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Spideypool Proposal
  • Wade Wilson: [goes down on one knee, and presents the finest of candy ring pops] Peter, will you marry me?
  • Peter Parker: Aren't rings supposed to be like 10% of your salary?
  • Wade Wilson: I stopped killing people with your help, so I am officially out of the mercenary business. In fact, I don't even have this month's rent.
  • Peter Parker: [starts tearing up] We're both so poor.
  • Wade Wilson: Are you okay?
  • Peter Parker: I'm just a little upset.
  • Wade Wilson: [stands up] Why??? Did I do something wrong? If you need more time, that's okay!!! I'm sorry for rushing things.
  • Peter Parker: No, it's just-- [gets down on one knee] You beat me to the proposal. [presents a plastic Spider-Man ring]
  • Wade Wilson: [gingerly takes ring and puts it on his pinky since that's the only finger that it barely fits] You've made me the happiest man alive, I'll keep this until it breaks! Which might not be too long because I will probably lose my hand during a fight or some shit. [pulls him into a hug]
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] Don't worry, I have more. [pulls out a whole bag]
  • And I'm sorry, but I'll probably eat yours when the ramen supply runs out.
  • Wade Wilson: You have a problem. But I got you covered, babe. [pulls out bag of ring pops] And they're all red.
  • Peter Parker: [smiles] I love you. [pulls him into a kiss]
Louis’ career has nowhere to go but up. He’s living at the height of New York City on the precipice of an epic promotion. Life is good and only getting better. And then one day, things turn disastrous.Everything is not always as they seem, Louis realises this more than once as he starts over in a place he never would’ve entered out of his free will before. The biggest surprise is the man who doesn’t blink twice about putting him on his team, but the same man is also the reason to why his headache won’t leave.
There’s more than meets the eye and after a night filled with joy and good company, the reason for his behaviour becomes painfully clear and unable to be denied. But with every positive moment he’s experienced throughout his life, it seems a backlash of negativity always encounters.
The one where Louis is unable to stay professional when Harry lets his guard down while someone else takes advantage of both their actions.Harry Styles is young, successful, and positively dangerous.
Mark Tomlinson decides he has to go. Louis Tomlinson is just the man for the job.
- or -
The CEO AU where success is all Louis Tomlinson has known–until Harry Styles comes into his life, of course.He and Harry have never had an interaction outside of this car, and they probably never will. After all, Harry is just the guy that drives Louis to work, and Louis is just another customer. That’s all they are, really.
Or, Harry drives an Uber and Louis’s life is falling apart.The Honourable Louis Tomlinson, heir to the Earldom of Colbury and the multi-billion pound family business, RLA Enterprises, often feels under pressure to conform to the expectations of those around him. The 30 year old, nerdy and rather homely physicist part of himself feels he ought to be getting married and carrying on the family line – as does his formidable Grandmother. The only problem is, after his last disastrous relationship, seven years ago, he has little desire to get intimate with another woman, let alone marry one. Of course, Harry, his famous actor of a best friend, always likes to pip in that he is free to marry him and while Louis loves him to pieces, the joke is getting a bit old now.The one where Louis has spent years getting over his ex, Harry Styles, and was almost successful. That is until Harry is elected as an MP, and Louis is given the task of getting him to support an Act of Parliament.
Through tears and arguments and a heavy dose of LGBTQ+ politics, their lives finally line up. Will Louis be able to forgive? Will they still want the same thing? It’s difficult to let go of five years of hurt, but even more difficult to be close to the love of your life and let them walk away again.Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.Sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s the last (and maybe the only) thing they need.Harry Styles works in a seedy strip club in Las Vegas and uses the big ‘C’ to get through his mediocre existence. Once he’s done dancing he goes home with whoever bids the highest and the lifestyle leaves him feeling empty and alone.
Louis Tomlinson is a successful businessman but hasn’t had the best time with friends and love so he’s become a lonely recluse who puts business before pleasure…until he hears about a guy who looks like a girl and visits a little strip club in the city.
Harry is being bought by Louis not for the night but for good and his testing ways push Louis to the limit…Louis thought that escaping his rich life would be easy, but he didn’t expected to end up in a street gang and falling in love with certain curly gang member.
Follow his roller coaster of a journey through sadness, fear, happiness, heartbreak and love.For a great chunk of his life, Harry has had a passion for writing, a passion that turned into an aspiration, which turned into a dream he’s been chasing for the past few years, first in the States and now in a shitty flat in London. None of his attempts to get anywhere have succeeded, leaving him with weary bones and two dead-end jobs that he doesn’t enjoy in the slightest. When he finds an unusual yet promising opportunity that could possibly get him somewhere and help him further his current failure of a writing career, he doesn’t hesitate to take it. Despite his boyfriend Sam’s pleading, he lets this dream bring him to the luxurious yet quaint home of world-renowned, best-selling author Louis Tomlinson.Back for the summer from university, 19-year-old Louis is faced with a massive problem: their new gardener is quite possibly the most gorgeous man he’s ever met. Over the course of the summer, Louis and a 25-year-old Harry will learn that love can be found where you least expect it.In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.
The Arrangement (Part 3)

