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Enemies Turned Lovers Prompts

This was not requested, but I made another prompts list called Best Friends Turned Lovers which you can check out if you like, and I felt like compiling some of my personal favorites from the enemies turned lovers trope as well. I hope these inspire you!

  1. “It’s hard to remember we aren’t in a competition anymore.” 
  2. “Do we like…hold hands now?”
  3. “Sorry, this is just really different from our constant arguing.” 
  4. “I didn’t ever think we’d be here, like this.”
  5. Write about an angel being held captive in hell who falls in love with a demon.
  6. “I don’t fall in love with people very often, I just can’t believe it was you. Out of everyone, you just had to steal my heart. That’s very rude, you know, to steal?” 
  7. An angel sent to destroy the one prophesied to bring the world’s destruction falls in love with them instead.
  8. Person A is from a rich family, intelligent and has a sharp tongue. One day, they snuck out to the poor district, curious. They met Person B, strong and independent, who clearly hates the people of the rich district. Not knowing Person A’s real identity, they both became fast friends, running around on top of rooftops at night, stealing breads from vendors only to give them to the beggars and telling each other stories while laying side by side in the flower meadow.
  9. “I keep forgetting that we got over this ages ago.”
  10. “Isn’t it strange to think that just a while back, we were always fighting?”
  11. “I don’t even remember why were fighting.”
  12. “We still have issues to work around, but we’ll get over it.”
  13. “I’m trying to decide if this thing I did is incredibly stupid or…”“What happened? What did you do?”“Well…I fell in love with you.”
  14. “You know nothing about me.”“Oh, but I do. I know you want adventure, that’s why you’re here standing in front of me. You want to rebel like everyone else. You want mystery in your life, passion, romance… and maybe even a little danger.”
  15. “This should be against some sort of rule.”
  16. “How could this happen? They’re so…so pure. Ugh.”
  17. “They’re kind to everyone, even me. I guess that was my weakness all along.”
  18. “All I ever wanted was for someone to respect me. When they did exactly that, I knew I was doomed.” 
  19. “Please don’t say you love me.” 
  20. “You know I can’t say it, but surely you understand how I feel?”

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If you use one or more of these for a story, I would be delighted to read it! Please don’t hesitate to send your writing to me:)

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Concepts and rough ideas for a TCG webtoon I’m brewing thoughts for.  I’m still mostly doing designs right now, but working on it has become a relaxer the past few weeks. I’m drawing a lot of things I’m not used to.

The story centers around a young boy named Wataru, who is an outsider sneaking into a rich district called Infinite City, where rank and freedom are determined by a card game called Interstys.

anonymous asked:

Also on the education system, I've subbed in two districts. One rich and white. The other poor and Latino. They are super close to each other. Surely the rich kids didn't need those fancy IPADS bought for them by the district when the one a town over couldn't get kids relevant books. Its amazing, by the way, how fast history and science books become incredibly outdated.

Combine this with the fact that those textbooks, especially history and social studies textbooks, often present white washed and purposefully misleading narratives of history when it comes to issues of race and class, and you’ve got a system that almost behaves as if it’s very function is to create adults who are unquestioning of authority, who take it for granted that the only way for the world to function is as it is right now, that concepts of inequality as they relate to race, gender and class are set in stone and inalienable, and are generally distrustful and cynical and often unequipped with the knowledge of how to discern fact from propaganda. It’s almost as if this system is one that purposefully sets up a significant portion of the population for failure.

- Mod A

Gideon & Bubba

This is a story I’ve made with one of my original characters and SC Walker’s character, Bubba Johnson. I’ll link at the end for SC’s tumblr and maybe you’ll find Bubba as enticing as I did!

SC Walker’s Tumblr:

In Palimande, Louisiana, it was a blazing fall Friday. Everyone at St. Jude’s Academy for Boys was ecstatic to get out of the stuffy school and finally strip out of those hot wool uniforms. Gideon Lambeaux sat at his desk in English letting out sighs of frustration, trying to understand the basics of Hamlet’s reason for acting the way he was. As a senior, it was finally time to start slacking off, but Gideon’s parents wouldn’t hear of it. He needed completely straight A’s or else his parents wouldn’t let him out of the house this summer before he went away to college. The very thought of being forced to stay in the Lambeaux house all summer made his mind want to go numb. Sure, it wasn’t like the house was anything to sneeze at, but Gideon had friends he liked to visit and, even more importantly, guys he wanted to flirt with!

