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Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

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BMC Laser-tag

- the #squipsquad loves going to play all together because eight is the perfect number for teams

- they usually goes guys against girls just because it’s easy (and the girls are fucking beast so they don’t argue)

- michael and jeremy are pretty decent because of all their experience with first person shooters. they even come up with their own chant about life being a two player game or some shit that makes everybody barf that they yell as they run around

- rich is almost unstoppable because of his size. he can move quickly and hide behind things to take the girls by surprise

- jake absolutely SUCKS at the whole thing. he’s always a target because of his large stature and he’s constantly running into things in the dark. it upsets him because he’s usually so good at sports but is always the one with the most hits at the end

- rich always feels bad for his boyfriend and gives him lots of cuddles and kisses when the games are over

- the girls actually take the time to come up with strategies that usually win them the matches

- chloe and brooke have mastered the art of coming at the boys from two sides at once and trapping them

- jenna and christine camp out behind things, waiting for a boy to sneak by before hitting them and scurrying to another hiding place

- losers have to buy the winners milkshakes at the snack bar (it’s almost always the boys paying)

High school is hell, but we navigate it well.
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Three Player Game au


  • Rich never takes the squip because child services move him to Jenna’s house in eight grade.
  • Jake only knows him as Jenna’s dorky brother.
  • He always wears flannel and comic t-shirts and he loves anything with aliens or space.
  • Rich notices this one kid staring at him all day in freshman year and it sorta creeps him out. During bus call he walks up to him and nicely asks, “Yo tall ass wtf you looking at” and he kinda fist pumps internally cuz his lisp didn’t come out.
  • The kid points at his galaga shirt and looks him straight in the eyes.
  • “come the arcade with us. right now”
  • Turns out this Michael and Jeremy are pretty rad.
  • *few years later* “CUZ IT’S A THREE PLAYER GAME”
  • Rich still does the boyf riends cuz even he ships it.
  • When Jeremy gets the squip Michael and Rich are kinda left hanging.
  • At the party, Rich finds Michael in the bathroom and after he calms him down he punches Jeremy straight in the face.
  • “Some best friend you are, Jeremy Heere.”
  • Everyone hypes it up cuz ya know drunk children. And everyone has no idea who Rich is but they know he’s winning. Rich and Michael leave to play video games and the fire still happens but the rumor that Rich did it spreads throughout the school until Jenna shuts it down.
  • During the play Rich decks Jeremy as Michael shoves mountain dew down his throat.
  • “Michael makes an entrance! With Rich too I guess” “HEY”