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It was good to tour with old friends again. The Sound of Animals Fighting March 2014: Philadelphia/Trocadero x2, NYC/Best Buy Theater, Boston/House of Blues, L.A./Wiltern Theater, Tempe/Marquee Theater, Pomona/The Glasshouse. Photos by Porter McKnight

The Sound Of Animals Fighting | Tiger and the Duke | 02.15.2005

Ten years ago, on February 15, 2005, the first The Sound of Animals Fighting album, “Tiger and the Duke” was officially released on Stars and Satellites Records. Though, its story began much earlier. Its true release origins are not as straight forward. It is one of the few albums I know of that actually leaked twice before its official release date. 

The four core songs from this album leaked onto the internet back on May 4, 2004 in lofi mp3 form. There were no interludes and was considered a four song EP by many. The titles of the songs were labeled but were void of the “Act I-IV” designations. It is a slightly different mix than what was officially released in 2005. This early mix came to be known as the “Industry Demo”. 

Over the course of 2004, the album’s structure and mix was finalized. Ambient instrumental interludes were added between the four songs connecting them together as a cohesive unit. Also an album opening “Overture” and an album closing “Postlude” were added. Promotional CD’s were made of this finalized version of the album which quickly leaked onto the internet on December 7, 2004, more than two months before its official release.

On June 26, 2007, “Tiger and the Duke” was “Reissued” by Equal Vision Records. The album was remixed and also contained parts that were not from the original mix, tracks that may have been recorded since the official release date in 2005.

smolghostchild  asked:

Hello, Maggie! I was just wondering between Whelk & Noah, who was richer? And did money play into their "friendship" dynamic of Whelk taking the reigns most of the time? (Investigating the ley lines as an example, or deciding where to go to eat, or what to do).

Dear smolghostchild,

They were both rich as balls. Now they are both dead as hell. Let us all learn from this lesson.