Summary: Dean reflects on your first date, and makes plans. The second date goes a little better, though Dean finds out how good your acting skills really are.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,700

Warnings: language, angst, sexual implications/references (shocking, Dean’s mind is in the gutter)

A/N: Part 3! Hope you guys like it! (not my image, but this is was my Dean inspiration for this part)

Need to catch up? Part 1 - Part 2

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AU where rich playboy Viktor accidentally knocks up a girl when he’s 16.

The girl, whose family isn’t nearly as well-off as Viktor’s is, doesn’t want the baby and is about to have an abortion, when Viktor’s parents make a deal with her. She has the baby, and in return they’ll raise the child, and even give her a six figure cheque as compensation.

She accepts, because she knows the baby will be well taken care of by the Nikiforov family and also, she plans to become a doctor in the future, and the money would really help in paying for her education.

Now Viktor, on the other hand, doesn’t get off nearly so easily.

His parents are sick and tired of their son’s irresponsible attitude, and so they give him an ultimatum. He is to give up his “hobby” of figure skating and start properly preparing to take over the family business, or else he will be disowned.

Viktor, who has just won gold in the Junior Grand Prix Finals, who is expected to go on to make history in the figure skating world, chooses to leave home. He is taken in by his coach, Yakov Feltsman, who is more of a parental figure to him than his own parents ever were.

The only thing Viktor regrets is that he had to leave his son, Yuri, behind. But at 16, with not even a high school degree to his name or any stable source of income, no court on Earth is going to choose him over his parents in a custody battle.

So time goes on, and Viktor becomes a living legend in the figure skating world, while Yuri is left to be raised by his grandparents.

They’re distant, and mercilessly strict with Yuri - they refuse to make the same mistake with him as they did with their son. Yuri attends a private school and has a whole army of private tutors and has ballet lessons and piano lessons and is learning two foreign languages.

He barely has time to breathe, let alone have a social life, so it’s no wonder he grows up as socially awkward and emotionally stunted as he does.

At age 12, Yuri Nikiforov is an incredibly angry child, and his classmates and teachers alike are all terrified of him. And when he gets into one too many fistfights with his upperclassmen, his headmaster wastes no time in expelling him.

Yuri isn’t too broken up about it - he’d never really liked that school in the first place. If anything, he’s relieved to be out of there.

His grandparents scramble to find another private school that will accept him, but apparently Yuri’s reputation has travelled far, and while they’re starting to consider maybe sending him to a public school, Yuri gets an email one day.

From his father.

To date, the only contact Yuri has ever had with his father is little notes sent with his birthday and Christmas presents every year. He’s never even met the man before.

And now, apparently, that same man is offering Yuri to come and live with him. In Japan of all places.

Yuri doesn’t hesitate to accept.

And it’s not because he wants to get to know the shitty father who had abandoned him as an infant either, he keeps telling himself.

(It is several years before he is able to admit to himself that that was exactly the reason he had accepted the offer.)

No. The reason he accepts the offer, Yuri tells himself, is because he is sick and tired of his grandparents’ overbearing attitude, and the idea of moving to another country where he’ll be far away from them and everyone else he hates with a burning passion is appealing to say the least.

The little Japanese town his father lives in is quiet and picturesque, and Yuri expects to be bored out of his skull.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually apparently some kind of huge celebrity in the figure skating world.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually fucking engaged to some Japanese figure skater who has the same name as Yuri.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually a figure skating coach to his fiancé and two other skaters (a Japanese guy named Minami, and a guy from Kazakhstan named Otabek).

And he most certainly doesn’t expect to fit in with this strange little mismatched group as if he were a missing piece of their puzzle.

Otabek turns out to be kinda cool and Minami’s bubbly personality is really fucking annoying, but he’s endlessly friendly and he doesn’t stop being nice to Yuri even when he continuously pushes the older boy away with barbed insults and angry scowls (and Yuri doesn’t admit how happy that actually makes him).

Even the Japanese Yuuri, despite being annoyingly timid and apologizing way too often, turns out not to be too bad. He’s really pretty talented in ballet, which is an immediate plus in Yuri’s books.

The first time Yuri gives in and tags along to the ice rink to watch Yuuri and the others practice, he’s breathtaken.

