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BMC Jeremy is Missing AU: Passing By

Four Months Later:

Michael watched from the back of the funeral home as people came through the door. They never found Jeremy, just a crushed phone and some of his blood on the ground. They were burying an empty casket but to Michael it still felt like Jeremy was in it.

“Hey.” Michael looked up to see Rich sitting down next to him.

“Hi…” Rich’s lisp was more apparent now. Michael didn’t know why but a few weeks ago he woke up to Rich calling him begging for Mountain Dew Red. Michael found himself driving all the way over to some Halloween party to give Rich the drink. Since then they had been on…speaking terms. Or Rich would talk to him and Michael would listen. His voice sounded different with the lisp.

“How are you doing?”

“How do you think?”

“Pretty shitty huh?”

“It sounds like you said thitty.”

“Shut up.” Michael didn’t comment on how that sounded instead going back to looking near the front of the room where Mr.Heere was sitting.

“…is anyone else coming?”

“Christine, Jake, Brooke said she might. Jenna couldn’t come. Chloe won’t.” Michael nodded his head, he wasn’t surprised. Michael was actually kind of happy to not be alone right now. Even if it was Rich.


Eight Months Later:

Michael stared in the mirror looking up and down his arms with a wince. He was glad it was cold out today so he’d have an excuse to wear long sleeves. Going over to his closet he looked through the jackets when he stopped at a familiar blue sweater. Shrugging it on he grabbed his backpack and walked downstairs to see his mom already making eggs.

“About time you got up, you don’t need to be late on your first day of Senior year.” She turned around to see her son almost stopping when she saw the sweater. “Michael…”

“Sorry Mom leaving early, I’ll grab a poptart from the vending machine,” he kissed her on the cheek before running out the door to the bus stop. He was still waiting for a call about when his PT Cruiser would be ready to drive again but from what he had been told it would probably be another few weeks before it was fixed. He could deal with a bus ride, it’s not like anyone would sit next to him. Everyone felt to awkward talking to him afraid to bring up certain subjects. He didn’t mind, he liked being alone.

The bus pulled in allowing Michael to get on, sitting near the back away from the other students. Pulling his headphones on Michael put a Huey Lewis and the News cassette in to block out the noise. Senior Year…great.


“Bye mom!”

“Bye Chris! I’ll pick you up from school!” Christine ran out the door to the bus stop catching it just in time. Heading up the steps she took a seat near the front when her phone vibrated with a text from Jenna.

-u excited for school?


-not surprised, but at least we have an official drama class now. And u r the assistant teacher!


Christine still lived for drama practice but everytime she went into the auditorium her chest began to hurt. She couldn’t forget about what happened last year and it physically hurt to go near the stage. Chloe liked to pretend the whole thing never happened and refused to acknowledge anything about it. Brooke did the same leaving only Jenna to talk to Christine about Jeremy. It was kind of funny, Christine thought, I got the friend that I wanted…

hey Jenna-


Can we talk?-

-about what?

U kno what-


-yeah, I’m here for you

thanx, we can meet at my locker-


Christine tucked her phone on her purse as the bus came to a stop. The pit in her stomach was not helping her anxiety for the upcoming Senior year.


Michael tapped his pencil on his desk as he waited for the bell too ring for lunch. Mrs.Sawyer’s lecture on Hamlet seemed to never end as the teen tried to focus. His eyes darted around the room from the clock, to the window to the other students in his class. That’s when his eyes met Christine’s as he caught her staring at the blue sweater he was wearing. Quickly looking away he felt her stare continue before also turning her head.

Jeremy’s dad had given it to him a little bit after the funeral and Michael couldn’t say no. Everybody would stare when he wore it but he didn’t care, it was only one part of Jeremy he had left. That’s when the bell rang prompting everyone to leave, Michael grabbing his bag and rushing out the door. The one good thing about Senior year? Off campus lunch. Which meant 7/11 slushies and sushi for lunch.

Putting his headphones on Michael blasted his music as he rushed out the door. ‘Finally, Jesus if I had to sit there for one more minute I would have died. Now for food.’ Walking out of the school Michael was walking down the sidewalk when he stopped. Looking across the street he saw a familiar face. Ignoring traffic Michael ran across the road jumping on the sidewalk excitedly.

“Jeremy!” He went to hug his friend but was surprised when his arms went straight through the figure. “What?”


