rich twins

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After the death of one of the rich and popular Martin twins on 4th July, the small town of Beacon Hills investigates the murder. The series starts in September, the beginning of a new school year that brings new students, relationships and reveals the mysteries of the past 4th July.


Matt And Macklin on stage at BurCon 2016

This is too adorable for words!!!!! 😍👶🍼

P.S. He’s basically wearing the same outfit as his daddy!!!!! The pants are even the exact same colour! 👨‍👦👖


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“Why haven’t they told us anything” Jason demanded. My god he was twitching he was so anxious and now he was starting to make his inpatients clear to any office staff that passed.

Cheryl sighed closing the magazine she had been reading and placed a hand on her brother’s shoulder.
“J you have to calm down. I’m sure they’ll be out any second with news” she eyed one of the nurses who quickly rushed away, probably trying to find out news for the two rich twins.

When your boyfriend Jason heard you were in the hospital he and Cheryl quickly got here to see how you were doing but obviously they hadn’t figured that out yet. Jason was seriously freaking out.

“I’m just scared is all” Jason admitted, Cheryl could feel him shaking “I want to know she’s okay”.

“She will be J, she will be”.



Teresa busies herself making appetizers for Maxine and her friends. The girls were going to spend the day by the pool, enjoying the beautiful summer day. She’d prepared breakfast as well, and was amused at how swiftly Manny ate his. She wasn’t amused when he began to munch on the appetizers and managed to eat half a tray of them. She slaps his hand when he starts to reach for the tray she was working on.

Teresa stern: Manny Holmes, no more for you!  You already ate most of the other tray, young man!

Manny: Yeah, but these are a different kind on this tray, Teresa. I haven’t tasted them yet.

Teresa: You can have one or two from this tray. That is it.

Teresa is shocked when Manny lifts her off her feet and gently tickles her.

Manny teases: Hand over ALL the appetizers, Teresa! I mean business!

Teresa gasps: Manny! What in the world!

Teresa laughs as he gently puts her down. She liked the warm look in the young man’s eyes, similar to the sweet look in his sister Maela’s eyes. Remy had been right…his children were a lot different than the unfriendly, arrogant twins.

Maela: Manny, quit being so greedy. You can have some more when when Max’s friends get here, right Teresa?

Teresa nod: Yes. I’ll even make a third tray if there isn’t enough. Deal?

Manny laughs: Deal. Thanks, Teresa. You’re the best.

Teresa eyes widen. Thank you? She’d never expected to hear a thank you from any of the rich Holmes children…the twins certainly never bothered to say thank you. She sincerely hoped the cousins’ niceness toward her would rub off on the twins.