He watches them glide across the ice with grace he hadn’t ever thought possible, watches their skates cut spirals in the air as they make heartstopping jumps.

He steps onto the ice for the first time, and it’s like coming home.

The Arrangement

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Summary: in an AU where the Winchester family owns a multi-million dollar company, Dean’s in a bit of a pinch. Grandpa Samuel is threatening to cut him off if he doesn’t straighten out and stop getting into trouble. Instead of taking some responsibility, Dean comes up with an ingenious plan: find someone to pretend to be his girlfriend. You and Dean have never gotten along, but a fake relationship seems to be beneficial to you both…

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,700

Warnings: language, general rudeness (from Dean), mild angst?

A/N: so this is my new idea for a series! It’s all my brain will do right now. It’s a little rough right now, but I’m hoping you guys like it. Also the title is terrible but it’s all I could come up with.

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Pleasure Seeker- Part One (Bucky Barnes x O/C)

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

A/N: I keep coming up with ideas for series and never finishing them, but after being entranced by the Crossfire series of books, I’m gonna give it a try. And I’m treating you to some smut to begin with too. Enjoy it! Please let me know if you’d like to be tagged.

Warning: Smut. 

Tagging my faves: @formyfandoms @winterboobbear @poe-also-bucky @cutefandomsdaily @itspipsicle @lavender-limerence @fvckingavengers @bovaria @just-call-me-mrs-captain @minervaem @actual-jar-of-water @chrisevanshh

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mature: ✓





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  • jeon jungkook [전정국]

rooftop  » 24.4k [highschool!au]

rich rebels in love » 34.2k so far [highschool!au]  01|02|03|04|05|06|07|08|09|10|11|12|13|14   {ongoing} 

I bet you it’s love  » 8.4k [highschool!au]

thursday  » 5.7k [highschool!au]

the lucky ones  » 5.8k [idol!jungkook]

bad  » 20.3k so far [badboy!jungkook]  01|02|03|04|05| {ongoing}  

  • kim taehyung [김태형]

butterfly  » 13.3k [highschool!au]

  • min yoongi [민윤기]

osculum dare  » 5.9k [friendswithbenefits!au] 

  • park jimin [박지민]


  • jung hoseok [정호석]


  • kim namjoon [김남준]


  • kim seokjin [김석진]


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Can’t Buy Love, Chapter Two

Dan x Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, romance, and lots of smut.

Enjoy! -Meg x

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Surprisingly, getting the interview to be Mr. Howell’s maid was pretty easy. When she called the number on the card- as Mabel told her- a kind sounding woman named Gale answered the phone. The call was short and sweet- Gale instructed her to write down their address and to be there at promptly 4pm the following day, wearing interview-appropriate clothes. “Mabel was a loyal and kind soul. It’s a shame to see her go, but if she trusts you enough to direct you to us- I’m sure you’ll do just fine”

Y/N didn’t mention that she just met Mabel practically an hour prior, and she knew better than to ask Mabel or Gale exactly why she quit. But hey- a job was a job. 

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Gradence AU

🔝Credence is a rich boy, who doesn’t give а shit about anything. He’s a talented person, but he’s burying his talents under money and sins. It may seem, that Credence is selfish and rude, but it’s not really him.🔝

💰Percival Graves is a successful businessman who noticed that rebellious boy while giving a lecture in MSU. He’s interested in Credence and he wants to see his real face under these masks. 💰

Meaning of the words is “I’m golden”


Double Take

High school AU! Jimin (rich kid, private school)

Genre: Fluff, angst

The final bell of the day rang and you were much too eager to leave school, trying hard not to gag at all the signs and streamers and balloons everywhere. Tonight would be prom, and it was such a sickening idea to you, mainly because of your social anxiety, but also because, yes, you had no date. It was all popular kids and cliques anyway, most of which you’d managed to avoid by sticking to the computer lab at lunch and laughing at memes (via proxy servers since most sites were blocked). It didn’t leave you bitter, just a bit lonely, and you wanted out as quick as possible to avoid all the sap.

But you weren’t exactly known for being lucky. Couples crowded the brick doorways out of the fancy private school and you decided to sit on the stairs and scroll through your phone as you waited for things to clear. After a good fifteen minutes, you managed enough luck to see the crowd had thinned considerably and you managed to hustle into the crowd to leave and walk the mile or so home. It was already hot, and the crowd made it worse so by the time you exited into the heat and humidity, your neat ponytail was a sticky mess against your face. You got shoved around a bit before stumbling through a sudden tangle of kids at the top of the steps and into open air, leaning forward onto your knees and gulping a few breaths when you heard mumbling break out. You didn’t care, though, and took off down the sidewalk to the right, heading to the road toward the freeway and your long walk home. You knew your brother would probably only have ramen again, even though it was payday, but hoped he’d at least bought the pork kind and added in some actual meat this time. It would be a nice change, actual meat for once. You always did better in class after getting real food, so you knew he’d probably be saving up for your next test instead, but you could still wish. 