Expensive Headphones AU: Sleepover

“-and then the milk came out of his nose and it got everywhere!”
“Aw dude that sounds disgusting!” Rich said laughing with Michael until they came to a stop.
“This is my place, see you tomorrow?”
“Well, uh, I was wondering if maybe I could spend the night?”
“My dad, the SQUIP helped with things at home but now that it’s gone I don’t think I can go back. At least not right now.” Rich shuffled his feet avoiding eye contact with the other boy. Looking at his driveway Michael saw that neither of his parents cars were there.
“Yeah, sure but in the morning you’re going to have to go out the window or my mom will kill both of us.”
“She sounds pleasant.”
“The last time I had a guy in my room that wasn’t Jeremy we were about to play bedroom rodeo.”
“She walked in on us getting ready for sex.”
“Oh, why didn’t you just say that?” Heading towards the door Michael unlocked it as Rich entered. The house was two stories and nicely furnished. It felt a lot more homey than his sparsely decorated trailer. “Nice place.”
“It’s alright, Jeremy’s is…” Michael trailed off realizing what he was about to say. Rich didn’t add anything as Michael went up the stairs with him following close behind. His room was almost exactly what Rich expected. Wall to wall videogame and movie posters, a TV with two controllers surrounded by scattered cases and VHS tapes.
‘Who uses VHS tapes anymore?’
“Wow it’s like stepping straight into the 90’s. Is that a record player?” Rich said noticing the the thing on the ground next to Michael’s bed.
“Yes and?”
“You’re such a freaking hipster.”
“Hey, I liked this stuff before hipsters were cool.”
“That is something only a hipster would say. So where do you want me to sleep?”
“You can take the bed, I usually sleep in my beanbag chair anyway,” Michael said this as he wedged himself in the chair while Rich awkwardly crawled into the bed. “Night dude…” Like that he passed out on the chair as Rich tried to situate himself on the mattress before turning to look at his host.
‘He’s kind of cute, in a dorky way…wait. He’s a guy, guys aren’t cute. I like chicks.’ Michael sneezed in his sleep and Rich could’ve sworn it sounded like a kitten. 'Maybe I can like both. Holy shit I’m Bi. That’s like twice the people to love.’

first dance - rich dads au

They got married quietly. No wedding, no special ceremony in the state house. Just a quick kiss as they received their certificate. They didn’t even bother to put their wedding bands on one another until they got back to the car, their kiss longer now, tender enough, and Ashley looked away when he felt his eyes start to sting. Sam teased him with the same glassy eyes.

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For my darlin I love you,
And I always will.

So the lovely @space-girlfriends came with this rich!hux and delinquent!kylo au. Basically Hux is a nerd from a very rich uptight family whom for some unknown reason has the young delinquent Kylo Ren infatuated. Thinking Kylo is just trying to use him he is hesitant at first but slowly finds himself falling in love with him.

BMC Jeremy is Missing AU: Seeing You

“Why are we here?” Chloe looked up from her phone at the others as they stood in the big stall in the men’s room. “I was in the middle of ditching Bio. And did it have to be in the men’s room? It smells awful. Like somebody peed on the floor.”

“That’s because somebody probably did pee on the floor.” Rich added looking around at the group. They hadn’t really been in the same room all together with Michael since the funeral and even then Chloe want there. Jake was leaning against the wall playing a game on his phone when he laughed.

“Man I haven’t been in one of these since last year when me and Jackson Peterson were trying to-”

“I don’t want to hear about your sexcapades Jake.”

“No one asked you to listen Chloe. But why are we here? I mean I’m more than happy to ditch English but I’d rather get pizza or something.”

“Michael you said you needed to tell us something?” Everyone’s eyes went to Michael who was closest to the door.

“Why are you wearing…that?” Brooke just noticed the cardigan.

“Okay, there’s something I need to tell you guys. But you have to promise me you won’t think I’m crazy.”

“Michael, if it’s about Jeremy…”

“Christine it is Jeremy!”


“This might sound a little weird, but he’s here!” They all looked confused at Michael. “I mean he’s here, not like alive but-”

“Jesus Christ, he finally lost it.” Chloe interrupted Michael angrily. “Look at him, he’s wearing the fucking cardigan.”

“Dude, have you been taking your medication? I know it’s been hard but-” Jake tried putting a hand on Michael’s shoulder but the other teen shoved him away.

“Medication…that has nothing to do with this! Listen, Jeremy show them!” Michael was staring in front of him straight at nothing, concerning the group.

“Come on, you need to go talk to the nurse. Or somebody but this isn’t healthy.”

“You need to listen to me!”

“Michael, we just want to help you. Maybe you should take the jacket off.” Brooke tried slipping the sweater off when Michael slapped her hand away, backing into the corner of the stall.

