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Why I want Haikyuu!! to last for two more Nationals...

Just look at all this provocative love support…

I mean, by the time they’re third years, we can all expect them to have matured a lot, get along better and cooperate more smoothly in play…

But I hope these rivalries and such never fade out just to make room for them to grow into a more fortified team. I hope that they always keep each other on their toes.

That’s the best thing about Karasuno first-years dynamic, imo.

There’s never a dull moment when they’re around because they’re always challenging each other. Snarking at, snipping at, throwing shade at and bickering with each other.

Especially the old couple bickering part.

That I can’t live without.

Kagehina bickering, Kagetsuki bickering, Tsukihina bickering or all three of them bickering at once with a riled up Yams jumping in on occasion while the new recruits look on in fear as Yacchan casually mothers them away cuz “oh, don’t worry, they’re always like this” and she’s gotten so used to it that she’d break out into a panic if they weren’t fighting and all that…

Hmm, yea, that’s a nice mental image. XD

And of course, it’s not just Karasuno but pretty much all of Miyagi that knows about “those rowdy third years” (cuz it’s so obvious they’re going to go to Nationals every year after this one, y/y? 8D) and how no one is surprised that they’re still getting caught up in little brawls on their side of the court even though they’re in the middle of friggin’ game.

It’s pretty much their trademark.

Basically, I want my adorkable, gradually-developing-mutual-respect-and-friendship-but-still-behaving-like-awkward-five-year-olds-wow-there-should-be-a-word-for-this group ship of first years to stick around for a long time.


How to use high-res images in text posts

Tumblr automagically shrinks any images you upload in text posts to 500px and replaces images from other websites with an ugly grey icon, but here’s a workaround that will let you post images of any size!

  1. Go to your dashboard and open a new photo post.

  2. Select the photo you would like to post.

  3. Upload the photo as a private post.

  4. Click on the photo once the post finishes uploading and then right-click and copy the image URL.

  5. Open a new text post or reblog a post and switch from rich text formatting to HTML (the far right button on your format bar). Use the following HTML code wherever you need your image:

    <img src="PASTE IMAGE URL HERE"/>

  6. Click Post and you’re finished! The images should show up as native Tumblr image thumbnails.

You can always delete the original photo posts once you’ve finished with them.

All images in this tutorial were uploaded in the same way. Let me know if you have any problems with this method!

I thought people in my class were smart.

Like they seemed to know a lot about computers and stuff … but then no one knew about rich text format. (rtf) I save all my documents as rtf because it can open on any program. I thought computer people would know this!! But no. They were asking the teacher if her computer would support their fancy-smancy powerpoint documents so I said “why don’t you just save it as an rtf file?" 

Seeking Queer Latina voices for an anthology!


Dear Jotas: 

Recognizing the critical need for Queer Latina voices, we invite you to send us your poems, essays, stories, manifestos, love offerings, or rages against the machine. This anthology, to be published by Kórima Press, will be a queer Latina space of engagement that includes lesbianas, bisexuals, trans* people, marimachas, mariconas, dykes, etc.

We invite jotas writing from the heart. Tell us your desires, challenges, love, deceit and everything in between. We’re open to various literary genres, fiction, poetry, personal non-fiction, autoethnography, song lyrics, visual art. Entries may be in English, Spanish, Spanglish, or a mix thereof. 

Cuéntanos. Send us your corazón on paper. 

Jota Editors: 

T. Jackie Cuevas

Anel I. Flores

Candace Lopez

Rita Urquijo-Ruiz

Send submissions to:

Attach a single Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) document containing the following:

- Contact Information

- 150 - 250 word bio

- A high-resolution photograph

- Up to 10 pages of poetry or prose (250 words per page, max)

- If you’re interested in submitting original artwork, send a high-resolution, black and white image for consideration. 

Please be sure to write the following in the subject line of the email: “Jota Submission: YourFullName”

Deadline: May 31, 2014

 Compensation: As a small press, Kórima is unable to provide monetary compensation for submissions. Contributors will receive 3 copies of the anthology and will be able to purchase additional copies at-cost, to be determined upon publication. 

About the editors: 

T. Jackie Cuevas is a queer writer and professor who teaches in San Antonio, TX. 

Anel I. Flores is a Jota-Tejana, realtor, artivista and author of Empanada: a Lesbiana Story en Probaditas, living and working en San Anto.  

Candace Lopez is a creative writer, professional fundraiser in the non-profit world, and high femme living in Austin, Tejas.

Rita Urquijo-Ruiz is a professor-jota from the borderlands who lives and works in San Antonio, TX.

I’ve decided that every time I see a negatively-worded but unsubstantiated post about something people don’t like in fanfiction, I’m going to make a post about why the thing in question is bad (or not, as the case may be). It’s easy for people to get discouraged by posts like these, when that probably isn’t the intention. It helps so much to frame these things as advice. I’m not trying to vagueblog or anything! I just really love giving writing advice, and helping out newer writers with some tricks of the trade.

Let’s kick things off with a short post:

Listen. I tend to be the “me” in this post. But I think it’s worth talking about why it’s a problem not to have any spacing between paragraphs, and how to fix it.

Reading on a screen is nothing like reading a book. The reflective nature of screens means our eyes tire out more easily when we’re reading on a screen, so it’s really an instinctual thing that lots of people don’t like the eye strain of seeing so many paragraphs bunched up together. Platforms like tumblr have adopted the standard of adding some space after a paragraph when you press enter for this very purpose.

It’s a little harder when you’re posting to AO3. Copying from google docs, which many people use these days, doesn’t preserve rich text formatting, and if you post directly into HTML then it’s likely you won’t have hard-coded in the paragraph spacing. I’m guessing this is how most fics end up without paragraph spacing. The first step to fixing this is, when you write your fic, don’t put an extra line break (i.e. hit enter) between paragraphs. Just leave one line break, but change the document settings to add space after paragraphs. Then, there are two ways to deal with this:

  • If you’ve HMTL-coded your fic, first paste it into the HTML editor and then switch to the rich text editor. You will see that there is no spacing between paragraphs. Now, for each paragraph break you’ve got, backspace it and hit enter. AO3′s default is to add a bit of space after a paragraph. The problem with this is that if you have a longer fic it’ll take ages.
  • An easier solution, if you have access to a program such as MS Word or Libre Office (which is free!), is to copy-paste the fic into a word document first, and from there paste it directly into AO3′s rich text editor. All your formatting will be preserved! This has the advantage of not requiring you to go through and put in HTML tags such as italics.

I hope that helps!