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(BMC) Collections headcanons

-Jake is a freak about collections
-He has like twenty of them
-In rough chronological order from when he started collecting them, examples include:
-A collection of snowglobes
-A collection of seashells
-A collection of glass dragons
-A collection of stuffed marine creatures
-(His favorite is a blue octopus named Keto)
-A collection of paperclips
-A collection of coins dating back to the ‘80s
-And many more
-His prize collection are the coins
-He keeps them all in a special envelope and takes them out once a week for cleaning
-He’s really protective over them
-When he first got together with Chloe, she thought all these collections were dumb
- ‘You’re just crowding the house with junk’
-Jake agreed, but couldn’t help and feel a little crushed
-He’d been planning to give her a coin to cement their relationship
-Oh well….
-His favorite collection is a book of stamps his grandpa gave him when he was twelve
-That collection means the goddamn world to him
-It has stamps from all around the world, from all these different time periods
-Jake is Old-Fashioned™ and hates how emails are replacing letters
-He also sends emails, sure, but still
-Letters have stamps
-Stamps are amazing
-Jake hero-worships that stamp book as the last present his grandfather gave him before he died
-Until it’s lost in the fire
-A few weeks later, Jake goes and visits Rich in the hospital
-Rich has changed
-A lot
-He has a lisp, and gets much more flustered than he normally would when Jake sits next to him
-Jake acts like he doesn’t notice
-He pulls out some scraps of burnt paper and shows them to Rich
- ‘This is my stampbook’
-Rich is confused (and a little afraid)
-He’s worried that Jake is here to beat his already beat ass up for burning down his house
-And frankly, he doesn’t blame him
-Then Jake explains about the stampbook and Rich feels even worse
-He goes to apologize but Jake interrupts him
- 'No man, it wasn’t your fault. I didn’t come here to guilt-trip you’
'Then why’d you come?’
-Jake hands him a small wrapped circle
- 'To give you this. Hope you feel better, Rich’
-Rich opens the wrapping with a lot of difficulty
-He half expects to find a mini bomb or something
-Instead, he finds a coin

i didn’t expect to come out of leverage with so many emotions about the fucking brewpub??? what has this show DONE to me

but ok. like. the brewpub doesn’t turn a profit, right. it is actively losing money all of the time, but it doesn’t matter? because of their fucking alternative revenue stream, they don’t NEED to make a profit, they literally own this brewpub for the fun of it

so, like. they COULD make it turn a profit but: eliot & hardison, working-class boys TM, they are absolutely going to:

  • make everything on the menu $0.50 less than it costs to make at least, because affordable food is important
  • just fucking give away shit for free. oh you can’t pay for this food? that’s fine don’t worry about it have it anyway, also would you like a coffee? some beer?
  • get everything locally, pay a LOT for it (let’s take a moment for all of the feelings eliot ‘grew up in a farming town’ spencer 100% has about corporations paying farmers the bare fucking minimum they can get away with. so many feelings, he goes on long & impassioned rants whenever this comes up, my bitter socialist son)
  • pay all of their staff like three times minimum wage at the least
  • all of the staff have AMAZING insurance & they always pay out if they need to
  • if any of the staff mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • if any of the CUSTOMERS mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • (i REFUSE to accept that hardison doesn’t tip, that is WRONG, the show is WRONG & i will NOT allow it, hardison tips. hardison’s elder siblings were waitstaff who depended on tips to make rent, hardison tips generously. hardison has all this money & he’s not even using most of it so he gives it away All Of The Time)

like. LIKE. the brewpub is basically a fucking nonprofit charity, they run jobs to take down capitalist scum & then come home to their aggressively socialist brewpub, this is just. this is fact. you cannot convince me this isn’t true

Expensive Headphones AU: Sleepover

“-and then the milk came out of his nose and it got everywhere!”
“Aw dude that sounds disgusting!” Rich said laughing with Michael until they came to a stop.
“This is my place, see you tomorrow?”
“Well, uh, I was wondering if maybe I could spend the night?”
“My dad, the SQUIP helped with things at home but now that it’s gone I don’t think I can go back. At least not right now.” Rich shuffled his feet avoiding eye contact with the other boy. Looking at his driveway Michael saw that neither of his parents cars were there.
“Yeah, sure but in the morning you’re going to have to go out the window or my mom will kill both of us.”
“She sounds pleasant.”
“The last time I had a guy in my room that wasn’t Jeremy we were about to play bedroom rodeo.”
“She walked in on us getting ready for sex.”
“Oh, why didn’t you just say that?” Heading towards the door Michael unlocked it as Rich entered. The house was two stories and nicely furnished. It felt a lot more homey than his sparsely decorated trailer. “Nice place.”
“It’s alright, Jeremy’s is…” Michael trailed off realizing what he was about to say. Rich didn’t add anything as Michael went up the stairs with him following close behind. His room was almost exactly what Rich expected. Wall to wall videogame and movie posters, a TV with two controllers surrounded by scattered cases and VHS tapes.
‘Who uses VHS tapes anymore?’
“Wow it’s like stepping straight into the 90’s. Is that a record player?” Rich said noticing the the thing on the ground next to Michael’s bed.
“Yes and?”
“You’re such a freaking hipster.”
“Hey, I liked this stuff before hipsters were cool.”
“That is something only a hipster would say. So where do you want me to sleep?”
“You can take the bed, I usually sleep in my beanbag chair anyway,” Michael said this as he wedged himself in the chair while Rich awkwardly crawled into the bed. “Night dude…” Like that he passed out on the chair as Rich tried to situate himself on the mattress before turning to look at his host.
‘He’s kind of cute, in a dorky way…wait. He’s a guy, guys aren’t cute. I like chicks.’ Michael sneezed in his sleep and Rich could’ve sworn it sounded like a kitten. 'Maybe I can like both. Holy shit I’m Bi. That’s like twice the people to love.’