“Don’t touch me! Get away! Jer, come on please.” The group watched as Michael’s eyes darted around the stall as he sank to the ground.

“Fuck this, I’m leaving.” Chloe opened the door and was about to leave when it slammed shut in her face knocking her to the ground. Everyone’s eyes widened as the lights in the room began to flicker followed by the sound of the door to the bathroom slamming open and shut followed by a sudden silence.

“What the fuck was that?”

“I told you…it’s Jeremy…”


Dustin hated the school’s bathroom and refused to use it most of the time but it was only fourth period he couldn’t hold it in anymore as he walked over to a urinal, unzipping his pants when he heard talking coming from the last stall in the bathroom. That’s when the lights in the bathroom began to flicker as the doors slammed open and shut. Pulling his pants up Dustin ran straight past the sink out the hallway. He didn’t care how bad he needed to go, he was not dealing with this shit today.


“What do you mean it was Jeremy?” They all looked at Michael who was standing up again, leaning against the stall.

“Michael what’s going on? What was that?”

“That was Jeremy. He’s a ghost.”

“This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“How else do you explain what just happened?”

“I don’t know, but it’s not ghosts and it’s not Jeremy.”

“What if I told you something that only Jeremy would know?”

“Like what?” Michael went silent as he stared next to him before turning to Christine.

“Your class is reading Hamlet.”

“You could have the same class as her.” Michael went quiet again. A minute passed before he stared at Chloe.

“You have a make-up case, three books and a joint in your locker.” Instead of being surprised she grabbed Michael by his shirt and lifted him off the ground.

“You’ve been sneaking through my locker, you creepy ass son of a bi-”

“I haven’t! Please, it’s Jeremy!”

“Chloe, let him go.” Reluctantly the girl set Michael down on the floor as he adjusted the cardigan.

“Can we talk about this somewhere else?” Brooke asked lifting up her foot to see she had steeped in some toilet paper. “Preferably not a bathroom.”

“We should wait for the bell so it looks like we’re going to lunch together.”

“This looks awkward enough already.”


As the bell rang Dustin walked towards the bathroom ready to finally use the bathroom. Hopefully with less satanic chanting and flashing lights. Heading over to the restrooms he stopped as the door opened with a group coming out. He was surprised when he recognized Jake, Chloe and Brooke when the door closed behind them. Looking at the sign to make sure it was the men’s room Dustin looked back at the group with several thoughts going through his head as to what they were doing in the stall.

‘I think I’m just going to go pee in the bushes behind the school.’


Mr.Heere sat at his desk, closing his laptop as he got up and went over to the kitchen. Opening the fridge he took the gallon of milk and drank from the top. He didn’t drink from a glass anymore, what’s the point? He’s the only one that drinks from it anyway. Putting the milk back in the fridge Mr.Heere looked up to see it was September first on the calendar. Next week would be the anniversary of…pushing those thoughts back Mr.Heere walked up the stairs to his room but stopped just short at the second to last door.

His son’s door. He hasn’t gone in there in over a year, a constant reminder of what he lost. His footsteps weighed down on him as he walked into the room again. The room was musty, a thin layer of dust covering everything in there. His bed wasn’t made, as he sat down on it disturbing the nearby air. A few photos hung on the wall nearby, mostly family photos and pictures of him and Michael doing things together. Taking one of the wall he saw it was a picture of him and a younger Jeremy making sand castles together. This was back when they went down to Florida when Jeremy was nine years old. His wife was the one who took the picture of the two.

Hanging the picture back on the wall Mr.Heere looked at another photo of Jeremy and Michael in front of the highschool. He took that on their first day there, Jeremy was embarrassed as his dad waved then done before finally pulling away. It became a tradition that he took their picture on the first day every year, except this year. Michael didn’t deserve that reminder. Curling up in his son’s bed Mr.Heere clutched the pillow tightly as tears began to fall down his face with no one to comfort him.

Be More Chill Blind Michael AU: The Party

Michael rubbed his eyes as he looked at the time on his phone. It was almost eleven o'clock meaning that his mom was already home by now ready to ground him for the next week. At this point he didn’t care, it’s not like he was going to have any reason to leave the house. Messing around on his phone he was surprised when someone began frantically knocking on the door.


“Get out now! There’s a fire!”

‘Wait, what?’ Getting up from where he had been sitting Michael opened the door to see a distressed Dustin Kropp.

“What the hell’s going on?”

