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TITLE: You Know What They Say About Love and Hate….

IMAGINE: Steve and (Y/N) hated each other when they first met. But it’s been three years, did feelings develop or do they still hate each other? You know what they say about love and hate…

[gif is not mine. requests are open. this one shot was heavily influenced by dan and blair’s relationship from gg -some quotes are directly from there, see if you can spot it]. 

warnings: swear word, mention of the word slut. 

word count: 2.4k+

‘…Because when we open our heart we can explore a world of love. And be pleasantly surprised by the people already in our life…’ gg 3x18

(Y/N) walked down the stairs, the train of her dress flowing nicely behind her. She felt like she was in a movie. ‘I feel like a goddess right now,’ she thought. She smiled to herself imagining her date’s face as she came down. Her smile however dropped as soon as she saw that it wasn’t Nick. “Rogers, what the hell are you doing here?”

Steve turned and saw her at the bottom of the stairs, he swallowed the gasp that would have escaped out of his mouth because of her beauty. He put on the facial expression that he often wore around her -indifference and anger.

“Trust me, I don’t want to be here either but there was a change.”

“What kind of change?”

“Tony,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes, sighed and crossed her arms. “Look (Y/L/N), we need to do this, for him.”

“We’ve tried everything, Rogers. I mean there’s nothing on the guy.” The guy in question was Pepper’s new paramour. Of course nothing was happening between Pepper and the new guy but that didn’t stop Tony from wanting to rip him to shreds. Tony, being Tony of course wanted intense background research on the new guy, trying to find out his deepest, darkest secrets.

“I know, but he wants us to try one more time.” Steve walked towards her, standing in front of her but not close enough to touch her if he extended his arms.

“He’s pathetic.”

This time Steve rolled his eyes. “He’s your best friend.”

She shrugged, “Gives me more reason to call him pathetic.” (Y/N) started walking to the door, Steve couldn’t help but watch as her arse sway. “Coming Rogers? Or are you too busy staring?”

Steve shook himself out of it and followed her.

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So I noticed almost half of the JTV fans online don’t seem to understand that Jane and Rafael were never supposed to be friends the first time around. It is not a mistake that the writers are trying to fix now, this is the story!! Jane and Rafael had a stereotypical story of rich boy/poor girl brought together by fate. The writers of JTV were trying to show us that romance and destiny do not create a realistic foundation for a relationship, you need more. This is why they did not work out. This is why they are giving them that base now. It’s not a mistake. If Rafael and Jane were bffs on day 1 the story would’ve ended there. She would’ve never returned to Michael. 

Poor Little Rich Girl-Part 2

This is an A/B/O AU

Your father Lucifer, is the Alpha of your pack and he rules your town with an iron fist.  He is forcing you to marry the son and heir of a rival pack.  It is 3 weeks before your wedding when you find out Sam Winchester is back.   Sam was your first love at 17, and when your father found out, he forced his family to leave town.  You haven’t spoken to him since.  What will happen when you see him again?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Winchester, Beta! Dean Winchester, Omega!Castiel Novak, Omega! Mary Winchester, Reader, Alpha! (Nick) Lucifer, Beta! Michael, Beta! Gabriel, Beta! Stephanie (OC), Alpha Eric (OC) Chuck (mentioned)

Master List

Introduction (all parts are linked)

Things had started off innocently enough. After I’d done poorly on my second test in a row, my Calculus teacher Mr. Reynolds had recommended a tutor. I was desperate to try anything that might get my grade up. My father would kill me if I failed this class.

“I think I have the perfect person for you, Y/N.  He is a former student of mine and one of the best I ever taught. He has tutored for me before.  His name is Sam Winchester.   Here is his number.”

Sam and I made plans to meet at the library after school.  When I arrived and saw him, I knew I was in trouble. As soon as I smelled him I could tell he was Alpha, major Alpha.  Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.  But Sam was a perfect gentleman keeping our time together focused on calculus and nothing else.

One afternoon our lesson ran late and the library was about to close.  I had lost my car for the week due to my “backtalk” so I had been walking to our lessons.  It was raining when we left, and I was dreading walking home in the downpour.

“Let me give you a ride.” Sam offered. I accepted just so I could spend more time with him.  We chatted during the ride. He asked how I’d lost my driving privileges, and I simply said it wasn’t always easy being the Alpha’s daughter.

