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It was good to tour with old friends again. The Sound of Animals Fighting March 2014: Philadelphia/Trocadero x2, NYC/Best Buy Theater, Boston/House of Blues, L.A./Wiltern Theater, Tempe/Marquee Theater, Pomona/The Glasshouse. Photos by Porter McKnight

The Sound Of Animals Fighting | Tiger and the Duke | 02.15.2005

Ten years ago, on February 15, 2005, the first The Sound of Animals Fighting album, “Tiger and the Duke” was officially released on Stars and Satellites Records. Though, its story began much earlier. Its true release origins are not as straight forward. It is one of the few albums I know of that actually leaked twice before its official release date. 

The four core songs from this album leaked onto the internet back on May 4, 2004 in lofi mp3 form. There were no interludes and was considered a four song EP by many. The titles of the songs were labeled but were void of the “Act I-IV” designations. It is a slightly different mix than what was officially released in 2005. This early mix came to be known as the “Industry Demo”. 

Over the course of 2004, the album’s structure and mix was finalized. Ambient instrumental interludes were added between the four songs connecting them together as a cohesive unit. Also an album opening “Overture” and an album closing “Postlude” were added. Promotional CD’s were made of this finalized version of the album which quickly leaked onto the internet on December 7, 2004, more than two months before its official release.

On June 26, 2007, “Tiger and the Duke” was “Reissued” by Equal Vision Records. The album was remixed and also contained parts that were not from the original mix, tracks that may have been recorded since the official release date in 2005.

ROWYSO Hershey

-soundcheck LWH and SKH
-asked what their theme song was and CALUM was like “HIT IT JOHN” and no music played and I laughed @ him and eventually Rick Astley played, Michael said his theme song would be the Pokemon theme song and cal got mad bc he said he can’t have a theme song as his theme song
-some girl asked them when they knew they made it and ofc they were humble and ash was like we like to keep reinventing ourselves blah blah blah, Michael was like u know who made it: the Beatles which made ash go off on a tangent abt the Beatles
- someone asked what they wanted to invent and ash said a submarine and if they had a SOS submarine they would only be coastal shows and they’d chill forever down in the Caribbean lmap Michael said Facebook so he could be “rich as balls” which lead cal to say MySpace and Luke was mute
-they were asked what superhero they wanted to be and Michael said Tom from MySpace and cal was TOM ZUCKERBURG??? lmao dumbass
-they were asked what they’d want to be of they could be someone in a TV show and Michael said a buff guy from teen wolf, cal said a dude from bobs burgers, ash was pondering for like a long time
-then they got on a weird tangent abt being a fat werewolf omg it was so funny I had no idea wtf was going on
-Michael was BLONDE in a grey tank w black skinnies and barefoot, Luke was wearing a blank tank w black skinnies and was barefoot for half and wearing “dad flip flops” for half of the show w SnapBack , Cal was wearing black tank and shorts , ash was wearing black tank w black shorts
-they were smiley n cute and I rob ably forgot a lot I was laughing so much they talked for like a legit hour it was beautiful