“Mister Lambeax perhaps you can tell us why?” Mrs. Peterson said, snapping Gideon out of his thoughts of cute boys and hot men he could flirt and tease.

“W-What?” he asked, dropping his pencil.

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The Clan (Minhyuk Fanfiction)

Genre: Dystopian AU, romance, adventure

Summary: A dystopian AU based off of All In. It follows certain events from the music video in addition to a minhyuk love story so we can all pretend we’re part of the story when we’re actually not cries 

Ch.1/Ch.2/Ch.3/Ch.4/Ch.5/Ch.6/Ch.7/Ch.8/Ch.9/Ch.10/Ch.11/Ch.12/Ch.13/Ch.14Epilogue/ Special Chapter!

Intermission (Wonho Fanfiction)/First Serve (Kihyun Fanfiction)/Follow Me (Changkyun Fanfiction)/ Marry Me at The Space Station (Minhyuk/Mysme Fanfiction)

Chapter One: A Prologue

     The streets outside were silent. This was considered normal in this day and age. You’d only ever heard of busy roads, bustling with people when you were younger through the stories your parents told you of their childhood. But those times were gone now.

     Sitting in your tiny bedroom, you tried to ignore the shouting coming from the living room. They were at it again. Your uncle and older brother, Hyungwon, were always like this. None of them would ever explain to you what was going on. Their choice of words during their arguments didn’t help you comprehend either. However, violence was your uncle’s main and only mechanism in solving their fallouts, and Hyungwon would always suffer a blue bruise on his eye or a deep cut on his lips in the end.

     In those moments that you were curled up in your warm bed, blocking out the world, you allowed your thoughts to drift away to a sad place. If your parents were still alive, would this be happening? Would you have lived a happier life? Why did they have to go out on that damn night?

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The Gallavich family facing homophobia

Ian and Mickey had been married for 9, almost 10 years. Yevgeny was already 13 years old and in middle school. About five years ago they adopted a beautiful little girl from a family down the street who was ready to send her to foster care. The family named her Abigail, but Ian and Mickey called her Abbi. Now 8 years old, Ian and Mickey were ironically just discussing how seamlessly she had integrated into their family when she came bursting through the door and ran to her room slamming the door behind her. Ian looked to Mickey who was staring after her, confused.

“What the fuck was that about?” Mickey wondered. Abigail was usually a level headed child and was anything but a drama queen. This display was beyond out of character and appalling to both of her fathers.

“Should we—Should we go and ask her what’s wrong?” Ian stammered. They knew this day would come when the men would have trouble delving into the feminine mind of their daughter, but they had hardly considered the enigma of the female brain would confound them when she was as young as 8 years old!

“Don’t ask me, I only have one sister and I never knew what the fuck she wanted.” Mickey replied. They sat there another moment in silence, thinking. Yevgeny walked through the front door throwing his backpack to the floor and making his way to the kitchen when he caught Mickey’s disapproving look. Yev deflated and walked back to his backpack to hang it where Ian had installed hooks by the door just for this purpose.

“Yevgeny, what the fuck is up with your sister?” Mickey asked as Yev rummaged through the fridge.

“Umm…” He pulled his torso out of the fridge and looked at his fathers with an uncomfortable expression. “I don’t think you want to know…”

“Why? Is she okay?” Ian asked.

“Well… Yes and no.” Yev replied, ever the orator like his biological father.

“Son—” Mickey warned.

“Well, after parent-teacher night last week some kids from the bus recognized the four of us leaving the school and realized you both were our dads.”

“Yeah? Fucking and?” Mickey demanded.

“Dad, we’re dealing with rich yuppy private school rejects. They are homophobic as—”

“Consider your next word, son.” Ian warned. Yev smiled and closed the fridge door, apparently having lost his appetite.