When we arrived at my house, Sam pulled into the long, circular driveway and whistled in appreciation. “Pretty fancy digs you got there, Y/N.”

I looked at him sadly before getting out of the car.  “It doesn’t matter how nice it is, Sam.  A prison is still a prison.”  He waited until he was sure I was in the house before leaving.

As I set out for my morning run, I kept replaying Sam’s words in my head. I would be lying if I said I didn’t dream that night about Sam doing more than just kissing me.  But I wasn’t a naive seventeen-year-old Omega in the throes of her first crush anymore.

I had heard NOTHING from Sam for over 10 years, and then three weeks before my wedding he shows up and tells me I should be with him.  I knew what my father was capable of.  Getting run out of town was the least of Sam’s worries.  Nobody messed with the Alpha’s daughter.

When I leaned down at the water fountain to get a drink, I jumped when my earbuds were suddenly pulled from my ears.  “Don’t stop on my account. I’m enjoying the view tremendously.”

I whirled around to find Sam running in place behind me, t-shirt sticky with sweat, barely breathing heavy.  I was suddenly conscious of my tank top and running shorts.

“Are you stalking me now? I hear nothing from you for ten years now every time I turn around I’m tripping over you!  What is your game, Sam?“

I was trying hard to maintain my righteous indignation, but he smelled so good. “If you want me so much, why didn’t I hear from you before now?”

“Wait…” He began, holding up a finger.

“No, YOU wait! I had no idea where your family had moved to. I tried to find you, but my father told me in no uncertain terms to stop looking.” I stared at him, arms crossed, waiting for an answer.

“You have every right to ask.”  He began.  “After your Dad made sure mine lost his job at the garage, and we were “encouraged” by the Alpha to move, my Dad was so bitter he refused to even talk about this place.  I went to college and law school so I could make something of myself before I came back.”

He looked at me earnestly. “Ask Dean, I never forgot you.  Then my Dad got sick.  He died last year.  As soon as I could I started applying for jobs here.”

“Run with me?” I said to Sam. We jogged off together down the path that cut through the park.  When I was sure that no one could see us, I stopped and turned to him.  “The pack meeting is tonight.  Just promise me if you get an invite from the Alpha to attend, you decline.  Do not join.  Eric is going to be there tonight.”

If was not a requirement to join the pack.  Not everyone did. I likened the Alpha to the Godfather.  If you joined the pack, you enjoyed certain privileges: The protection of the Alpha, the benefit of shared resources, the assistance of fellow pack members if needed.  But these privileges came at a price.  The Alpha’s word was law.

Those who broke the rules were punished swiftly.  Over the years, there had been several who had stepped up to challenge my father, but his strength was legendary.  No one had unseated him as Alpha, though some had tried.  With Uncle Michael as his “Consigliere”, my father ruled through intimidation and fear.

This is the environment I was raised in.  I was expected to tow the line and do what my father commanded of me until I was mated, then I would do what my Alpha commanded of me.  My father had a very old-fashioned view of Omegas.  They were to be seen and not heard.  Eric’s mother barely said two words ever without looking to her Alpha for permission. I was NEVER going to be like her.

“It has already come, Y/N.  And Dean and I have both accepted.  I will be there.  I want to meet this Alpha your father has sold you off to.”  Sam told me.

“I was suddenly furious. “Haven’t you heard a word I’ve said? The last thing you want is my Dad poking his nose into your business.  You only want to meet Eric so you can size up the competition.”

Sam reached out, his huge hands grabbing my upper arms and pushing my back against a tree. He pressed his body against mine, showing his Alpha dominance.  He ran his lips down the column of my neck, tongue licking the sweat off.  When he dragged his teeth over the spot where my neck and shoulder met, I whimpered and clawed at his back, trying to get him closer.

“What would your Daddy say if he knew I had you here, panting and moaning underneath me? Does Eric make you hot like this? Does he?  I could take you right now, and you would let me, wouldn’t you?”

His words pierced through my endorphin-fueled haze like a dart.  Yes, I probably would have let him take me right here, but I would die before I’d admit it now. 

“You bastard,” I whispered.  I pushed hard against Sam’s chest to make him let me go.  It was like trying to move a brick wall.  I was mortified that I had lost control like that.

“I am your Alpha, Y/N.  The sooner you realize that the easier this will be. I don’t care what your father says.  I mean to see this through to the end. Your mine, and I don’t share.  I’ll see you tonight.  I can’t wait to meet Eric.” 