“Someone started a fire downstairs! It’s spreading really fast and we’re trying to get everyone out. We can’t find Rich.” He then continued going from room to room knocking on doors making sure no one was still in there. Michael was heading downstairs when he he got caught with a group of people running out of the place and as they made it to the final step he felt himself hit the ground without them noticing.

Trying to get up a wave of nausea passed over him causing him to lean against the wall for support. Things got more hazy the further he walked until he was out the door. The cool air hit his face as he heard people milling around the house when someone came over to him.

“Dude, are you alright?”

“I-I’m dizz-” That last thing Michael remembered before his world went black was the same voice calling for someone to help him.


Jeremy begrudgingly got out of bed, his head still pounding from the alcohol at the party.

“Jesus Christ, my head…”

‘Quit moaning and get dressed. After the incident with Chloe last night the last thing you need is to be late to school.’ Jeremy grumbled as he put a shirt on before heading downstairs and pouring himself some cereal.

“Fuck…I left my phone at the party. Great now I’m going to need to go back and get it tonight.”

'Yeah, you’re not going to be able to do that.’

“What? Why not?” As if to answer Jeremy his dad came running down the stairs out of breath. “Dad, why are you-?”

“M-Michael’s mom just called from the hospital. It’s…it’s not good.” Jeremy stopped as his dad said this. “Michael, wants to talk to you.”

“Can’t he just call me?”

“Jeremy, please. He’s your best friend, you can spare a few minutes visit him.”

'Unfortunately we can’t, now get a move on or you’ll be late.’

“What happened to Michael?”

“You need to talk to him Jeremy, right now he’s going through a lot.”

“Dad, what happened to Michael?”

“He…they said he can’t see anything.”


BMC Jeremy is Missing AU: Almost

“So why are you heading up to New York?” Jeremy held his bag tighter the further away from New Jersey the car got. “Not to pry but you look a little young to be going up there by yourself.”

“I-er, ugh well…” Jeremy trailed off as the man laughed, patting him on the shoulder.

“It’s alright kid, you don’t have to answer. You know you remind me of my son when he was your age. Sixteen?”

“S-seventeen, I just turned seventeen yesterday…”

“You’re kidding? That was my son’s birthday too!” He laughed as Jeremy joined in trying to make the interaction less awkward.

“W-where’s your son?” The man didn’t answer instead staring at the road while Jeremy did the same when the car started to putter before coming to a slow stop. “What happened?” The man made a face as he got or the car before popping the hood and let out a frustrated grunt.

“Looks like there’s something going on with my radiator, can you get my tools out of the trunk? It’s unlocked.”

“Y-yeah, sure. Give me a sec!” Jeremy put his bag down on the seat as he got out of the car lifting the trunk lid up confused. “There’s nothing back here, what are you-”


“-thank you officer.” Mr.Heere slammed the phone down on the counter as Christine flinched. “It’s going to be twenty four hours before they’re even going to stay investigating! That’s just great, I’m sure my son’s going to fine in twenty four hours!”

“Mr.Heere, maybe you should-” Michael tried getting up but the man just took a seat next inbetween the two as he ran a hand over his balding head.

“I should what? We’ve looked everywhere he could be, he’s not here…” The door bell rang making all three of their heads turn as Michael got up.

“I’ve got it.” Walking over to the front door he opened it and was surprised to the rest of drama club standing there, Rich near the front.

“We-” The door slammed in their face as Michael turned around when there was knocking on the door. “Hey!”

“Go away assholes!”

“We wanted to say we’re sorry!”

“We even deleted the video!” Michael stopped mid-step as he turned around, cracking the door open slightly.

“Where’s Jeremy?” Brooke tried seeing through the small crack as Michael glared at them.

“Not here thanks to you assholes.”

“Can we help?”

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough "help”?“


“How’d you even find Jeremy’s house?”

“It’s on his Facebook page.”

“Jeremy has Facebook…?” Michael shook his head, that wasn’t important right now. As much as he didn’t want to admit it they could actually be helpful with finding good best friend. “Fine, but you need to talk to Jeremy dad.”



“Because you’re the reason Jeremy’s missing in the first place.”


Jeremy stopped banging against the trunk’s lid to rest his arms. He had been banging and screaming but nothing happened no matter how hard he tried. He couldn’t remember much past opening the empty trunk and being hit over the head. His head still rang from whatever hit him as he tried rubbing the tears off his face.

‘Damn it, damn it, damn it! I’m so fucking stupid, my phone’s still in my bag of I just grabbed it…oh God I’m going to die in here…why didn’t I listen to my dad about strangers? Wait…remember those police shows, what did they do if they were stuck in the car?’ Before Jeremy could think the car came to a stop jerking him forward. 'I don’t want to die in here.’


