rich pavel

Name: Harrison Roach

Quiver: L to R

8'6 Mctavish single fin, step deck. Bob shaped this for me after seeing a board that Al Knost had shaped and brought over to Bali for the 9 Foot and Single in 2012. Pretty amazing to hear how Alex is inspiring a guy like Bob Mctavish.

7'5 Rich Pavel, single fin. When I think of a mid-length this is what I think of. Last  year I was so lucky to spend time with Rich. I learnt so much from him. I got to surf this board in waves similar to Bells Beach, super fast down the line waves with plenty of open face to work with. Ideal for waves with more roll than suck. Think Malibu as big as it gets.

7'0 Rich Pavel, 70’s style single fin. We spent a lot of time on this board (Rich spends a lot of time on every board but this one in particular) with the idea of taking it to Nias and Hawaii. It ended up working the best on the outside corner at Uluwatu.

6'8 Rich Pavel, four-fin. We played a lot with the idea of putting four fins on single fin templates. I’ve gotten thrown over the falls on single fins a lot over the years. Particularly on waves with late and steep take offs. This board was a little too thick for me and after giving me a black eye at Nias I retired it to the Temple.

6'8 Rich Pavel, channel bottom four-fin. This was the upgrade after the previous board. The rails were a little more refined than its predecessor. The channels were added the day we heard that AB had passed. He was a huge inspiration to everyone that’s ever been interested in channels. The board saved my arse at big Nias after blowing consecutive waves on the 7'0 single fin.

6'4 self shape. I shaped this board at the Deus Temple in Bali. It was after I realised that an old Neal Purchase JNR single fin I was riding wasn’t going to work at a left hander in Java. I ended up breaking the board on my second wave. I was left with the 7'4 Purcho single fin and the session with Joel Fitzgerald turned out to be the heaviest of my life. RIP 2+1.

6'2 Rich Pavel, channel bottom single fin. One of my all time favourite boards. Got one of the best tubes of my life on this board at Nias. All hail Rich! Love it.

5'7 Thomas Surfboard thruster. I convinced Thomas to make me a shore break basher for Canggu. This board ended up being ideal for a couple of slabs that Bryce Young and I visited near Pacitan. It finished its life on a heavy right hander.

5'7 Rich Pavel four-fin. This was the first of the high performance short boards that I worked on with Rich. Similar to his Speed Dialer model. I’m now riding a board with less volume and a lot of V in the last 6 inches of the tail. The V is Rich’s version of tail rocker and thanks to it the board always feels like it wants to fly.

Name: Ryan Smith

Location: Ojai, CA

Quiver: (Clockwise from right)

Working Quiver, mostly personal custom.

  • 9’7 “RSVP” (signature model prototype #2), shaped and glassing art by Zephaniah Carrigg
  • 6’8 Josh Farberow/Scott Anderson “Slide & Glide” near-finless sled, so wicked
  • 6’0 Rich Pavel “Creekfish” quad, glassed by Moonlight, Gephart fins, cloth art by Dave Dickey, “Charging Peahi” painting
  • 9’8 Cooperfish “Flex Pig”, with handmade D-fin by Gene Cooper;
  • 5’8 “Is-Ish” noserider quad by Zeph Carrigg
  • 9’8 “Noosa II” noserider delight, shaped and glassing art by Kevin Connelly, handmade fin by KC
  • 7’4 “Yellow Racer” quad swallowtail gun by Ian Zamora
  • 6’7 White Owl “Santa Barbara Stubbie”, with Liddle flex-fin, shaped by Gregg Tally
  • 5’9 Choice “Micro Wing Keel Hauler”, Geppie keel fins, shaped by Rich Pavel, glassed by Moonlight
  • Pavel’s personal 5’11 Choice “Canard Quad”, swooped from Rich before it had been waxed, glassed by Moonlight
  • 5’11 Von Sol “7-Finner”, designed by Sean Mattison for SLIDE
  • 7’1 Choice “Hullah-ba-lue” singlefin hull/gun thingy, shaped by Rich Pavel, glassed by Moonlight

Photos by Marisa Breyer