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Requested by @myteenwolf-world: 

“Hi lovely! Could you write an imagine where the reader is Bruce Wayne’s sister and she meets Clark Kent at a party? Clark asks her out but Bruce doesn’t approve. So they go out in secret but he finds out and gets all over protective over her? Thanks in advance!”

Warnings: Fluff, swearing

Notes: Love this request!!

“At least try to look like you’re enjoying yourself.” 

“This is me trying.” You huffed back before pressing the champagne glass to your lips and taking a sip of the bubbly liquid.

“Well try harder then.” Your brother retorted making you roll your eyes as he walked away to go talk to some rich snob. “Well try harder then.” You mimicked under your breath before downing the rest of your champagne. 

You didn’t understand why your brother felt the need to drag you to every single event and party the two of you were invited to, but he did. Every time you complained about going he would say something about being a ‘Wayne’ and having a ‘reputation’ to uphold. 

In your opinion your ‘reputation’ could suck it. 

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Galas (Damian Wayne Headcanons)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Headcanon of Damian on what you guys do at the galas?

  • We all know Damian hates galas
  • And lucky for him, so do you 
  • So you avoid them as best you can
  • But after the seventh time calling in sick, Bruce drags you to them
  • You two do your best to make it fun
  • so you’ve come up with games to make it more tolerable
  • The first one is called “How many times can you insult a rich snob without them getting it”
  • Damian is the winner in that
  • Even though your also very good at it
  • You both have a hard time not grinning or laughing when the other does it
  • The second one is placing bets on who will be the first to get hella drunk
  • You have thus far been the best at it
  • Beating Dami with a 9/6
  • You both eat a bunch of food
  • The gala food is always delicious
  • Why cook at home when you can get it for free and ready made
  • You two also looove to mess with his brothers
  • Who ever makes Jason the angriest wins
  • Your at a tie with that
  • Being with each other all night makes it quite fun actually
  • Tbh all his fam is super happy that you make Dami happy
  • And Bruce is grateful that he doesn’t have to make up a fake illness to tell everyone that asks about Damian’s absence 


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Dîtes donc Jacquard ! Votre cousin de Montmiraille il ne serait pas un peu tsoin tsoin par hasard ?
Et qu’est-ce que vous appelez tsoin tsoin ?
Eh oui… personne n’est à l’abri d’avoir un cousin homo et un père alcoolo, ce n’est pas une raison pour renier votre famille mon vieux.
De quel droit insultez-vous mon papa qui est à la retraite à Menton ? Moi je ne vous demande pas si votre père pue du cul ou si votre femme se pochetronne en cachette espèce de pignouf !
Ah oui mais ça avec lui, LA famille c’est LE sujet tabou.

FAHC Ryan origin

In this city, all people care about is money. No one cares how they get it. Cops are crooked, business men make deals with mobsters. The wealthy hire hitmen, and the poor…well, it’s kill or be killed.

Ryan is nineteen when he first finds himself spray painting his name on a “for hire” wall in the middle of the city. It’s only a week before he gets his first client: a rich snob who wants his business partner out of the picture.

When he slits the man’s throat, his blood sings with adrenaline, and he wants more.

By his twenty fifth birthday, he’s one of the most well-known hitmen in the city. He wears a mask while he works. Cops can be bribed, but it’s easier to avoid them to the best of his abilities. No one’s ever seen what he looks like. His normal features become his mask.

Which is why he’s shocked when a tall man with an impressive moustache sits across from him one day in his favourite coffee shop. It’s a simple “I want you to join my crew”, but it’s enough to confuse him. Never mind how this man knew who he was, he never takes crew work. He works alone. He starts to tell the man this, but before he can say a word, the man places a large stack of bills on the table.

“The name’s Ramsey, and you could be making this much and more every week with us.”

It hadn’t taken much more convincing after that.

It was a small crew, by all standards. Only seven people including Ramsey (who he later learned to call Geoff). He was introduced to them in a small townhouse that functioned as a sort of home base for the crew. Jack, as she introduced herself, was Geoff’s second in command. She was a nurse, years ago, and she had stitched her fair share of bullet wounds in the past. She was kind and motherly, something that was rare in this line of work. Ryan had no trouble believing that she could be ruthless when she needed to be.

Gavin and Michael were complete opposites from each other, yet they seemed to be inseparable. Gavin was the negotiator. He was bright smiles and gold jewelry. Michael, on the other hand, was an expert in explosives. He had a fire in his eyes and a scowl on his lips. Eventually, he learned that Gavin had met Jack and Robert when he was only 12. They had taken him in off of the streets after he ran away from his abusive father. They had practically raised him from then on.