“What do you mean homophobic? They are making fun of her because of Ian and me?” Mickey asked incredulously.

“Well—yeah. I mean, kids have been giving me a hard time about it for a long time, I just ignore it.”

“Why the fuck does it matter?” Mickey wondered out loud, thoroughly enraged.

“I don’t know Pop, it just does. We’re poor people going to a rich school district and the rich kids wanted to get into a fancy school but weren’t smart enough so they pick on whoever they can to make themselves feel better.”

“Why did you never tell us?” Ian asked Yev who shrugged.

“I just didn’t really pay attention, I guess.” Yev replied.

“Yev, come here.” Mickey demanded. Yev looked nervous. Mickey was a strict father figure though never abusive. But for some reason Yev always seemed nervous around Mickey, especially when he adopted the tone. Ian suspected that Svetlana was too forthcoming when describing Mickey’s past as well as Terry’s parenting style which she probably thought influenced Mickey. The truth though, Ian was always blown away by the nurturing side of Mickey despite his overall strict style.

“You see people picking on your sister, you need to defend her, got it? She’s not Milkovich by blood, she doesn’t have that steel defense we have.”

“I’m not there all of the time, Pop.” Yev argued gently. Mickey considered this.

“Know any people who know karate? Tae-kwon-do?” Yev nods. “Ask them if they will teach your sister and if they don’t seem to want to, ask what it’ll take.” Yev nods again and looks to Ian.

“I’d defend her if I could—” Yev starts.

“No, it’s not your fault, son.” Ian assures. “She needs to know to stand up for herself. You just keep having her back like we know you already do.” Yev nods again and exhales deeply. He looks to his biological father, looking to be excused. Mickey pats him on the shoulder and Yev sags with a grin. Ian never understood what it was about Yev that made him nervous about affection with Mickey but he always seemed happier with distant and subtle displays rather than the blatant hugs Ian tried to give him.

“I’ve got a thing—”

“Yeah, yeah.” Mickey rolled his eyes. “Go on.” Yev laughed and went to give Ian a pat on the shoulder to match the one he received from his father. Ian let him go and sat still, staring at Mickey.

“You know there’s nothing we can do, Mick. If we bring attention to it at the school—”

“I know, I know it’ll put a target on her back. Like asking for more.” Mickey rubbed his eyes and stared at the ceiling.

“Let’s at least talk to her.” Ian insisted. Mickey nodded, gathered himself, and followed Ian to Abbi’s door. Ian knocked in a rhythm Abbi had come up with when she was 6. ‘Abbi-code’ she’d called it after watching a movie with her Dad that had a reference to morse code.

“What?” Her miserable mumble echoed through the door. Ian and Mickey’s eyes met, their hearts simultaneously breaking.

“May we come in, sweetheart?” Ian called. She was silent for a moment, probably considering. They heard her sniffle, and then heard footsteps as she approached the door, opening it just a crack. Ian went ahead and pushed through slowly. Mickey would have waited for the invite, but not Ian. Ian’s concern was too high a priority.

“Tell us what’s wrong, Abbi.” Ian requested. She leaned against the foot of her bed, eyes downcast and still sniffling. Mickey leaned against her dresser, willing to wait until she answered.

“I heard Yev tell you. You already know.” She replied after a while.

“Well, we have his side, but not why you are upset.” Ian explained. She sighed and turned to face her redheaded father. One look at him though made her lips tremble again. Ian held his arms out to her and she raced into them. He wrapped her in a hug and pulled her into his lap where she continued to cry. Mickey’s fists tightened until the tips of his knuckles bleached white. He looked absolutely murderous. He and Ian made eye contact and Mickey forced himself to breathe.

“What other kids think doesn’t matter, Abbi, you know that.” Mickey said as gently as he could.

“But why do they hate you two so much when they don’t even know you?” She wailed. “They said I’m a freak and that you and Daddy are going to hell, and I’m going to go to hell because I’ll grow up gay and… I just didn’t know what to say!”

Ian hugged her tighter and let her cry. Mickey sighed and rubbed at his eyes with the tips of his fingers.