Sam kissed me hard, so hard I saw stars.  Then he let me go and jogged off down the path while I fought to collect myself.  I wondered what I would have to do to get out of the pack meeting.  My Dad would accept nothing short of my actual death, and even then he would probably demand to see the body.

My life had been a whole lot simplier before Sam Winchester came back to town.

Part 3

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A Girl Like Me... [Jack Maynard]

I’ve been feeling inspired lately and have been watching a lot of Jack Maynard on youtube, and I mixed Jack with a dream that I had recently. Don’t judge, my dreams are where all of my ideas and inspiration comes from. It’s about the classic good, rich girl and the slightly poor boy falling in love. Please let me know what you think and if I should do another part.

Requested: No.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 1,367

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I wonder why male writer are so obsessed with the rich girl/poor boy trope! (Diamonds on The Soles of Her Shoes, Uptown Girl, Rich Girl, etc). Maybe because it’s the only situation where they can imagine their female partner having privilege over them. 


I think of this song every time I see someone wearing Louboutins with their shiny red soles. The meaning of the song is fairly obvious from its opening line, of course- “she’s a rich girl, she don’t try to hide it/diamonds on the soles of her shoes”. While the larger theme of the song is about love across class boundaries, I think the line says a lot about conspicuous wealth and the lengths the middle and upper class go to disavow their privilege: wearing their wealth against the dirty ground. Perhaps the rich girl in the song is deliberately doing this to show her poor boyfriend how little she cares about the social divide between them.

As a poor girl, I can never really relate to the rich girl/poor boy trope! However, I can appreciate great songwriting and a clever turn of phrase which is exactly what Paul Simon has done here.

Raven Locks & Cherry Pop

Chapter Two - When The Rich Girl-Poor Boy Cliché Actually Happens

Jughead wakes to a face full of red hair. Strands tickle his nose so that it twitches occasionally, clumps lay between his slightly parted, chapped lips, floating into the air every time he takes a breath. The long fingers of his right are curled around the milky skin of a warm curved hip, while the fingers of his left are as numb as his entire left arm, pinned down to the bed by the small body of one Cheryl Blossom.

The Cheryl Blossom who’s head is lying on the space where his heart resides and who’s hair unsurprisingly smells like cherries. Cheryl who’s own right hand is curled around the side of his neck, thumb lying on his pulse point, crimson nails scratching slightly against the delicate skin of his throat. He can’t tell, he thinks amusedly, what part of the crimson on her nails is from nail polish, and which part in from the blood she drew from his back and ribs during the course of the night. He also can’t decide between which Cheryl his prefers, the bitchy Queen Bee of his high school life, the dominating presence in bed as the other half of the admittedly phenomenal sex that happened last night, or the Cheryl who is currently asleep in his arms, face so innocent in slumber she could almost pass for a normal human being and no the Devil incarnate herself.

He decides it’s the Cheryl he sees now, knowing it’s the most honest he’s especially seen her, day old, messy make up, hair disheveled, lips bit and raw, neck and collar dotted with love bites, the curve between her throat and shoulder sporting a bruising bite mark, raised red lines dotted along her hips and outer thigh, scratch marks from his blunt nails, but the deciding factor s she’s not talking. When could someone be the most honest apart from when their not talking.

A small grin spreads across his lips when she lets out a soft snore, before the sound reverberates around his skull, making the slight hangover he has known with a soft pounding against his brain. His eyebrows furrow at the small jolt of pain, the pins and needles in his arms tingling, resigning himself to being stuck beneath a sleeping Cheryl, he closes his eyes and allows her soft breaths against his chest to lull him back to sleep.

She awakes to strands of her own fiery locks dancing against her cheek, moved by the soft breaths Jughead puffs out making the strand that lay across his face drift. She smiles slightly as she pushes up on her elbow, pulling her right hand from his neck, enjoying his unconscious shiver as she drags her red nails lightly against his chest.  Her lips feel raw and chapped when she breathes and the familiar feel of a headache and dry throat, symptoms of a hangover make themselves known when her eyes drift to take a silent inventory of her body.

