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So I was rewatching The X files and I realized how much I wanted a superbat au of it. 

  • Clovis: That’s housework, isn’t it?
  • Padme: And that’s a woman’s job?!
  • Clovis: Well of course!
  • Obi-Wan: Mr. Clovis, what gender is the Queen?
  • Clovis: She’s a female.
  • Obi-Wan: Are you suggesting the Queen does the housework?
  • Clovis: No, of course not-
  • Obi-Wan: Then get busy!

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[Sugar daddy anon fyi] Ooooo please share who you want in a sugar daddy/baby relationship, I am v curious!!

okay listen i need a nurseydex sugar daddy au but dex is the daddy and nursey is the baby

like give me nursey who’s just graduated college and lbr, you can’t do much with an english degree with an emphasis on poetry?? so he’s like “damn i didn’t think this through” and he works a part-time job in the meantime because he doesn’t wanna ask his family for help

BUT he’s used to being rich right? and like his job at the bookstore pays enough to provide the essentials but my boy derek nurse wants some spending money for himself (plus the extra financial security would be good because he doesn’t exactly have an emergency fund atm) so he’s like fuck it i’ll find a sugar daddy

enter william poindexter, software engineer who started his own company at 22, and is currently one of the top ceo’s in the business (though he always insists his team is the reason he’s been so successful because he isn’t a stuck up asshole). he’s a little uptight and a lot stressed but he doesn’t have time to Actually Date and he needs someone to bring around to all these high class events he gets invited to, and dex loves nothing more than being a little shit. so since he’s already properly pissed off the rich old white men who typically dominate the business simply by being from a poor background, and young, and gay, he’s like “i’m gonna find a fake boyfriend to piss them off more”

so nursey is basically the perfect candidate, right, because he’s pansexual (which most of these bigots don’t even acknowledge as a thing), and he’s from a family of rich doctors but turned down that lifestyle to pursue what he wants, and doesn’t ask anyone for handouts, and he’s black, and also smarter than most if not all of the crusty ass investors dex has to deal with. so dex tells him the whole deal, what he’s getting into, and nursey is just like “sweet man i love pissing off rich old white dudes too. it’s chill, let’s do it”

and obviously in stereotypical sugar daddy au fashion, they fall madly in love somewhere between travelling to europe and causing a Scene in the best way everywhere they go. and then they never stop pissing off bigots for the rest of their lives amen

I guess I wrote this and never posted it?

Prompt: Kakashi finds out his wife is pregnant before the war.

Rating: T

Pairing:Kakashi x Reader because I’m garbage

The unforgiving winter of Konoha was at its peak as you walked down the blustery cobblestone road. You wrapped your scarf tighter around your neck, burying your nose beneath the wool as you held your sides. The wind blew against your already rosy cheeks, stinging your skin as you looked up to read the signs.

You walked into the convenience store a few blocks from your apartment and finally exhaled in the presence of warm air. Your lungs thanked you, and you grabbed a basket.

You looked at your list:
Eggs, bread, milk.

You gathered your belongings, making sure to look like this wasn’t the only thing you were here for. Carefully, you walked down the family planning aisle, staring at the pregnancy test as if it could just tell you the answer without having to go through the painful process of purchasing it.

You put it in the middle of your purchase as you lined them up, thinking that this process wouldn’t make the cashier think too much of the famous Kakashi of the Sharingan’s fiancé to be buying a pregnancy test. Especially at the brink of a war.

Your fingers shook as you paid for your items and bundles yourself, quickly exiting and making your way back home. Your mind raced, thinking of if it were true or perhaps your hormones were just out of wack with the impending stress load that was projected to double in the upcoming weeks.

That time of the month had come and gone without a speck of blood. You tried not to worry, but the more you put it off, the more the symptoms persisted. The unexplained weight gain, the irritability, the breast swelling - you couldn’t ignore them anymore.

“You’re home early,” Kakashi stood in the kitchen, a bowl of leftovers in his hand as he shoveled it in his mouth. His mask pooled around his neck and he smiled at you with a mouth full of salmon.

“I wasn’t feeling well,” you told him, avoiding his eyes.

“Again?” He put his bowl down on the table as you stripped off your winter wear. Chewing still, he put his fingers to your forehead and stopped you.

“You don’t seem feverish,” he pointed out. “Perhaps you should make an appointment with the doctors?”

“That’s rich, coming from the person who never sees the doctor,” you swatted his hand away. He looked at you, frowning as he swallowed his food. His eyebrows knitted together.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked, his tone changing to match yours.

“Nothing,” you stuffed the small pregnancy test in your pocket, handing him the grocery bag. “Could you put these away?”

His eyebrows rose with the sudden change in your tone. Blinking, he took the bag from your hand and watched you as you walked into the bathroom, locking the door.