“Look, Abbi. Those people can say whatever the fuck they want about your Dad and me. It’s not going to change what we have going on here. Are you happy here?” Abbi peeked up from Ian’s chest and nodded. “You know you’re loved and looked after?” She nodded again. “Then that’s all that matters. These kids are probably just pissed about whatever is going on in their shitty lives so to make themselves feel better they pick on someone smaller and who they think is an easy target. So you know what you’ve gotta do?” She just stared at him. “You’ve gotta prove that you aren’t an easy target. Yevgeny is going to get someone at school to teach you some self-defense so if anyone tries to hurt you, all you’ve got to do is lay 'em down.”

“Don’t go starting fights,” Ian interjected, “but you can definitely finish them.” She nodded.

“But what if they say—”

“Say what? It doesn’t matter.” Mickey shrugged.

“It still hurts…” Abbi replied looking at her lap. Ian sighed.

“It can hurt, sure. But you just have to remind yourself that they don’t know you, they don’t know us so everything they are saying is coming out of hate and ignorance. You can’t fix stupid, Abbi, you can only ignore it and prove to them that their stupidity isn’t going to get you down.” Ian said. Mickey nodded and crouched in front of her.

“Don’t give them the satisfaction. You know we are happy, we love you, and that those people are just pissed off about something they don’t understand. Just… let it roll off. But like I said, if anyone tries to physically hurt you, you lay their asses down! No child of mine is going to be a fuckin’ doormat.” Mickey smiled at her, trying to get her to return the expression. Naturally, she did and she wrapped her arms around Mickey’s neck. Mickey in turn wrapped his arms around her little torso and cradled her to him. He and Ian made eye contact and smiled at each other. They hated how mean kids could be, but they had known long ago that this was a possibility and had prepared to strengthen their young ones up to face the harsh realities of an unforgiving world.

“You okay now?” Ian asked, rubbing her back. She looked down.

“It still hurts, but I know you’re right. I just can’t stand when they say mean things about you when they don’t know you.”

“It’s understandable that it hurts, you just can’t let it show to anyone else or they will walk all over you. If you are ever mad about it just wait until you’re home and we can talk about it some more, okay?” Ian  explained. She nodded. She released her grip around Mickey’s neck and gave Ian one more quick hug before settling on her bed.

“Want to come out into the living room, or do you want to be by yourself?” Mickey asked. She grinned, grabbed her backpack and settled at the dining room table.

 One of the most delightful things about their little family was how normal it was despite the circumstances. Abbi loved school and she loved working on her homework with her dads nearby to help if she had a question. Mickey was terrible at school so mostly Ian helped with schoolwork, but Mickey had developed a knack for cooking (beyond just pizza-bites and other frozen foods, mind you) and so he usually made dinner, tossing in some humor if Abbi ever got frustrated or needed a quick break. Yevgeny was usually in his room all night doing god knew what, but tonight he came out to be with his family. While Mickey cooked, Yevgeny actually shared his day with his father. Mickey was always shocked when Yev acted so attached to him because the sentiment came and went so much he could never tell how his son felt about him that day. He listened though, really listened and engaged. It was still hard for Mickey to attach to Yevgeny who was a constant reminder of that horrible day Terry walked in on him and Ian. It wasn’t fair, but there it was. He worked every day to ignore those memories and focus on the human being before him, and though it was rough he could say with certainty that he and his son had a relationship–and he was proud to say it.

Ian wished desperately they could somehow take a snapshot of this picture: Mickey cooking, Yevgeny hanging out with his father, Ian and Abbi working together on her fractions. There’d be something to show the haters: look you assholes, a loving family doing the same shit you guys do but with two men instead of only one. And look, our kids are fucking happy! Put that in your judgement pipes and smoke it! Of course that wasn’t possible, but Ian was satisfied by the mental image anyway.

That night as Ian put Abbi to bed he made her promise not to ever take a negative word from a stranger to heart and to think of this night if anyone was ever getting her down.

“The truth,” he said, “will keep you afloat when people try to drown you in negativity. Just remember who we are and what we do and remember that if they don’t know shit… then their opinion is irrelevant.”