Raised, red scratch marks from Jughead’s blunt nails curve around her hips and her outer thigh, she can feel the tell tell throb of a bruise forming around the bite mark he gave her between her throat and shoulder and she’s pretty sure the surrounding areas of her neck and collar are littered with darkening love bites. A grin forms on her face when she considers going to school the next day, a Monday, bruises on show, strutting up to tell Betty Cooper what exactly she’d done with her ex-boyfriend Saturday night. The grin spreads wider when she takes inventory of the boy lying next to her.

Hatless raven locks curled and messy, locks falling against his forehead, lips as red and raw as hers feel. The blood red lipstick she had worn last night, staining his throat and chest, circles of it forming around his own love bites. Scratches like a cats, thin and scabbed cur around his ribs, she’s fairly certain she’s done the same to his back as well. No, she decides, she’ll cover her marks with make up and file these images away for herself, she doesn’t want anyone else to know, this is hers.

Cheryl takes one last look at Jughead’s face, locking it away in aforementioned file, before rising off of the bed, away from the body heat too gather her clothes. She dresses silently before tip-toeing towards the door of the trailer their in and glancing behind her one last time as she lets herself out of the door and steps into the daylight.



Chapter One:

If you’re white, that’s fine, if you’re black that’s fine, if you’re LGBT, that’s fine, if you’re straight, cis, boy, girl, trans, thin, fat, tall, smart, rich, poor, that’s all fucking fine

Put any one of those on a pedestal, and say they can do no wrong is not fine

Putting any one of those down, and saying that they’re less is also not fine

motorpsycho--nightmare  asked:

you got me thinking about the rich girl/poor boy trope in songs and I really agree that its kind of a way for a guy to make a girl seem unattainable yet valuable......but it got me to think if there are rich/poor love songs written from the point of view of the rich person? i feel like you'd have to write it really carefully or else it would come across as 'woe as me being rich is sad' but idk

I think maybe Leader of the Pack kinda fits this? It’s not stated explicitly in the song but from the lyrics “he came from the wrong side of town” it’s kind of implied that the boy is poor and from a rough neighbourhood. That and the girl is probably from a nice middle class family. So I guess that song works because the conflict isn’t that they’re so different, but that her parents don’t want them together.

anonymous asked:

How about Oumami reincarnation AU? Amami has been dreaming about this purple haired boy lately and tried to find him :D

I have a weakness for reincarnation AU stuff, ugggghhhhhh >.>;;; I remember reading this beautiful one, ahhh…. <33

Hehe, anywho, have some fun with some Oumami throughout the centuries ^u^

The One With the Purple Eyes

The first time Amami sees them, it was in a dream, decades, no, maybe centuries prior before their first meeting in their current lifetime. Amami saw him, no, he was a her in this incarnation, sitting by the beach, her long, dark hair bobbing in the wind and their purple eyes reflecting the sun’s shining beams. Amami, a sailor in this life, found himself enraptured by her beauty, and before he knew it, he was by her side, shyly commenting on how peaceful the sea was. He remembers their laugh, loud, carried by the wind across town. It was a bit obnoxious, but, Amami loved that about her. He found himself talk to her every day, drinking sweet ale and exchanging stories. Their time was cut short however, when Amami’s crew had decided to leave the port town. She has made him promise to see her again, and Amami pressed a gentle kiss on her lips, nodding and whispering into her ear that not even death would keep him from her. She waved bye to him, her cheeks flushed, trying not to cry, watching as Amami’s ship left to sail the ocean.

Amami kept his promise though, that even death wouldn’t keep them apart. Even as his ship splintered around him, the lightning illuminating terrified faces and rain hailing down hard, Amami felt no fear. He knew how this would go. So he closed his eyes.

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alright ok alright. i’ve got my trash prince lucas brody (fc: nat wolff) who is basically the epitome of douchebaggery. just an absolute fuckboy who thinks he’s a king when he’s really just this scrawny irrelevant lil shit. has zero ambition and is destined to be a waste of space for the rest of his pathetic life lmao. esentially a goblin who may or may not develop a soul at some point idk.

also i am romo trash so i want to request a girl for a fake dating rich girl/poor boy thing where she pays him to pretend to be her boyfriend to piss off her parents. which is super dope bc lucas is poor af and could definitely use some handouts. even if it means dealing with some pretentious ass rich bitch. eventually things get a little messy and feelings might develop and it could be nice and fun!!