By just looking at them, you’d never have guessed that Jeremy and Matt were in the business. They were kids, maybe twenty at the oldest. They were in charge of hacking and collecting intel on both clients and rivals. They were geniuses, and had known each other since childhood.

And then there was Ray, who barely looked up from the video game he was playing when James walked in the room. He was a sniper. Calm and reclusive. He was something different, with his hot pink rifle and thick rimmed glasses. Unlike the others, Ray didn’t treat Ryan with caution, as if he were a bomb that could go off at any minute. He treated him like he treated the rest of the crew. He made lame puns and threw snacks at him during meetings. Ryan took and instant liking to him.

They were a bunch of misfits. Separate, they were as different as could be, yet together they made a family.

OMG I’m watching Curse of Chucky (2013) and um they just executed the greatest plot twist of all time in this movie spoilers but this rich couple moves into this house with their kid and au pair and it has u thinking the au pair and the dad have a thing going on but actually it’s the au pair and the rich snob mom. The twist is Curse of Chucky is LGBT cinema.. M night shyamalan who

She smirked, a chuckle escaping ruby lips as she turned to face the other, adjusting his hair nonchalantly. It was as if she were immune to the many people calling her name and trying to talk to her. Some in adoration, others in fear or disgust.

She had long since stopped caring about a ‘secret identity’, so the notorious Catwoman was out and about regardless of the opinions of the people. Though, she hadn’t been doing all that much thieving lately, under close watch of the Bat and his several little bat-lings.

“Joking or not, I can hear you and I have no qualms in embarassing you in front of a large crowd of rich snobs.” She teased, crossing her arms.

“I could find it, sure, but Gotham doesn’t exactly trust my payments. With my hobbies and everything,” she waved dismissively and glanced around the room, “You can get as many shots as you want, just mind the smartass chatter. Now c'mon, let’s see if we can find Mr Wayne. He’s a sweet guy; not really my type, but he’s a decent friend.”

Bruce Wayne? You think he’s gonna show?” Peter shifted to tuck the polaroid print into the inner pocket of his suit vest, his eyes scanning the crowd as the two of them walked the length of the room. Outside the skyline was clear. No sirens, yet, no bright yellow spotlight beaconing the man in black to their not-so-humble gathering.

His print was traded for a notepad as he shifted his arms, trying to straighten his cuffs in the process. The least he could do was try to look like he belonged. The poor kid was wide eyed and lanky limbed, but somebody cleaned him up nice enough to get him in. He wasn’t going to blow the favor with his grotesque lack of a filter around the kind of assholes they rubbed elbows with on evenings like this. He could hold his tongue long enough. Besides, at a place like this? Ears were far more valuable.

“I wasn’t aware Mr. Corporate Billionaire was so passionate about snow leopards. Something tells me if he shows— which I still doubt by the way, it won’t be for charity.” Peter made eye contact with her this time as they moved towards the golden arched gateway to the balcony. “You said he wasn’t your type.” Reaching out with ease, he opened the door for her, taking two glasses of champagne from the waiter as they passed.

But who’s to say you’re not h i s. Huh?
The twenty-something reporter smiled quite
knowingly as he passed her a glass and gestured
his own for a quick

ft. @ms-feline-fatale


just as life cannot be bought with money, the permit cannot be exchanged for anything else. it is the very soul of this agency, filled with the special department’s expectations as well as the aspirations of natsume-sensei, who worked tirelessly to acquire this permit. it is not something that can be touched by rich snobs whose heads are stuffed with money. 

  • <p> <b>Jefferson:</b> Hamilton is such a rich snob<p/><b>Jefferson:</b> *wears a really expensive bright magenta coat*<p/><b>Jefferson:</b> *has slaves who do all his work for him*<p/><b>Jefferson:</b> *has a giant intricately designed house and a plantation*<p/><b>Jefferson:</b> *everyone calls him a elitist*<p/><b>Jefferson:</b> Pretentious fuck.<p/></p>

Tried to paint with whiteout haha it was a terrible plan

Twin!AU where Bridgette is Ladybug’s bad luck counterpart Miss Fortune and Felix is Chat Noir’s good luck counterpart Chat Blanc (a maneki-neko!) Felix’s “Lucky Charm” is called Lottery and Bridgette’s “Cataclysm” is Toxic Swarm. They work basically the same.

Ladybug and Chat Noir end up teaming up together most often because they’re always in the same area *cough* Marinette’s a stalker *cough* but any good/bad luck pairings can work together.

