rich richer richest
Interior Dept. agency changes website from family visiting park to a giant pile of coal
Get out and enjoy that giant coal seam this weekend!
By Andrew Freedman

This is ridiculous. Within the past 24 hours, several major national and regional media sources reported that the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) had changed the photo on its home page from this:

To this, showing a seam of coal:

So, the BLM is telling the world that it’s in the business of extraction and making the industries that want to exploit, dig, mine, trash and ruin our public lands rich and richer and richest, and fuck the rest of us.

So, I just went to the web site, and obviously somebody said “WTF……?” and changed it to this:

Another example, adding to the pile of hundreds and thousands of examples, of how totally fucked up, rudderless, clueless and dysfunctional the trump administration is, in particular the Department of the Interior.