“Now I’m almost sure you’re just wasting my time dragging me around from place to place. Why would Jeremy be in the mall?” Michael and Rich stood in the food court as Michael tried to push his anger down.

“Michael, we’re trying okay?”

“You’re suddenly trying now? After years of picking on us, after that "prank” you pulled you’re trying?“

"It’s not my fault Michael!”

“Hows it not your fault?!” Michael turned around ready to storm off when his phone began to ring. Picking it up he looked surprised when he saw the person calling him as he answered.



“Hurry up.” Jeremy felt himself get shoved into the bathroom as he heard the man stand in front of the abandoned rest stop. “And don’t take too long or I’ll come in there myself.”

“Y-yeah…” They pulled over for a bathroom stop in a run down rest stop that had definitely seen better days. Enjoying the freedom to move his arms and legs again Jeremy looked around the bathroom cautiously. A cockroach ran across the ground in front of him as he shivered. “Oh dear God…” Heading over to the urinal he stopped just short when he saw the open window. It looked just big enough for him to for through.

'And do what? Hotwire his car? You saw him grab the keys.’ Jeremy weighed out the options when he realized he could grab his phone from the car, then come back. They were essentially in the middle of nowhere so he didn’t exactly have any place to run to but if he had his phone with him…

Steadying himself Jeremy climbed on top of the urinal out the window. His body was half in, half out when he saw the small drop. 'Great, he’s going to hear me…unless I aim for that bush.’ Jeremy saw a group of bushes not to far away as he arrived himself in that direction before tumbling out head first. The bushes broke his landing, unfortunately the thorns also dug themselves into his skin as he bit back a scream of pain.

“…nailed it…” Carefully coming out of the bushes he snuck over to the car watching the man who was still focused on the bathroom door. 'Please don’t come back, please don’t come back…’ Remembering the creaky doors Jeremy slowly opened the front grabbing his phone out of his bag as he retreated behind the car. Not thinking Jeremy dialed Michael’s number as he began to pray he would answer.

It was two rings in when he heard a familiar voice pick up, “Jeremy?!”

“Oh my God, Michael! Please be quiet he might hear me.”

“Who’d hear you? Jeremy I-” Michael’s voice seemed to trail off when Jeremy saw two legs stand in front of him. Looking up Jeremy’s eyes met those of the man who owned the car as he snatched the phone from the boy’s hands and throwing it to the ground, crushing it under his foot.

“Just what the hell do you think you were doing?”

BMC Jeremy is Missing AU: In the Flesh (Kind of)


“Jeremy?!” The figure responded with a wide smile before going to hug Michael only to find himself walking through the other teen.

“Oh right, forgot I can’t do that anymore.”

“Jeremy you’re here!”

“That is my last name.” Michael gave him a deadpan look. “Oh come on, that’s funny.”

“You’re either a ghost or my psychotic break.”

“I think I’m a ghost, I mean I’ve done a lot since I’ve been gone…but we should probably talk about this somewhere else.”


“Because you look like an insane person right now.”


“They can’t see me.” Looking around Michael saw his fellow students and other people on the sidewalk giving him weird looks. “I’m surprised you can but dude, this is amazing! I can talk to you!”

“Somewhere else, with less people.”

“The bathroom?”

“No that would be weird.”

“The janitor’s closet?”

“And walk in on Jake and somebody doing it?”

“I see your point…hmm, I know! The one place in the school nobody ever goes to!” Jeremy walked towards the school with Michael following close behind.


“The library!” Michael was about to say something as he walked through the library doors but he saw Jeremy’s point. The only visible person being the librarian who was currently asleep at the front desk. “Ms.Creevy is the always asleep and the only other people up here are too busy kissing to hear anything we say.”

“And you know this because…?”

“Christine comes up here on Thursdays to study in peace and quiet.”

“I should have figured.” As they walked towards the back of the room they did indeed pass the couple making out. “Jesus, it’s the first day!” The girl flipped him off as they continued to suck face. Michael sat down while Jeremy still stood confusing Michael. “Why aren’t you-?”

“If I’m not focusing hard enough I fall through the seat. And then I fall through the floor and then I’m on the ground. It’s easier to just stand.”

“Oh…so you’re a ghost.”


“So, you’re dead.”

“I think so? I don’t remember much. After the “prank” everything is pretty blurry. I just remember waking up and finding out that nobody can see me…except you! Michael you can see me!“

“Why didn’t you come here in the first place?”

“Michael, I’m dead now. Being dead took a while to get used to and then I had to walk here, without directions or help.”