I've noticed that the Teen Wolf Fandom has an infatuation with clichés

The first being Scallison. I know this has a huge following, but it is rather cliché. Werewolf likes girl who’s father is a werewolf hunter. Like the other cliché: a poor boy and rich girl. Liking the unobtainable. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy can’t have girl. It’s an extension of the boy and girl like each other but girl can’t have boy because girl has boyfriend.

The second being Stydia. This cliché is disgustingly unoriginal. Nerdy boy. Popular girl. Popular girl has jock boyfriend. Nerdy boy and popular girl become friends. Nerdy boy and popular girl find love. It’s just so boring, bland, and unoriginal.

These two Fandoms enjoy slamming three other opposing Fandoms: Scira, Stalia, and Marrish. But do you want to know what these three Fandoms have over the two posted above? They’re not cliché. They’re their own original.

wlknginspace replied to your post: I wonder why male writer are so obsessed with the…

Isn’t “Rich Girl” essentially about privileged girls? You’re a rich girl, and you’ve gone too far ‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway You can rely on the old man’s money You can rely on the old man’s money It’s a bitch girl but it’s gone too far ‘Cause you know it don’t matter anyway Say money but it won’t get you too far, Get you too far

I think “Rich Girl” could be considered the break-up version of all those rich girl/poor boy love songs!

anonymous asked:

I don't like smut but I do love reading romantic Inu/Kag stories with good plot and a sex scene or few. Do you know any? No high school/rock and roll / bad inu in gangs / lawyer/ business man /rich boy poor girl stories etc. just loosely or directly following the manga or show. (I know, hard one lol ) I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Originally posted by inuyashaism

OOOh InuKag in canon w/ plot?!?! Talk about my WEAKNESS!!!! 

Noooowwwww do you have a moment to talk about TouchofPixieDust?? To me she is the true God. Please tell me you have read her everything. 

Kagome’s Baby is so freaking adorable! I can’t get over the emotion and the way everything develops. I reread this for the mushy feelings of Inuyasha and Kagome thinking about being parents. So much fluff. aslfhs. And!!!! It’s has a sequel Inuyasha’s Baby which is so fabulous I can’t stop fangirling over. 

Now Hopes and Dreams is a very interesting fic!!! I love the warm feelings. And to be honest I can’t get over how Inuyasha reacts to Kagome cutting herself with his claws. OR EVEN HOW HE FEELS ABOUT HER BLOOD ON HIS SWORD. Right. Right in the heart my feelings can’t. Take it. Ooo. It doesn’t feel canon at first but it is!! 

Then of coarse I HAVE to recommend Creative Writing.This woman is so talented. I am in love with how creative she is with all these prompts and how  Inuyasha reacts to Kagome’s writing. This fic blows my mind with the shear talent that it holds. 

To Play Games is another good one. I just LOVE the idea of Kagome bringing games to the past. Wanting her friends to laugh and have fun. And the InuKag here is off the charts sweet. 

Okay on to other writers XD I won’t spoil anything anymore XD 

Not My Fairy Tale by Nicole-Cherre Okay I love how Kagome and Shippo interact in this fic so much!! And the InuKag fluff is almost too much my heart drowns. Please read this if you haven’t!!!

The World Through His Eyes by The Purple Ghost Is so wonderful!! I love how they grow and I love this fic so MUUCH!! 

A Wish From the Heart by The Spider is so amazing to me. Seriously. Anon. If you haven’t please give it a try!

Golden Passion’s Sweet Dream Embrace by Ikustioa If Inuyasha was rewritten as a crappy romance novel. Humor. Oneshot. Die laughing. 

Bloodborne Duties by Wolf Blossom I cry because it’s not finished but THIS IS SO BEAUTIFULLLL!!!! Rated M

Sloppy Seconds by Cutie Pie Hentai is REALLY M rated and incomplete ;^; it gives me so many feelings. 

Swept Away by Emeraldfire8 is so well written IMO and lots of WAFFs!!! but also incomplete. 

The Legend of the Hanyou by sari15 I’ll let the summary let you decide:

After the journey,Kagome is stranded in the present time with a sealed well. Her time in the past is legend today. Given a book 500 yrs old, What didn’t she know when she left that is so important today?

Time for a Change by SvF-BD02-Wedge written in 2003 but it’s complete and it gets better as it goes!! Seriously I love this so much. Oh man. 

Kidnapping Kagome by Darksknight Is sooooo much fun!! This is seriously a great ride omg!!!!

