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HE WON !!!

richard armitage fans.  if you can’t afford the hannibal season 3 dvd/blu-ray or if you simply aren’t interested, i urge you to find a fannibal to share the commentary with you.  it is amazing.  rich is articulate and insightful and self-deprecating and funny as hell.  it’s an “interview” format that doesn’t really exist anywhere else - bryan fuller and rich in a room chatting while watching a couple of episodes.

you can find thousands of fannibals in the “fannibal” tag.  we’re friendly and sooooooooooooo happy to share our passion.

ETA:  i have sent a missive into the fannibal universe to share all they can.  y’all will wanna check the “hannibal,” “francis dolarhyde,” and “richard armitage” tags.