rich privilege

the problem isn’t a celebrity feud

the problem is that white women like miley cyrus and taylor swift frequently tout feminist ideals and how awesome they are for succeeding in the industry but whenever black women like nicki minaj go “hey there’s a problem re: how black women are perceived in this industry” they get told they’re bitchy, angry, and ungrateful for the success of white women

what nicki did was say fuck that and not take it any more and said fuck you to white feminism because she’s about lifting up all women not just the women who are already privileged

so stop hating on nicki minaj for telling a rich spoiled privileged cultural appropriative racist jackass to shut her mouth and start saying fuckin’ finally because FEMINISM MUST BE INCLUSIVE OR IT IS NOT FEMINISM

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tbh geekremix (idk which one of them tho) lost me when they said nathan prescott is a child soldier. as if a very rich, very white, very privileged kid in any way compares to kids in war torn countries who are soldiers because they have literally nowhere else to go because everywhere is unstable and army seems like the most secure place to be. miss me with that bs, tbh.

ohhhhh my lorrrdddd did they rEALLY

Note: This article has been read 4.4 million times since March of 2012. In that time, the super-rich and the banks they love have continued to infuriate those of us who still worry about things like “paying bills” and “getting arrested if we commit fraud.” But in spite of all their victories and piles of gold, rich people continue to say dumb things – like that criticism against their lavish lifestyles is equivalent to the Holocaust. #CrackedClassic

6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying

Black Friday

‬is a boon for low-income families who otherwise can’t afford middle-class gifts for their kids. Rich people don’t wait en masse, in the cold, for several hours to save a couple hundred dollars on a TV. The looks of desperation of those who scrapple for that last iPhone or LED TV are not because they no longer get a few bucks off, but because they can no longer afford the product, period.

So your condescension, if any, should be reserved to judge people’s taste, not their behavior, as they try desperately to buy the American Dream for their kids, who are otherwise all-too-aware of their family’s socioeconomic status, and experience shame and anxiety no child should ever know, seeing their parents stripped of dignity and pride because they cannot shield their child from the cruel realities of financial hardship.

No, the condescension the upper-middle-class reserves for low-income families on Black Friday is not anti-consumerism–they buy many more of the same products themselves, at full price–it’s full-fledged, politically correct classism at its finest, with wealthy white liberals leading the attack.

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Rich people rarely tell you how they really feel about poor people. Occasionally, though, you get a glimpse. Earlier this week, the Washington Post published a story about Rancho Santa Fe, a small but extremely wealthy enclave in Southern California. Like the rest of California, the people of Rancho Santa Fe are dealing with a drought. As you might imagine, that means water is scarce and conservation is critical. For the denizens of Rancho Santa Fe, however, conservation is someone else’s problem, namely poor people.

According to Steve Yuhas, who lives in the area and hosts a conservative talk-radio show, privileged people “should not be forced to live on property with brown lawns, golf on brown courses or apologize for wanting their gardens to be beautiful.” Oh, the humanity! In case it wasn’t clear, Yuhas added that the right to water ought to scale with income: “No, we’re not all equal when it comes to water.”

The wealthy and their GOP apologists talk about poor people as the takers. They have it completely backward

Thus when people object, as they do, to me and others pointing out that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer by commenting that wealth is not finite, that statist and globalist solutions and handouts will merely strip the poor of their human dignity and vocation to work, and that all this will encourage the poor toward a sinful envy of the rich, a slothful escapism, and a counterproductive reliance in Caesar rather than God, I want to take such commentators to refugee camps, to villages where children die every day, to towns where most adults have already died of AIDS, and show them people who haven’t got the energy to he envious, who aren’t slothful because they are using all the energy they’ve got to wait in line for water and to care for each other, who know perfectly well that they don’t need handouts so much as they need justice.
—  N.T. Wright

Why are our seniors paying higher taxes on their social security benefits than billionaires pay on stocks? The IRS released a new report that reveals the staggering amount of money that the top one-thousandth of the 1% in the US is hoarding. While the top earners in the bottom 50 percent of Americans only make 36,000 dollars a year – the bottom earners in the top one-thousandth of the 1% “only make” more than 62 million dollars a year. Sixty-two million dollars per year is what it takes to be a top one-thousandth one percenter – and those are the poorest of the richest households – on average the top earners make more than 160 million dollars a year.

A nauseating new IRS report reveals just how much money the top one-thousandth of the 1 percent is hoarding

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Hi, I was actually wondering about the difference between income inequality and wealth inequality, can you explain how they're different and if one is more significant than the other and how? Thank you!

Okay, I’m going to try and roughly explain this to all y’all.

Income, despite being able to increase or decrease is relatively stagnant. For instance if you’re working a minimum wage job, your income may increase over time, but your income is still relatively the same. Or your income may decrease, or go to nothing, but we’re still [only, yes I know it’s ridiculous that I’m saying only] comparing this 0 to say 30 grand a year. Stay with me, because I know how ridiculous that sounds, 30 grand is a lot of money for a years worth of income, don’t get me wrong. 

Now, lets take a comparison of say a person who is making about 30 grand a year, that’s their income, and then a person who is making 100 grand a year. If we’re comparing this inequality we see that the person who makes 100 grand a year is making like 70 grand more than the person who makes 30 grand a year. So this would show that the person is really [only, again stay with me I’ll get to the point] 70 grand ahead of the person.

Now lets factor in wealth, so I can explain why I’m using only, as yes, I’m aware how ridiculous it sounds.

The person making 30 grand can’t save their money, they aren’t investing anything because they’re living paycheck to paycheck. So their wealth, every year, is 0. They have an income of 30, and a wealth of 0. Every year they are saving 0, so every year they have this flat line of 30 grand a year.

Now the person making 100 grand, lets say they save 30 grand every year and put that in stocks, bank accounts, CDS, homes, land, etc. They do this every year, and these things also grow. 

For convenience of showing this, I will assume neither get changed incomes, and the wealth will not grow on its own.

Year One: 

Person 1: 30k
Person 2: 100k

Person 1: 0
Person 2: 30k

Year Two: 

Person 1: 30k
Person 2: 100k

Person 1: 0
Person 2: 60k

Year FOUR:

Person 1: 30k
Person 2: 100k

Person 1: 0
Person 2: 120k

You see in year four the difference is no longer 70k, but much greater. This continues on.

Now in reality, the wealth will actually grow at an even greater rate than this, and eventually their wealth becomes much greater than their income, and they can invest that wealth into things that will bring them greater wealth. This is why many billionaires do not have an income, and live off of their ever growing wealth. 

Also, some people are born with wealth, and maintain and grow it as they age.

So when we only compare income we ignore many of the richest people in the world. You can be a billionaire and still have an income of 0. 

Or you can be a baby and have an obvious income of 0 and a wealth of millions.

Or on the flip side, you could have an income of 30k and -300k wealth

Reason #224 Why I Left Art School
  • Painting teacher:Are you using *dollar store* paint?
  • Me:Yes.
  • Painting teacher:You know that's unacceptable, right?
  • Me:I live off of student loans, I can't be payin 12 dollars a tube for for that shit!
  • Painting teacher:So is everyone else here, and they don't use it as an excuse.
  • *Literally everyone in the room has parents that pay for their stuff except me, up to and including having their parents pay rent on their dorm rooms and even buy them furniture*