* * * * * * * *
You couldn’t breathe. It felt like your chest may cave in as you stared down at the little piece of plastic.


It was the third pregnancy test you had taken this week. You had gone to different stores within Konoha just to purchase them without causing rumors to spread. All of them had been positive.

You could feel your hands tingling as you stood up, thinking of how you would tell Kakashi. With the political heat escalating and the missions becoming more dangerous, he has been stressed enough trying to protect he village. Now he would have something else to protect. If Konoha were to go to war, he surely would be distracted with a pregnant fiancé at home.

This was not supposed to happen, you thought. This was the last thing that was supposed to happen and you wondered how you had been so careless. Perhaps you had missed a day on your pill. Or perhaps it has been when you were sick a few months ago and your pill hadn’t worked. Your mind raced, trying to figure out this puzzle.

* * * * * *
It had been a week since you found out. You contemplated how you would tell him, thinking of different scenarios as the days passed. You continued to push it off, afraid of how he would react.

“Kakashi?” You stood in the doorway of your bedroom, watching him as he wrapped his ankles with bandages for the day.

He didn’t look up, and you observed him from afar, his hair still askew from sleep.


“Can I talk to you?” You asked hesitantly. Finally, he looked up, his eyes tired as he stopped his preparations.

“Is something wrong?” He asked.

“Not exactly,” you looked away. You felt yourself begin to shake, your nerves enveloping you.

What if he was mad? What if he didn’t want the baby? What if he said you couldn’t afford to keep it? What if he had too many responsibilities? What if it stressed him out?

He watched you for a moment before looking down, cutting the tape of his bandage off and placing it to the bed.

Kakashi stood up, walking over to you. You were much shorter than him, and he had to dip is head to try and meet the eyes that you kept avoiding. You turned your head, wrapping your arms around your waist.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked again, this time his voice was more stern.

You felt your chin quiver and you bit your lip, inhaling a shaky breath. Emotions bubbled up in your chest and you felt Kakashi take your shoulders.

“Tell me what’s wrong,” he told you, sounding more concerned.

“I can’t,” you managed, tears spilling out.

“Why not?”

“I’m afraid.”

Kakashi let go of you, and took a step back. You looked up, seeing the look in his eyes that seemed like he was afraid.

“Did something happen?” He managed. “Did- I mean - are you - is there someone else?”

You quickly shook your head, “no, not at all. It’s not that.”

His eyebrows came to a point, “than what is it?”

A tear streamed down your cheek, and you quickly wiped it away.

“Please don’t be mad,” you told him.

Kakashi took a step back, taking your shoulders again.

“What is it?” He asked, his voice frustrated.

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” you reacted, pulling away. Anxiety was taking over you.

“[y/n]!” His voice was stern, “I can’t help you if you won’t tell me what’s wrong.”

“I’m pregnant!” You finally exclaimed, beginning to cry now. “I’m pregnant, okay? I’m sorry! I’ve been hiding it from you and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I’m sorry, I know you have so much to do and the war and -”

“[y/n],” he breathed, taking a step closer to you. He touched your shoulder and you looked up, meeting his eyes with yours.

“You mean it?” He asked, his voice shaking. “Are you sure?”

You blinked, “I took three tests. They were all positive.”

Suddenly, you were wrapped in his arms, his face being buried in the crook of your neck. He held you tight, feeling his body become stiff.


“I could never be mad,” he exhaled, his voice cracking against your skin. You reached up, holding onto him as you realized how emotional he was.

“You mean it?” You asked.

He laughed against your ear, his clothes lips tickling your skin. You couldn’t tell if he was crying, but his voice sounded as though he was holding back so many emotions.

He pulled away, looking you in the eye with a small smile.

“With this impending war- with all the turbulence in the village -” he paused, “this is the best news I’ve heard in a very long time. I have one more thing to fight for now.”

“It’s called DOCTOR WHO, not CLARA WHO or COMPANION WHO” might be the most inane, thoughtless, shallow, unimaginative, and mind-numbingly literal critique of Moffat I’ve ever encountered. As if a such a long-running, malleable show can’t thrive on different modes of storytelling and characterization.

It’s frustrating that so many Doctor Who fans are so conservative and static that they view a perceived change in the Doctor/companion dynamic as a sign of bad writing or a perversion of what Doctor Who is supposed to be.

It’s frustrating that so many Doctor Who fans are so narrow in their thinking that they believe an eponymous character can’t ever be sidelined SIMPLY BECAUSE THE SHOW BEARS HIS NAME (while simultaneously being the type of fan who cries that “his name is the Doctor, not Doctor Who!”)

It’s frustrating that so many Doctor Who fans can’t see all the rich textures of Capaldi’s Doctor and all his development because they’re so blinded by their hate for Clara.

