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Squip Squad: At the mall headcanons

-As soon as they pull up, Chloe and Brooke are already out of the car. They don’t even wait for the van to come to a full stop, they just hop out.

-By the time everyone else gets out, the mall duo are already inside waiting for the rest of them.

-The squip squad usually sticks together for the most part, but sometimes some stores will draw parts of them inside. Oops.

-Brooke and Chloe have to stop themselves from going into every single clothes store. They always fail at it..

-Jenna isn’t much of a shopping girl, but she does have a soft spot for Hot Topic.

-Nobody knows about it though. She’ll just sneak away from the group unspotted and gets back without anyone noticing she was gone. Jenna the stealthy ninja.

-Christine loves Barnes and Nobles too much for her own good. And every time she enters she promises herself not to buy anything. Yet, she walks away with at least two books.

-There’s this little sports store Jake used to go to all time with his dad. Whenever the group passes by, he has to look away.

-Rich knows about this. So whenever the squip squad grows nearer to it, he’ll distract Jake with a joke or two before they pass by.

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The Spoils of War

Haul post from OCT-DEC not including a tree full of x-mas presents and some bits and bobs that I didn’t feel like fetching.

Local Art store has UNLOCKED PAINT with NO CAMERAS in the entire store, it’s a small, untapped gold mine. I have been hitting them off and on for longer than 3 months and they still haven’t added any extra security. Mostly slow, concealing in the aisles is easy mode.

Wax melts/wallflowers from B&BW and YC, small stuff is generally simple as long as you watch for smol ceiling cameras in YC. Candles from B&BW easy with larger bag and big displays, I always get those on the way OUT. YC large candles are like rare wild unicorns and should be cherished as concealing one requires some creativity, JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of customers and a lot of patience.

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