because it reminds me that some people purposely ignore the lower/working class. So I try to throw in a mention like “these are very well designed, but it’s okay to say that it’s NOT actually affordable for everyone! And you can still buy decent quality goods at lower prices”. They can’t just go on their day, or say “right, my bad!” they gotta make it a whole thing about that if you don’t agree something’s affordable for everyone, you’re being difficult and rude.

I’m being rude? You don’t think poor people exist. One’s more of an issue.

Just, please, stop calling luxury goods “affordable” because you sound stupid. You’re just saying it’s affordable for the people you allow to exist in your world.

She doesn’t trust easily—you can see that in the distance she creates between herself and everyone around her, but she has much love to offer, and you can see it in the kindness that’s in the smile she gives out to everyone around her. She has millions of chaotic galaxies of thoughts, thousand of tangled up worlds of words and places in her mind, and you can see it in the way her eyes always seem lost, like the are somewhere else. She always wants to be somewhere else, it shows in the way she’s always rushing and moving, the way she’s always restless. Life never went easy on her, and she didn’t go easy on herself either. She is strong and you can see it in her eyes, you can sense it in her voice. She believes that her body can physically rebuild and heal itself. I think that’s because she knew how to recover by herself after life had broken her. She knows how it’s like to be under-appreciated. So if you can’t see the beauty in her quirks, if you don’t think that maybe she might be a little piece of magic, don’t you dare and say that she is just a girl; because she’s a masterpiece.
—  about her
I feel like I need to say something
  • cis people are not problematic
  • white people are not problematic
  • Christians are not problematic
  • Islam is not problematic
  • vegans are not problematic
  • guns are not problematic
  • feminists are not problematic
  • men are not problematic 
  • rich people are not problematic

Individuals are problematic, and sometimes an entire group of individuals can be problematic but please try not to judge someone based on their group, even if most of that group are idiots

When in doubt, show up early. Think less. Feel more. Ask once. Give thanks. Expect the best. Appreciate everything. Never give up. Make it fun. Lead. Invent. Regroup. Wink. Chill. Smile. And live as if your success was inevitable, and so it shall be.
If you are vegan, and your annual household income falls below the US poverty line, please like or reblog this.

I’ve been seeing a lot of “rich vegan elitist” snark coming from non-vegans lately, which is ridiculous since MOST of the vegans I know have lived in poverty their whole lives. 

2015 Poverty Guidelines
Single person: $11,770
2 person family: 15,930
3 person family: 20,090
4 person family: 24,250
5 person family: 28,410
6 person family: 32,570
7 person family: 36,730
8 person family: 40,890
For households over 8 people, add  $4,160 for each additional person.

(Please do not feel you have to like or reblog this if you are not in this range just to help out. Lying never helps, and just makes you look bad.)

(EDIT: If anyone has good stats for other countries, feel free to include them and reblog! I tried looking up UK stats, but couldn’t find anything like the US one.)

I fucking hate bourgeois white veganism. (if you don’t know what i’m referring to, think of instagram girls and their mango milkshakes or freelee the banana girl). Rich girl veganism is the main reason that turns people away from a plant based diet and it propagates the idea that it’s based on eating exotic expensive fruits rather than canned goods and cheap carbs that most vegans actually eat

I'm a vegan, and I think it's okay to eat meat.

Not animal meat. Human meat. Start with the richest humans–have a Warren buffet–and work your way down. From billionaires to millionaires; CEO’s to Saudi princes; make Kevin Bacon bacon and Will Smith soup; have a David Koch kabob or some Donald Trump and dumplings; try my mom’s delicious Mark-Zuckerberg-loaf, or we can fire up the grill for some Jenna Bush burgers; enjoy a savory slice of Tina Fey, smeared with an aromatic paste of Robert Pattinson pâté. How about some Bubba Watson roast? Or some deep-fried Justin Beiber? We can eat all the Kardashians!

These people have all lived very “free-range” lives, and we can slaughter them humanely, so you won’t have to feel bad about eating them. As with any animal, we should avoid eating the brain, as it can lead to Kuru, but the muscles are PACKED with protein and are just as healthy and nutritious and TASTY as pork. And there’s no shortage of meat in supply or danger of extinction; we can farm humans indefinitely, without any worry of destroying the ecosystem.

Doesn’t this sound so much better and more reasonable than simply eating fruits and vegetables? A lot less EXTREME than simply choosing NOT to eat a creature that doesn’t want to die–no? See! I’m a vegan whose willing to compromise–isn’t that so nice?

  • rich vegan: theres no one on this earth who cant go vegan
  • rich vegan: heres some resources for if you wanna go vegan but cant because youre disabled or chronically ill or homeless
  • rich vegan: but none of the resources intersect so if youre a chronically ill homeless person i still expect you to go vegan but you dont really have access to any proper resources
  • rich vegan: also the resources only really apply to people living in big cities
  • rich vegan: but look ive proved everyone can go vegan 8)
mingyu giving out candy on halloween

kid: trick or treat!

mingyu: hello there! boy have i got some candy for you! this is homemade, gmo-free, organic, vitamin d rich, 100% natural, vegan, fresh, vitamin c rich, peanut, nut, and soy free, calcium rich, vitamin a rich, potassium rich, no additives or preservatives, zero calorie, filling, refreshing, energizing, promotes bone growth, sugar-free, salt-free, lactose-free, eggless chocolate!


Today’s food is tomorrow’s fuel. That’s why I eat unlimited vegan carbohydrate rich foods today, so I can have unlimited quality energy tomorrow 🍝 #hclf #thepowerofpasta #veganforthewin (Insta: feedingmindbodysoul)

anonymous asked:

Not to be the guy (i'm poor and a poc FYI) most animal products genuinely are not good for alot people. Nearly all of people are lactose intolerant and mass meat production is dreadful for the environment (which affects poor people first FYI!). Straight up implying it isn't good for you and your health is somehow superior is plain wrong. I couldn't give a fuck if you eat them but ignoring the facts everywhere (google it) is lying to yourself.

hi um i literally said ‘unless its for health reasons’ which ofc means ppl who are lactose intolerant ppl who cant digest meat very well etc… i never implied that it isnt good for you or your health?? im not sure what u mean by that.. i just googled the environment thing and ur right tho i have nothing to say about that and thanks for telling me!! but i still dont care about rich healthy vegans