rich as shit

fox news out here calling antifas the alt-left binch theres a fucking word for that: antifa. yall just want an excuse not to call the alt-right nazis. be like “but we never call anyone by the right name you see! we call you antifas the alt-left! we call nazis the alt-right! it’s fair and balanced” nah it’s misinformation you obfuscating fucks. 

plus like you know they’re trying to make people fear antifas by giving them a name similar to the one they use for literal nazis so they can further confuse the public into thinking antifascists are just as bad as nazis FUCK OFF.


The American criminal “justice” system is a fucking joke. They’re not even tryna hide it anymore. 30 fucking years for weed??? If he was white they probably woulda offered to help him open up a marijuana shop in Colorado or something. LMAO police and judges need to trade their badges in for slave patrol emblems. Just go on Fox News and publicly admit you hate black people and be done with it.

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can you rec some poetry about girls who love girls?

sorry this is took me so long to get to ya! i’ve had a busy month. this is real quick & dirty bc this has been sitting in my drafts 4 ever & if i don’t post it now i never will. love u xoxo!

i also invite u guys to check out glitter tongue which is an online collection of love poems by lgbt poets

the media out here trying to frame the people fighting literal nazis as basically nazis themselves. even going as far as to give us SIMILAR FUCKING NAMES AS OUR OPPRESSORS? JESUS CHRIST. [calling antifas the alt-left]

you can tell what fucking side they’re on, they uphold nazism, that’s why they’re always on the side of the nazis. They don’t care about justice. They don’t care about what is moral and good. They care about white supremacy.

why are they always reporting on how good and clean cut literal nazis look? white supremacy. why are they always reporting on how calm and down-home nazi families are? white supremacy. why do they refuse to call literal nazis out as nazis? white supremacy.

why are they always framing antifas as the violent reactionaries who have no reason to be upset? white supremacy. why are they always framing antifas as ignorant unclean and inhuman? white supremacy. Why are they always framing antifas as against helping people? white supremacy.

It’s transparent.