“Oh, sorry I asked.”

“No, it’s okay! Michael I haven’t talked to anyone for so long, and now you’re here! Michael can I ask you something?” Jeremy’s smile faded as he said this prompting Michael to nod.

“Yeah, anything.”

“What happened to me? I can’t remember anything.” Michael didn’t say anything as Jeremy stared at him. “Please.”

“I-we don’t know. You ran away and nobody saw you again. But…you called me.”

“I did?”

“You said there was a man, and you were crying but then you just hung up.”


“They found your phone, and…some blood.” Jeremy was quiet as Michael said this. “Your funeral was a few months ago.”

“Why are you wearing my jacket?”


“Why are you wearing my jacket? Did they bury me in a suit?”

“They didn’t bury you, they never found your body. Your dad gave me the jacket.”

“But it’s my jacket, why would he do that?”


“Take it off.” Michael was surprised when Jeremy snapped at him.


“Take it off, please. I don’t want you wearing it.”

“Why not? I like it.”

“It’s my jacket, and I can’t wear it anymore. How do you think I feel looking at you wear something that belongs to me?”

“You don’t need to overreact Jer. I can’t take it off now.”

“Why not?”

“Then people will see my arms.”


“Then they’ll…you know what? I don’t need to tell you why!”

“Take it off, now!”

“Make me!” Michael snapped as he and Jeremy glared at each other. The lights in the library began to flicker before bursting, and falling to the ground. The librarian snapped awake and the couple that had been making out earlier ran out of the room leaving Michael to stare at Jeremy with his mouth wide open.

“O-oh my God, Michael I didn’t mean to!”

“Dude, it’s okay…I’ll take it off later. C-can you-” Michael was cut off by the bell ringing diverting Michael’s attention.


Rich hated math, with a passion. Mz.Allen’s lecture over the subject did not make anything except annoy him. He already knew how to find the tangent of a triangle, he didn’t need a lecture over this. Glancing out the corner of his eye Rich saw somebody watching through the small window in the door. Turning he saw Michael wildly flailing his hands around, stopping when he saw Rich staring at him.

He gestured for Rich to follow him who in turn gestured towards the teacher. Michael shrugged his shoulders before slowly disappearing under the window. Rolling his eyes Rich raised his hand.

“Yes Mr.Goranski?”

“I need to use the bathroom.”

“We just started class.”

“But I need to go.”


“Or I could just go in the corner and pee in the fern.” People giggled as the teacher’s face turned red, reluctant writing out a hall pass and handing it to Rich. Grabbing his bag the teacher called after him.

“Why are you taking your bag?”

“I’m having my period!” He called back, the class burst out laughing at the door swung shut behind him where he walked out to see the disapproving look on Michael’s face. “What? I am.”

“Whatever, Rich you’re not going to believe this!”

“Believe what?”


Christine watched as Mr.Reyes gave a run through example performance for the freshman to study. At first she thought she’d be excited to be a part of drama again but the longer she was the auditorium the more guilt rose. She didn’t look up at the stage afraid to see Jeremy there again. Everytime she got there during practice he would be there staring at her. He didn’t have to say anything for her to know what he was thinking.

That train of thought was interrupted by her phone vibrating. Looking down she saw a text from Rich asking her to look behind. Turning her head around Christine saw Michael and Rich hiding behind the back row of seats. Her phone beeped with another text telling her to meet them in the hallway.


“Yes, Christine?”

“I need to…use the bathroom-yeah use the bathroom!”

“Fine Ms.Canigula, but do hurry up. The students their example performances soon and I’m going need your help controlling the-I mean, watching them.” Christine nodded leaving the auditorium to follow Michael and Rich, happy to leave the room and avoid the freshmen.

BMC Jeremy is Missing AU: Everything Goes Wrong

“I’m telling you Jer, it would have been a waste of money,” Jeremy and Michael walked down the hallway together as Jeremy clutched his bag to his chest, trying to hide the Boyf written across his backpack.

“I know it’s just ever since I didn’t take the squid thing he’s been getting even worse.”

“Speaking of.” Rich swaggered his way down the hall with a confident smirk as he approached the two. Jeremy flinched as he shrank, hiding behind Michael.

“Hey tall ass, quit hiding behind your boyfriend. I got something for you.”

“Please don’t hit me.” Rich thrust his hands out as Jeremy closed his eyes and backed up. After a lack of impact he opened them to see Rich holding out a letter. “What is it?”