Chat Blanc brings out a softness/kindness in Felix’s personality cause he doesn’t have to play politics with the rich snobs and fame chasers. Miss Fortune brings out a calmness in Bridgette cause she doesn’t have to be nervous about breaking stuff

Harry absolutely hated school reunions. Not because he had hated going to school, nor was it because he was unable to lie convincingly about what he did for a living (learning and falsehood were tools of his trade, and he excelled at them). No, Harry hated school reunions because he had gone to school with other people, and those people were bigoted rich snobs with too much money and not enough brainpower.

He had all barely resisted dropping to his knees and begging Eggsy to attend with him (his motives had been purely selfish - from what little contact he had maintained with his old schoolmates, a significant chunk were either on their second marriage or married to someone significantly younger, or both. Eggsy was prettier than all of them, and Harry had no qualms about showing off the other man as his own. Even if it was fake). He had agreed, in the end, but not before many, many promises of dinners and a visit to Harry’s family manor in the Leicester countryside. And possibly a car, though Harry had balked at the thought of the man behind the wheel of anything similar to that Bond cad, no matter how much thrill he got at the idea).

“Why couldn’t they have just held the damn thing at the school? It’s certainly big enough.” Eggsy mused from the passenger seat. Yes, Oxford was certainly large enough to hold a reunion of this caliber, but that wasn’t entirely the point.

“It’s about money, darling.” Harry chastised himself; how many times had he caught himself spewing endearments? If he wasn’t more careful, he would have to deal with the distance that Eggsy would put between them at the expense of the follies of a lonely man. Eggsy snorted.

“Yeah, if there’s one thing you posh blokes like to do it’s shower everyone around you in your self-imposed halos made of solid gold.” Ouch. Eggsy was silent for a moment, and rolled his lower lip between his teeth. Harry tried not to stare, not to think about what it would be like to have his own lip caught like that. “You think I’ll do okay? I’m not really cut out for this sort of thing.”

“You’ll be fine. You can play the rich man well enough to fool people who worked for Richmond Valentine, and many who are much smarter. I guarantee you that this isn’t going to be an issue, not with that suit you’re wearing.” He caught his eye. “But if it makes you feel better, if you’re uncomfortable with a question you can always play the power dynamic card and pass it off to me. My colleagues would expect nothing less.”

“Oh yeah, sure, I definitely look like the type of guy who has a daddy kink.”

“Young, almost excessively attractive man showing up on the arm of someone like me? It wouldn’t be a stretch.” Eggsy gaped at his self-depreciation.

“Yes, because I’m definitely the more attractive one here. Harry, you’re an idiot.” They were silent for the remainder of the drive, Harry mulling over what Eggsy could have possibly meant. Surely he was just being kind, he lad was known for it after all.

His thoughts soon turned to the reunion again, and Harry tried to apply the last layer of varnish to his reserve. He could do this. They could do this, together. It wouldn’t be any different than a mission. They would be fine, the two of them. He must have looked worried, because Eggsy laced their fingers together. Feeling a cold band press into his skin, Harry looked down.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I nicked this from the desk drawer in your office. Figured it would make it more convincing, having us be engaged. Would give you something to do, too - fabricate that story.” Harry looked at the ring again and swallowed thickly. It looked organic, natural, on Eggsy’s fourth finger, as if it had never meant to be anywhere but there. If he was being honest, he had never liked his father’s wedding band more than he did in this moment. Misinterpreting his silence, Eggsy made to take it off.

“No, leave it.” Eggsy smiled at him, and then without warning kissed him. Not hard, or sensually, just enough brush of lips that it could be called a kiss.

“We’ll be fine, yeah? It’ll be fine.” He nodded in return, not trusting himself to speak. Of course it would, Eggsy was there with him.

I’m a college student with 30 cents to my name until my minimum wage job pays me on Friday. I still own all legits, and have numerous dolls both at home and on the way, thanks to rigorous saving over months. Please tell me again how all pro-artist/anti-recast people are rich snobs who hate people who can’t afford dolls.

Titanic AU }

Dipper and Mabel are penniless twins living on the streets of Europe. Their only known family member (Great Uncle Stan) lives across the world in America, and in a desperate attempt to get there, they decide to stowaway on the S.S. Mindscape. They hadn’t anticipated running into Pacifica, a young girl from the richest family aboard, the Northwest’s, and the families close relative Bill Cipher. Mabel and Dipper were in deep when the rich snobs discovered their lack of boarding tickets, and decided instead of getting them thrown from the ship that they’d toy with them. 

However, none of them expected to actually start getting along and becoming a strange group of friends, and for some.. possible more.

A/N: how do background?  ノ( ゜-゜ノ)