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Thanks to you BMC incredible stuff I've been rewatching clips and I can't stop imagining Jake and Rich doing that cool indestructible super speed ball of death that Dash and Violet do. 'Whoa, Jake, you're floating! How are you doing that??' 'I don't know!' 'Well whatever you're doing, don't stop!'


Now I want to rewatch the movie and maybe redraw scenes :000

So far, in RWBY volume 4, Team RNJR/JNRR/ORNJ/those travelin’ buddies have been visiting villages and towns named after flowers, and the Japanese flower language for said flowers match something that happens in the episode.

Shion - JPN name for the Aster tataricas - means “remembrance” in their flower language. The episode title was Remembrance, and we had a scene where Jaune is watching a training video that Pyrrha recorded for him.

Higanbana - JPN name for the Red Spider Lily - means “abandonment”/“never to meet again”/“lost memory” in their flower language. In the episode that RNJR arrives in this town, we get a scene with Raven, who abandoned Yang and Tai.

Oniyuri - JPN name for the Tiger Lily - means “wealth” in their flower language. This village was being built by rich people from Mistral, and in the episode where RNJR arrives in it, we see the Schnee charity ball, with rich snobby people in attendance.

I bring this up both because it’s interesting and because World of Remnant: Mistral mentions that one of the towns near Mistral is named Kuchinashi…

Kuchinashi - JPN name for the Gardenia - means “secret love” in their flower language.

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so in the incredibles AU does jake have the forcefield powers as well as the invisibility like violet has in the movie? because if so, that scene where dash is running inside of the forcefield with violet like it's some kind of hamster ball but with rich and jake

Yes! He does have force field powers and I do imagine them doing the Incrediballs (I think that’s what it’s called)

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One day out of the entire year for women, and you choose to focus on drag queens? Our tomboy ancestors are shaking their heads at you.

Yes, I very much will stand up and applaud for amazing QPOC queens, drag culture, and the history of New York’s rich ball scene. But I was also talking about drag legends such as Venus Xtravaganza, who identified as a woman and had to face the prospect of harassment every day if she didn’t “pass”. It’s crucial to remember that this is an experience of womanhood to some.

And every day is a day to celebrate women. Truly. I don’t see today as THE one day to narrow all my pride in womanhood to one absolute thing. That counters the very concept of intersectionality I believe in.

It baffles me that you can’t see that the liberty of being a tomboy, butch woman, androgynous woman (and more) is tied to the history of cross-dressing and drag. I am not here to make up an exclusive club of some sort. This is a space for queer and trans lives.