The irony of such views being held by fans of a show like Doctor Who should be lost on no one.


J-ko 1999 is a traveling robot AI who sells medicines, miracle cures, and elixirs to those with money. He’s got a bottle of something for any need and is extremely charismatic and flashy with his sales pitch. 

While J-ko does sell his products to humans without upgrades he finds them to be rather gross. While most robots would alert authorities of unmarked humans, J-ko has this featured switched off in order to make more money.

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What the signs are doing in the future:
  • Aries: Being a rich doctor with an attitude
  • Taurus: Creating their own cookbook
  • Gemini: Pretending they know what they're doing probably as a photographer
  • Cancer: Writing their own music and selling out concerts
  • Leo: Busy being a classy business woman with a flash car
  • Virgo: Trying to steal small children to raise as their own
  • Libra: Tryna change careers while burning all their previous ones in a bonfire
  • Scorpio: Stalking guys from bushes and being a grumpy referee or hardcore sports coach
  • Sagittarius: Succeeding at everything they try and kicking life's ass
  • Capricorn: Raising 12 dogs and instructing dumb ass kids at ymca camps on high rope courses
  • Aquarius: Acting in Hollywood after their career on Shortland Street takes off
  • Pisces: Dodging boys advances and attempting to save lives but screams when they see blood

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Character's reactions to MC breaking a bone (or other injury)?

Author’s note: when I was 8 i broke both of my arms at the same time LOL


  • as soon as he sees you he is alllll over you
  • “Are you okay? What happened? Does it hurt? Ohhhh I bet it hurts-”
  • you have to put both hands on his shoulders and kiss him to make him stop
  • he does EVERYTHING for you
  • opens doors
  • makes dinner in his kiss the cook apron
  • he’s a total sweetheart you don’t even have to lift a finger


  • the first thing he asks the doctors is how long you have to live
  • you hit him and remind him that yOU ONLY BROKE AN ARM
  • even though you can walk he insist on carrying you bridal style to the bedroom you aren’t complaining tho
  • offers to give you a sponge bath ;))
  • but seriously he is so dramatic and I love it
  • oh and he gets you your favorite flowers to cheer you up


  • this poor mom is so worried omg she’s pacing
  • when you limp out of the doctor’s office with a cast she runs up and hugs you
  • after explaining that it’s only a broken foot, she calms down
  • she actually TAKES OFF OF WORK FOR YOU
  • OFF
  • OF
  • WORK


  • when you fell on your arm Jumin knew right away it was broken
  • he called his own personal rich person doctor 
  • he would help you into his limo and although you could never tell he was HELLA WORRIED
  • he went into the doctor’s with you to make SURE they took the best care of you
  • any time he saw you were in pain he would glare at the doctor
  • when you cried while the cast was put on you could swear Jumin was about to kill the nurse and you’re pretty sure he got fired after that
  • Jumin would call Jaehee and tell her to watch over Elly
  • that way he can dote on you without any distractions 


  • the awkwardest part of the whole trip was when the doctor asked how it happened
  • “Well you see sir, uh, my girlfriend and I wanted to test the theory of flight among humans and-”
  • “We jumped off chairs with balloons attached to us and I landed wrong.”
  • “I-I’ll just wait outside”
  • when you got home he made sure to make you as comfy as possible
  • when you two are watching a movie later you try to make popcorn
  • unfortunately due to your broken arm you drop the entire bowl
  • when seven comes over to help clean it up he kisses the top of your head 
  • “I guess you just can’t catch a BREAK”
  • he slept on the couch that night
Theory time

Today I’m gonna talk about Wilford Warfstache. Not just the new video, but the character in general.

Let’s start with some basics. He was caught having an affair with a girl, and he killed every witness (allegedly the baby). Then he got shot, but it’s not certain if he actually died because he came back, but this time he was different. 

Let’s talk about this video first. The police go to catch Will, and he dies (I think?), but so does one of the police men (for all I know). Why is Wilford here dancing? Probably just having a fun time, before the police found him. But where are they all? Does tat really matter either. One thing caught my eye at first, and it might actually matter:

What his this?

Why and how did this happen? Did Wilford cause this? Probably. But how? To me it seems to be a hallucination that the other guy is having. But remember this because I’ll talk more about it later on.

So in this moment Wilford says: 

“I know what you’re thinking. It’s the same thing I think everyday: Where did it all go so wrong?”

Why does Will think that every day? Is it because he got caught in the first video? Unlikely. There could be something bigger there. Something he possibly regrets? It could explain a lot, or nothing. Maybe it doesn’t even matter.

So in the next video Wilford interviews phone guy. But in this video he already is senior reporter. That would implicate that he has been doing this for a while. Or that he has previous experience in the show- or reporter industry. And by the looks of it, he has an audience that likes him. Also, did he get killed by Freddy? How is he then still here? 