In Order to Break Me by EverythingIsMagic is kinda bittersweet but the ending is so good!!!!

Okay I’ve been doing this for too long. It’s 12:00am I got to stop making these lists so long xD who is going to read all this anyway? Of coarse there is so much more I didn’t add but anon I wanted to try to recommend something you hopefully haven’t read yet. I hope something here calls out to you!! 

Monsta X in a Kdrama

Shownu: the old person who shows up randomly and starts giving v wise advice ya know what I’m talking about right

Minhyuk: proabably the main female lead that’s super clumsy, poor and has to pick between 2 guys

Wonho: male lead number 1. bad boy and has a ton of girls falling for him but ofc, like any kdrama, he falls in for the clumsy poor girl

Hyungwon: rich boy. male lead number 2 most likely to end up w/ main female lead

Jooheon: main female leads friend that unintentionally gives bad advice

I.M.: making fun of them for falling in love and giving v bad advice

Kihyun: probably the ex of a male lead and is super jealous of main female lead


Celebrating #simbanggabi in the Philippines with @willjr42

For more photos of this holiday tradition, explore #simbanggabi. To see more of Wilfredo’s photos, follow @willjr42 on Instagram.

For nine days leading up to Christmas Eve, many Filipino churchgoers head to Mass at dawn for Simbang Gabi. Despite the tradition’s pre-sunrise start time, “lots of people — girls and boys, young or old, rich or poor — flock to the church to celebrate,” student Wilfredo Lenterna Jr. (@willjr42) says.

Lanterns, lights and ornaments decorate the church interior, while outdoor vendors sell native delicacies after Mass. An active member of his church’s youth organization, Wilfredo and his friends sell food to fund programs for those less fortunate. “Celebrating Christmas is sure fun in the Philippines, especially when you put faith, family and fun together,” Wilfredo says.

EXO react to watching dramas with you

Xiumin: “I really don’t understand why you like these. It’s always the same. Poor girl meets rich boy, gets made fun of. They fall in love, the evil mother tell them no, and then there’s an accident and the girl gets amnesia.”

Luhan: “Minseok is even perfect as a clown. I should’ve known that he’d be amazing at everything. Do you think he watches my movies, too? I should text him.” Watching Falling for Challenge has him gushing over Xiumin.

Kris: “Alright, watch this next scene carefully. This is the best part! Fan BingBing is a goddess.” He’s absorbed in the drama before he remembers what he said and scrambles to fix it. “I mean, so are you, of course!”

Suho: “Jang GeunSuk has been in every drama you’ve ever made me watch. Are you trying to tell me something? I’ve been working on my abs!” Privately, he develops a hatred of the actor, grumbling whenever you talk about him.

Lay: “Wait… what are we watching? I thought this was a melodrama but now there’s an assassin and an evil organization? How long was I asleep? This is good!” He gets into the storyline, but actively roots for Assassin Vick to win.

Baekhyun: He keeps imitating the characters on the show and ruins it for you, though admittedly, he’s funnier than the actual actress. “’Boong-Boong-ah, I’m sorry!’ This is fun! We should watch more dramas together!”

Chen: “Oh… I remember this. For some reason, EXO was in a few scenes of it… We performed MAMA in the second episode. SM makes terrible dramas.” He’d sit with you, judging the drama and the bad acting.

Chanyeol: “I could’ve done a better job than HyunBin! Like he knows how to act like a girl.” He shakes his head. “I can be a girl.” He raises the pitch of his voice and starts fluttering his eyelashes at you. “Oppa, am I cute?”

D.O: Watching EXO Next Door with you, he keeps shaking his head. “God, this is awful. Whoever chose to write Yeol like that must actually be mentally unsound.” He vows to choose his acting jobs more carefully in the future.

Tao: “I just…” Sobs. “don’t understand” Sobs harder. “why they can’t be together when it’s so obvious that they’re meant to be!’ He’s just as, if not more, invested in the drama than you are, demanding a night-long marathon.

Kai: “Kyungsoo hyung is really an amazing actor. I need to tell him tomorrow how good he is in this… He’s so good, I’m actually scared he might be a serial killer.” He’d get so into the drama that he forgets you’re there, too.

Sehun: “How many times are you going to cry at this dumb drama? I’m never watching another melodrama with you again.” Between imitating your crying face and just eating popcorn, he sighs, rolling his eyes at the ceiling in pain.

- Admin J