Caught in your hungry daydreams, you didn’t hear your name being called until a car pulled up and honked you out of your thoughts. You jumped out of your skin at the sound, combined with your name, and looked in bewilderment at the sudden sight of a limo. 

“Hey!” A boy with pale orange hair stepped out, straightened his white tux jacket smoothing down the black lapels, and smiled shyly at you. What on earth did Jimin want with you? You gulped as you looked down in your normal shyness, noting to yourself the tight red tux pants fit him way too well for your comfort, and mumbled a hello. You were staring at his shoes - so, so shiny - and missed the smile that broke wider on his face as he said another soft “Hey,” making your heart do little jumps and your jugular thump violently. He cleared his throat and tried again after a short moment.

“So. Uh. I..had something important to ask you..” He waited for you to look, but you didn’t, offering a small hum instead. “ is prom, and all, and..” Your shyness was making this ten times harder for him, but he plugged on anyway. “W-well.. I was…would you.. I mean. Um.” Jimin coughed and shook his head, you could see from your peripheral. He took a few steadying breaths and tried, again. “Woukdyougotopromwithme?” Jimin’s voice rushed out and you felt kicked in the stomach, ready to cry. What kind of cruel prank? You couldn’t hide the heavy pout our tears before you managed to turn and start speed walking away.

“____? ___, wait please hang on!” You began jogging, knowing you couldn’t outrun the soccer player, but having the most popular, kind guy in school be this cruel had you trying. You didn’t even feel bad for making him run in this horrible dank weather, you almost hoped it would ruin his fancy damn tux and shoes. But Jimin was suddenly in front of you and more handsome for the wear unfortunately. You tried to dodge him, or turn around and go another way, but he caught you and you had to fling your hoodie-covered hands over your face so he wouldn’t see your crappy, sweaty face crying. Didn’t matter, though, he could hear your sobs.

“___ what did I do? If you don’t wanna go just day so, you don’t have to run from me Christ… I’ll just.. skip prom. It’s fine..”  You looked up through the ends of your fingers to see him pouting, slouching, and thoroughly messing up his styled hair. You moved your hands and looked at more of the scene in front of you and caught the sight of roses drooping sullenly in his other hand. Was he….being genuine? He always seemed like a genuine person, which is why everyone crushed on him, but you also knew a lot of the popular clique had been asking people as jokes this year, as many torn sobs in the hallway had testified. Jimin turned his sad eyes to catch your confusion. 

“I’m sorry, I…I w-won’t bother you again. Im so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. I just…you’re cute, and.. and you’re confused aren’t you? I’m sorry..”

“I..I… this isn’t a prank?”

Jimin, for his part, looked horrified. “No!” He shouted, flinging his hands out in front of him and shaking them. “No no no! Oh no, ___, is that what you though? I…” He groaned when he figured out why. “Those assholes ruiend it for EVERYONE this year. Christ! No I’m not.. I’m not pulling some messed up prank. I would never..” ‘and especially not with you,’ he thought, the limo pulling up behind him. You heard some rustling as he leaned in before he popped back out and looked at you a little shyly, biting his lips.

“Could I.. I mean.. I’d.. can I start over?” Jimin sounded more than a little frustrated, but when you caught the look in his puppy dog eyes, you nodded gently. He jumps happily and goes back to the limo again, before stopping suddenly a second time. “Um. I-I’m sorry, can you..close your eyes?” Again, his puppy nature gets you, and you shove down a frown and close your eyes. You miss his giant grin, but feel a tap on your hand after a few short moments. Your eyes snap open at the touch, but Jimin’s touch is already gone. 

You slowly rake your eyes up the sight in front of you. There is a large sign propped against the side of the limo, Jimin next to it holding a massive bouquet of roses and a large plush puppy dog (that looked suspiciously similar to his own dog, as you saw from one of his presentations in class early that year, but you don’t say that). “___” Jimin’s voice cracks a little, but he continues. “Would you go to prom with me?”

Imagine Your Otp

Person A is from a rich family, intelligent and has a sharp tongue. One day, they snuck out to the poor district, curious. They met Person B, strong and independent, who clearly hates the people of the rich district. Not knowing Person A’s real identity, they both became fast friends, running around on top of rooftops at night, stealing breads from vendors only to give them to the beggers and telling each other stories while laying side by side in the flower meadow.