Abbi considered this for a moment, grinned, and nodded.

“Okay, dad. I love you.” She said.

“I love you, too.” He replied and kissed her gently on the forehead. “Good night.” Mickey was standing at the door, watching the whole thing.

“I love you, daddy!” She called at Mickey. He smirked and crossed to her bed, kissing her lightly on the forehead right where Ian had.

“I love you too, kid.” She closed her eyes contentedly and snuggled under the covers, easing off into sleep.

Mickey had never dreamed he and Ian would have a life like this. But at moments like this he was so grateful they did. They both knew their kids would be subjected to more hatred, because that was the human way–to hate things they don’t understand. But the hatred would just make their kids stronger and feel more secure in the family they had. 

As the couple prepared for their own nighttime routine, Mickey and Ian both felt satisfied that despite the assholes, they were definitely living the life together they had never dared to dream.

Imagine Your Otp

Person A is from a rich family, intelligent and has a sharp tongue. One day, they snuck out to the poor district, curious. They met Person B, strong and independent, who clearly hates the people of the rich district. Not knowing Person A’s real identity, they both became fast friends, running around on top of rooftops at night, stealing breads from vendors only to give them to the beggers and telling each other stories while laying side by side in the flower meadow.


Erwin and Levi’s design for a Bioshock Infinite AU! No reason, I just love this videogame and I love these two, so here we go

For these who aren’t familiar with Bioshock Infinite, it takes place in a airborne city named Columbia in 1912. It’s a steampunk universe with the historical context of 1912.

Erwin is a wealthy military man from the rich district and Levi is a thug from the Shanty town

RobStar Week, Day 1 - Parents


Mwah ha ha.)

They stole up to the roof, breathless with laughter.

The blue sky belied the crisp bite of the afternoon wind, drifting up to them from the sea.  They sat with their legs dangling over the side, leaned into each other’s shoulders comfortably.

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anonymous asked:

If someone were to be planning a visit to LA soon, what would be some recommendations that you have on things to do? For touristy and non-touristy things alike :)




  • go to hollywood boulevard and walk around. go see how many movie stars you can find on the walk of fame. go see the chinese theater with all the handprints in the cement. take corny pictures with the cosplayers on the sidewalk. its vair fun okay pleathe. 
  • SANTA MONICA PIER. go at around sunset and walk on the pier/beach and then watch the sun go down and feel SO GlAD YOU DID. 
  • Griffith Observatory! Home of the Infamous La La Land ballroom-dance-among-the-stars scene. Also excellent view of the city. 
  • If you like hiking, hiking to see the Hollyweed Hollywood sign! It’s a nice hike in winter/early morning and the view is gorgeous! 
  • If you like shopping but do not have the budget for Beverly Hills, the Downtown Fashion/Garment district is RICH with latino culture (taco! trucks!) and super fucking cheap clothes. Bring cash and go wild my friend. 
  • The Grove/Farmer’s Market on Fairfax. My old stomping ground since childhood. They’ve got every sort of cuisine imaginable at the farmer’s market (LOVE YOURSELF AND GET SOME PIZZA FROM PATSY D’AMORES) (where celebrities are rumored to frequent!) and then the Grove next door is a pretty outdoor mall where you can listen to jazz music outdoors and watch the fountain show (also most notably home to: the american girl doll store as well as super bougey stores where people bring their dogs while they shop.)
  • If you like amusement parks/have the budget: we’ve got Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal in Studio City area. They also give studio tours there of all the backlots, super cool! Also six flags magic mountain if you love coasters. 