“Christine wanted me to pass it off.” Jeremy accepted the letter, opening it as Rich walked away. Michael tried looking at the letter as Jeremy’s face turned a bright red. His head tightened on the paper as he got a familiar dreamy look on his eye.

“What does it say?”

“Christine wants to meet me in the auditorium at lunch today! She has something she wants to tell me!”

“To quote Star Wars, it’s a trap.”


“Jeremy it’s a trick, why else would Rich hand you the letter?”

“Michael, this is her handwriting! I’d know it anywhere!”

“I’d ask how but it’s probably a creepy stalker thing.”

“Shush, it’s her handwriting! She wants to talk to me!”

“Jer, she’s probably in on it! You said it yourself, she’s having it with them all the time now.” Jeremy went silent, folding the letter up and putting it in his pocket. Michael shook his head as the bell rang. “Come on, let’s hurry before Mrs.Sawyer gives us a detention for being tardy again.”


“Are you sure about this?” Christine say on the edge of the stage as the rest of the drama club hid around the auditorium, Jake recording the whole thing on his camera. “I mean this is pretty mean.”

“Come on Chris,” Rich peeked out from his hiding spot, “It’s just a prank.”

“Yeah, he shouldn’t have been so obvious about his crush on you.” Chloe chimed in when the auditorium door slowly opened.

“Too late to change your mind now.” Everyone went back to their spots as Jeremy walked nervously down the aisle.

“C-Christine? I-I got your letter. You wanted to tell me something?” Jeremy climbed up the stage as Christine played with her fingers when he sat down next to her.

“I know! About your crush, I mean. On me.” His face flushed red as she said that. “B-but it’s okay!” He looked at her surprised.


“Y…yeah, I think y…you’re kind of cute too.”

“You do?!” His voice cracked as he covered his mouth with his hand. “I-I mean, you do?!”

“Yeah, in fact. There’s something I want to give you too.” Christine have Jeremy a smile as she slipped her jacket off as Jeremy’s eyes grew wider. “Right here. Right now.”

“You mean-”


“O-okay!” Jeremy excitedly took his sweater off before stumbling with his shirt. That’s when he heard the laughing before a familiar voice called out.

“Oh my God, look at him!”

“He’s actually taking it off, holy shit!”

“W-what?” Jeremy’s shirt fell down as he saw everyone else in the drama club laughing at him. Seeing Jake’s camera he scrambled off the stage, covering him face. Christine immediately went over to him to try and apologize.

“Jeremy, I-”

“You were recording the whole thing?!” She turned to see Jake hiding the camera still laughing.

“You bet your ass we did, man this is going to be everywhere tomorrow!”

“Jake-!” Jeremy pushed Christine away, tears falling down his face as he ran out of the auditorium crying. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Christine ran after Jeremy as everyone else watched on.

“Jesus, he didn’t have to be such a cry baby.”


Jeremy ran straight out of the school to his house still crying. He didn’t care how much trouble he got in, he couldn’t take it anymore. His dad thankfully want home today as he ran up to his room. Emptying out his backpack he threw a few sets of clothes, his credit card, a tooth brush and his phone charger into the bag.

‘I-I just need a break…just for a while…I can go visit my aunt in New York…’ Zipping the bag up Jeremy saw it was starting to get dark out by now which meant the bus station was probably closed. ‘I’ll just hitchhike there. How hard could it be?’


“And I thought you might know where he’s at.” Michael glared at Christine as they walked out of the school together.

“Why do you care? You’re the whole reason it happened! Jeremy is very sensitive about this shit.”

“I know but I didn’t think he’d run off like that!”

“I’m surprised you thought at all.”



“I just want to help, please.”

“…fine…” Michael tried texting Jeremy again, still with no response. “He’s not answering me, first we should check his house. He always goes home when he’s upset.”

“What if he’s not there?”

“I…I don’t know, he’ll-he’s going to be there. He has to.”

“Yeah.” Christine sounded unsure and Michael couldn’t blame her. Even he wasn’t sure.


Hitchhiking proved to be much harder than Jeremy thought. He had been on the side of the highway for about an hour now holding his thumb out without anybody even looking in his general direction, let alone stopping. Letting out a tired sound it suddenly hit him how stupid this idea was. 'Maybe I should just walk home, it’s not like anyone noticed I was gone…’ Jeremy was surprised when a car pulled up beside him.

“You need a ride kid?” Peering in Jeremy saw a man smiling at him. “I’m heading up to New Hampshire.”

“R-really? Do you think you could stop in New York? I’ll pay you-”

“You don’t need to pay me, it’s fine. I’m heading up there anyway. Get in.” The door unlocked as Jeremy got in the front seat.

