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Wrong Loves My Company.

A/N: I don’t know what this is. I got this idea one day, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I know this story may not be everyone’s cup of tea, if not that’s fine. But, I’m really excited about this series and I’m going on start part two today. I also have another series coming up called The After. So, don’t be surprised if I randomly post it. lol

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bmc characters as my quotes

Jeremy: ahaha,, uh i feel so awkward cause i dont know anyone here sorry,,

Michael: excuse me i am the dirty hippy gremlin 

Rich: why am i so small but so mean

Jake: sorry guys im the coolest duder in schooler

Christine: i never sleep while watching musicals because thEYRE EXCITING!!! why would you slep

Chloe: i feel like the baddest bitch at the moment hold on gril gotta get my pumps on

Brooke: mom i gotta inhale frozen yogurt im dying squirtle

Jenna: i feel like sombra rn,, initiating the hack binch

Mr. Reyes: these annoying 6th graders need to get off my sidewalk at once, blasting their rap crap

Squip: sorry kool kiddos only, i am the kool dad no losers in my church of rad

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: I don't understand the widespread interpretation of Ross Gellar's character on Friends. The group consists of six stereotypes; the sensitive guy, the player, the comic relief, the rich girl, the hippie, and the control freak. Ross' character is obviously the sensitive guy, but he seems to be completely incapable of experiencing the full range of human emotion. His character regularly experiences jealousy, narcissism, and apathy, and maintains a borderline abusive mentality. This is perfectly exhibited in his inability to show empathy for the friend group. For example, the notorious Thanksgiving episode. Monica is rushing to make an entire dinner for six people by herself. She adds more and more dishes to the dinner as she tries to please her friends, and all Ross does is add more chores to her already growing list. He emotionally manipulates his sister just because he wants a certain kind of potatoes with no regard to the stress he puts on her. Of course, Phoebe requests a special dish as well, but only out of love for her mother, as she is later shown to be strongly against such behavior. Ross does this to the people he holds dearest whenever he wants, never taking his friends' feelings into consideration. Another selfish habit of his is forcing them to be safety blankets for him. He bombards them with overdramatic, petty emotional loads, invading their privacy without a care for their personal priorities and using for personal gain. This might be forgivable if he gave a thought to his friends when they had issues, but he continues to be uninterested in the problems of the group. This is a prime example of psychological manipulation. Another example of his inability to feel towards others is the episode with "the break". Ross grows increasingly jealous of Rachel and her coworker, even though it is obvious she is not attracted to him, and accuses her of an affair after harassing her at her job. Rachel suggests they "take a break" from their relationship, and Ross immediately goes out and sleeps with another woman. He then continues to believe he deserves to be forgiven and believes Rachel to be unreasonable for not taking him back, among other things. Ross is never interested in his friends' hobbies, hurt feelings, problems, or personal lives, to go so far as to call them shallow for the things they find pleasure in, meanwhile considering everyone uninterested in paleontology unintelligent. There are specific moments where he puts the well-being of others in front of his own, but he only does this in situations where he has something to gain. He helps his friends for nothing in return only if he sees a possible way to benefit from the transaction. Ross' character is not punished for his actions and his narcissistic way of life is never chastised or looked down upon. This it is illogical for Ross to occupy the sensitive guy archetype. The word "sensitive" implies a person perceptive to emotion. A person capable of living through emotions, both their own and other's, and feeling them passionately. Ross does not align with this definition as he is not perceptive to emotions other than his own. His character is explained as a "nice guy" throughout the entire series, as if he is just in his ways just because he doesn't identify with mainstream masculinity. This is a grossly incorrect interpretation of the character and, in all honesty, a dangerous definition of the word "nice".

Not to post conspiracy theories here, but something really fucked up and blatantly political is happening with marijuana in Colorado right now and I feel the need to post about it because I don’t believe it’ll make the news:

I work at a recreational marijuana dispensary, so all of this information is coming from someone who is firsthand dealing with it. First of all, there is ONE main POS (point of sale) system for dispensaries, both medical and recreational, in Colorado. This system is specifically designed for weighing out and pricing marijuana. It sometimes goes down just because so many dispensaries are using it at the same time- not a huge deal, it usually comes back up within a few hours, or at most, a day. However, the system went down and didn’t come back up this time. It’s actually been down for about 5 days now. I had my two-day weekend and came back and it was still down. 

Today, I discovered that the POS system didn’t ONLY go down for my dispensary, but for over 330 dispensaries in Colorado. We called them, and as it turns out, they were hacked and shut down. The POS company created a temporary sales system so that dispensaries could still run. However, that was almost immediately hacked and shut down as well.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, hacking that system doesn’t really get you anything. Using credit cards at marijuana dispensaries is technically federally illegal- so most of them are smart enough to be cash-only businesses. Therefore, the only real thing that hacking this POS system does is stop/hinder the sales of marijuana. 

While I don’t even have the slightest idea who would do such a thing- I can’t believe anyone’s motive would be to do anything besides stop the sales of cannabis, but when that happens to medical dispensaries it’s not just rich hippies being affected anymore- it’s kids with epilepsy, cancer patients, and very very sick people in desperate need of highly potent CBD. 

This is fucked. It’s so fucked. And I don’t know why it isn’t a bigger deal.