So this video has a lot that I’d like to talk about. Firstly, this would seem that Mark doesn’t know who Wilford is. Maybe he learns that later on, if at all. But Mark does seem to know and even communicate with Darkiplier, as showed by their small fight, and this line from Dark:

“I’ve been waiting patiently. He promised he would let me in again!”

I think this is why Dark and Will know each other. If Mark doesn’t know that Wilford exists, then he couldn’t expect an attack from him. And that would easily benefit Dark as well, getting somebody who actually knows what he’s doing, that Mark doesn’t know of.

Now let’s talk about this. Where the heck is Wilford? He was there just a second ago, and he’ll return in another second. But Mark doesn’t seem to react to this in any way. Why is that? Now this ties back to what I talked about earlier, about the hallucination. Could Will have some powers of his own? I think yes. By this point he has (allegedly) died twice. To me it seems that way.

Why does he carry these around? For casual murder? For safety? Probably both. But he does seem to use them, so guess that he just casually wants to kill at every opportunity. You never know when somebody’s gonna stab you in the back, but best is if you can stab them back.

Now to the latest video. Firstly, for him to be able to get them all there, they would have to be in the same reality. Do they all have their own, or do they all exist in one? Looking at them all, how they appear and what they do, they could easily be all in one, but they don’t have to.

Listening to their conversation, they have talked in the past. All of them know each other. But how well? Dark calls Wilford Will, which gives the effect that they know each other well. And Dark respects Will. Probably he knows more of him and his capabilities than we do.

The guests talk about their ideas, but in a form that leads me to believe they have given these ideas to Will before the show was made. They have been planning this show for some time? 

Looking at what Dark says in this, both Wilford and he himself have been here since the beginning:

“We’re the heart and soul of this channel after all”

They have known each other for long it would seem. But how did Mark not know of Will for as long?

How long has disc of riches been going on? For at least one episode. But how many times has Wilford killed somebody in a gameshow for the editor to come yell at him:

“You can’t keep doing this”

Also, how many affairs has he had by now? Cause he seems to be having those  often. Especially since if he gets caught he kills everybody. Of course we don’t know of more than two, but looking at his behaviour I wouldn’t be surprised.

So in conclusion. I think Wilford has had bad things linked all the way to his past. There is definitely something supernatural going on with this guy. I can’t tell if he was born crazy, if it’s just an act or if it came from a tragic event or something. He does have feelings and emotions so he’s not a psychopath or a sociopath.

From what I’ve seen he doesn’t have all things going right in his brain, but he is smart. He can plan and execute plans to near perfection. He doesn’t seem to care for all the other personas, even Dark didn’t get a direct response from him.

Now, the only thing I can’t figure out, is what does he have to do with Mark? As in he doesn’t seem to care much about Mark either. He did kill Mark once, and then tried to get responses from him, but after that, there’s nothing.

Anyways, you may proceed scrolling to the tumblr abyss

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day Seven

A/N:  I was stuck for an idea for today’s fic, so @lilsherlockian1975 very kindly gave me one.  “Molly and Sherlock running into Wiggins - he’s all smug because ‘he knew it!’ (maybe because an all drugged up Sherlock spoke very highly of his pathologist and her perky little t*ts”.  I modified the prompt a tiny bit.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, there is a tiny bit of naughty language in this one.  Unbeta’d.

It’s not my best work, but I only had three hours to knock it out if I wanted to get it done today so …

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 – Day Seven (Non-Canon – Free Choice)

Shezza’s Missus

“Sherlock?  I know I’m early, but you said it was important that I come over after my shift and Doctor Rich-“  Molly came to a dead stand still in the doorway to Sherlock’s kitchen.  She took in the strange man standing in front of the hob stirring something in a pan with a wooden spoon.  Whatever was in the pan smelled absolutely lovely, some kind of mouth-watering curry.  But still …  “You’re not Sherlock.”

“Hullo, Missus.  Home early?” He brought the spoon up to his mouth, tasted the sauce, and grimaced.  His hand hovered over a row of spice jars before snatching one up and shaking a sprinkle of seasoning into the pan; then he shrugged and shook the jar twice more. “Curry powder.  I told him the sauce was too bland the way he’d done it, but Shezza insisted on following the recipe to the letter.”  The man winked at her over his shoulder.  “I won’t tell him we gave it a bit of a tweak if you don’t.”

“I … What?”  Molly had no idea what was going on.  She didn’t think she’d ever even seen Sherlock’s kitchen used to prepare food before.  Add to that oddity, the lanky man who seemed to have made himself at home and who appeared to be wearing a frilly pink pinny over his jeans and thread-bare jumper. 

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