“T-thanks.” As the car drove off again Jeremy heard his phone beep. It was probably Michael again, Jeremy chose to ignore it. They could talk later when he didn’t feel like shit.

Boyf Riends Mermaid AU: Today's Special

“So how’s school been-oh my God Michael what happened?” Jeremy had just meet you with Michael outside of the lunchroom when he saw Michael’s black eye and cut lip. “Jesus Christ, your eye!”

“I…I ran into a door.” Jeremy stared at him before checking over the rest of his face. “I’m fine really, let’s just get lunch.”

“You need to be more careful Michael, I don’t want you getting hurt. Especially with all the people here.”

“Jeremy I’m from the ocean, not a different planet. I’m not completely clueless.”

“You tried eating a candle stick this morning.”

“It looked like string cheese!”

“It wasn’t in the fridge!” By now the two had gotten in line for food when somebody shoved past Michael and walked straight into Jeremy.

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Michael looked up to see the face of Simon from earlier looking straight at Jeremy. Michael went to say something but felt his throat burn from the inside out.

“It’s alright…hey I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

“Probably not. I just moved here, my name’s Simon.” The boy stuck his hand out to shake which Jeremy took. Michael made a face, not being able to say anything and “accidentally” bumped into the two. “And who’s this?”

“Oh my, ugh-”

“Boyfriend.” Michael managed to choke out the word despite the immense pain his throat was in because of it.

“Yeah, my boyfriend Michael.”

“What about your name?” The inflection on name made his intentions very clear to Michael.

“Oh ugh, I’m er-Jeremy! My name’s Jeremy!” By now Michael was trying to nudge him further into the line, away from Simon. “Hey Michael what are you doing?” Not answering the line began to move separating Michael and Jeremy from Simon. Michael let a huge breath of air.

“Finally, I was uh, just really hungry and you guys were taking so long.”

“Well be prepared to be disappointed because the food here is pretty gross.”

“But you said the same thing about your dad’s food.”

“Even by dad’s food standards, this is bad.”


The two sat down to eat, Michael taking a bite of his sandwich before spitting it out.

“Yeah I told you.”

“They call this a burger? I’ve had better tasting paper!”


“Don’t ask.”

“Hey look Jerry Queer finally has a boyfriend.” A shorter guy had come up to their table sitting right next to Jeremy who winced.

“Hey Rich.”

“And you’re so open about it too. Wow, that’s awesome!” Michael didn’t understand why he was using a sarcastic tone.

“He is my boyfriend, why are you being so rude about it?” Michael genuinely was curious as the midget got up, coming over to his side.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Michael, and I don’t understand why you’re trying to be so intimidating. At that height I’m surprised anyone thinks your scary.” This made everyone within ear range to turn and see what was going on. Rich’s face had gone red with anger when another, much taller guy came over.

“Woah, Rich calm down.”

“He called me fucking short! You’re dead!” If Rich wasn’t being held back Jeremy was sure he would have given Michael a matching black eye.

“Just leave him alone bro, it’s the first day.” Rich reluctantly agreed, glaring at Michael as they left. Michael turned to Jeremy confused.

“Who was that?”

“Rich Goranski, five feet and five inches of pure bully.”

“Is that why he called you queer?”

“It’s literally the most unoriginal insult he could have thought of. You really shouldn’t talk to him like that, he could hurt you.”

“Why would I be scared of him? He’s so short the worst thing he could do to me is kick my shin.”

“To be fair, he can kick pretty hard.”

“And the other guy with him?”

“That’s Jake Dillinger, he’s pretty chill but he’s also friends with Rich.” Michael watched the table Rich and Jake were sitting at with a weird feeling. Where had he seen Rich before?

Yo, My Now More Than 1,000 Followers I’m Doing An Ask Event

While I’m working on the Jeremy is Missing AU feel free to ask any character from any of my AUs anything.

Be More Chill AU: Back to the Future

Somehow Jeremy and Michael end up travelling back in time to the eighties and accidentally stand themselves there. They see the familiar face of Jeremy’s dad and try following him when Michael gets hit by Jeremy’s grandpa’s car and his mom ends up falling in love with Michael instead of his dad. Jeremy is literally starting to fade out of existence and end up telling Jeremy’s dad that they’re from the future. He doesn’t believe them at first.
“Who’s the president of the United States?”
“Donald Trump.”
“The actor?”
But with Michael’s knowledge of costumes and special effects they finally convince him, not knowing Jeremy is his future son. Now the race is on to fix the past and get back to the future.