  • love yourself and go get some goddamn boba tea. my lifeblood. i would die for boba tea. my personal favorite flavors: almond milk tea and passionfruit green tea w/ boba. can be found pretty much anywhere in LA, but be sure you go to ones that are Legit. 
  • Sushi. ok people say they’ve had sushi because u can get it anywhere these days but sushi from california is sO MUCH BETTER JUST TRUST ME, AN LA HEAUX. suggested places: crazy rockin sushi on Formosa Ave. Super busy, but SO FUCKING CHEAP for how much sushi you can get. go during happy hour. you will not regret. 
  • Korean bbq. Another thing you can find pretty much anywhere in k-town if you yelp locally. You have not lived until you’ve had k-bbq. 
  • There are a lot of local movie theaters such as the Sundance Theater that do cheap movie nights or re-screenings of classics. LA loves movies so if you search and find what’s playing that week, it’s a nice way to relive the classics or see indie films that aren’t widely circulated in major cities (ie, non blockbuster films). 
  • few people actually enjoy this but if you’re like me aka a slut for scenic driving, driving up the coast to Malibu, Ventura, or basically any distance up the PCH is gorgeous. Breathe that sea air. pull over to zuma beach and go take beach ho pics. 18/10 promise you’ll discover a whole new love for all things california (as long as you avoid rush hour traffic  r i p ). 
  • California Science Center/Museum of Natural History! Located in exposition park across from USC (ayyyyyyyyy), you can metro there and go see dinosaurs and other cool things. There’s a pixar ehibit there rn! And it’s next to usc if you wanna go idk tour a college campus or see if Viola Davis is there filming how to get away with murder (she is. all the time. 2 blocks from campus. boi i die.)
  • If you like art museums: The Getty Center or LACMA are gorgeous. 
  • Urth Cafe. The Peak of LA Hipster Culture complete with latte foam art and ridiculously priced salads. A fun place to chill if you’re looking for downtime, multiple locations around town. 
  • Amoeba Records! In hollywood! Awesome rad ass gigANTIC RECORD STORE. Seen in lots of movies. Do it. Worth it. 
  • THE LAST BOOKSTORE in DTLA. A gigantic fuckin labyrinth of a used bookstore. Fun and cool and even if you don’t want books, it’s cool just to see it. 
  • Blue Plate Restuarant in Santa Monica. (not to be confused with blue plate oysterette). Order their mac n cheese. You will thank me. 
  • Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, famous library and beautiful scenery. A bit of a distance from LA but worth it.
  • If you like theater, go see a show! The theater community is really alive here in LA, and spread out all over the place.  
  • This might seem weird but tbh fun there are a lot of Super Fancy Salons ///where the stars go/// that do groupons for haircuts/dye jobs and you can get what is usually a $200 haircut for like $45 bucks? Which is not necessarily /la life/ but let me tell you one time i paid 20 bucks for a groupon haircut and they served me a mimosa while they cut my hair my dude it was a truly wild experience and i loved it 
  • Honestly just go to one of the areas like Larchmont Boulevard or Studio City or Beverly Hills Drive or Old Pasadena and walk around. If not to shop just to see the cool architecture and cutesy shops. Enjoy that cali sun :)
  • ALSO COOL BARS IF YOU LIKE DRINKING: Mrs. Fish (fish in the ceiling and live music? hell yes!), The Edison (a 1940s dress up JAZZ CLUB) , Clifton’s (another period bar with a slightly less strict dress code!), The Perch (ON A SKYSCRAPER ROOFTOP) & AKBAR (hollywood gay bar/tiny club. wednesday nights are lesbian nights, from what i’ve heard. super fun and chill if u wanna go somewhere to drink and be gay!)
Skinny Jeans and Coffee Beans

Title: Skinny Jeans and Coffee Beans
Pairing: SasuSaku
Summary: AU. It’s a coffee-colored Christmas.
Chapter: One
 Hopefully this is the beginning of a multi-chapter fic exploring a SasuSaku relationship through holidays. I am in love with this brainchild, even if no one else is. :B


Christmas Day is the worst day of the year. Haruno Sakura kicks at a piece of trash on the street and curses as it scuffs the white rubber of her brand new Chucks. Just another reason for her to hate this stupid holiday. As she stuffs her hands in her pockets and continues down the empty street, she mentally rehashes all of the reasons in a purely masochistic exercise.

Sakura lives in Upper Konoha, the rich district of Konohagakure. Her parents like perfect appearances and perfect parties and a perfect daughter. Sakura is definitely not the latter and hates the other two with a burning passion. She refuses to wear the hideous and restrictive clothing that young ladies of the upper echelon typically wear, opting instead for worn skinny jeans and various grunge band tops. Since it’s cold and the neighborhood is buried in snow, a hot pink hoodie and black denim jacket complete her rebellion.

As she wanders down the empty street, road salted so that it’s ice-and-snow-free, Sakura is almost grateful for the holiday. Every year in December her parents leave on a month-long cruise in the tropics, leaving her to fend for herself. Sakura is both relieved by the solitude and resentful because her parents have no interest in spending Christmas as a family.

To make it worse, her friends are all off on holiday as well. Ino and Temari are off visiting Temari’s family in Suna, Hinata and her family are at their chateau in Kumo, and that means that Tenten is also gone because she’s dating Hinata’s cousin.

So here she is alone on Christmas day, a solitary figure bracing against the chill as she approaches Upper K’s shopping district. Most of the stores are closed for the holiday, but Starstruck, Konoha’s premier coffee chain and Sakura’s favorite, remains open. The red and green flashing lights in the window are the beacon for her dragging feet, and five minutes later the bell above the door tinkles as she makes her entrance.

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The Signs in the Hunger Games
  • Aries: Dies in the Cornucopia, but at least they get to kill someone first!!
  • Taurus: Died sometime in the first five minutes
  • Gemini: Makes quick alliances, but then gets betrayed and killed about halfway through
  • Cancer: Basically just the whole Rue situation (RIP)
  • Virgo: First to die
  • Libra: Hiding in a cave until a large group of rich district people find them and stab them like 40 times.
  • Scorpio: Makes allies and then kills them in their sleep the same night
  • Sagittarius: Killed by tracker jackers
  • Capricorn: Their quick wit helps them make survive in the woods, but their fighting skills just aren't up to par
  • Aquarius: Comes in 2nd because they hid the whole time (while painted to look like a tree)
  • Pisces: The first to die tbh

also this is the very first time I ever play pokemon. verdict is in: i suck at gym battles.

also I live in financial district area, so it is funny to see working men (and women, like me) walking around in front of a statue or something… all looking at their phone… catching pokeymans.

Just let me catch ‘em all 

rockmecrocs  asked:

They were all 4 days into the game, and over half of them had died. Charles, from district one, had killed about 3. He was teamed with a few others from rich districts, but they all died off, leaving him alone. Everyone was against him, since he was from district one. It was late at night when he was scavenging for food, and spotted a small fire burning with the silhouette of a very strong looking man. He decided to back away, but he stepped on a branch, making a very loud cracking noise. Shit.

Benedict immediately turned at the sound of the branch cracking and grabbing his bow, notching an arrow and pointing it at the silhouette of whoever had snapped the branch. He was from district 11. It wasn’t as bad as district 12, but it was sure as hell close. He’d killed at least four or five people. He didn’t intend to die now. “Show yourself! Step into the light where I can see you!” His voice was firm but not loud enough to draw the attention of the other tributes.

anonymous asked:

I hope this won't break my heart, but I would love to see what you come up with for #29. “I thought you were dead.”

I hope you enjoy! I’ve always wanted to use this trope in the THG fandom since I’ve seen it so much in the HP one!

I kind of read over it once and so did Hubbs, but excuse any typos and other uglies.

Summary:  A mandatory law brought them together. Four years later, Peeta Mellark comes to District 12 to the daughter he’s never known and the wife he barely met. An In-Panem AU with the marriage law twist.


We were never meant to marry.

This all began for her.

The rebellion had taken many away—too many. The once abundant Panem was dry of its citizens, many killed by Peacekeepers or bombings. The Capitol had the most casualties during the invasion of Snow’s Mansion—now non-existent because of the fire started by district rebels. The citizens had fled to the mansion for help and to their detriment. The fire bomb had taken out everyone and currently there is only 25% left of the Capitol elite.

So here we were, a crumbling nation, with the newly-appointed President Paylor trying to clean up a mess that she didn’t start. It was then that advisor Plutarch Heavensbee suggested something completely ridiculous and, unbelievably, Paylor endorsed it.

Mandatory marriages for those 16 and older. Marriages that would bring new life and citizens to the famine districts.

I had just turned 16 the year that the marriages took place.

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