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Rich said he had acted under the assumption that Gabriel had a vessel or avatar or whatever stolen from or fashioned after Loki. And that he sealed Loki away in order to convincingly masquerade as him amongst the gods. Whatcha think of that? I had always thought of them being "same deity/different culture." Kind of like how Romans renamed the Greek pantheon.

this is actually something that i put in God’n’Gabe III! it’s my favorite portion. since it’s been out a while, i’ll show it now:

THIS is my favorite portion of the entire book. probably some of my absolute favorite comic work that i’ve ever done, too. i thought rich’s idea was brilliant, but i did take twist it some. i made loki a prisoner in his own vessel, more or less. i like the idea the gabriel tricked the trickster when he was at his most vulnerable.

(if this looks familiar, it was original done in a video format, which i reworked to work in the book’s format!)

  • Jeremy [sleepover voice]: Are you awake?
  • Michael [sleepover reply]: Yeah
  • Brooke [regrettable sleepover voice]: you guys SSH
  • Chloe [confused sleepover voice]: what is the meaning of life?
  • Rich [annoyed sleepover voice]: dude shut up.
  • Jake [sleepover host voice]: guys be quiet my mum's going to hear us...
  • SQUIP [unknown voice]: yo you kids wanna buy some drugs?

Jeremy: accidentally drinks bong water

michael: stoner

the squip: hot boxes Jeremy’s brain

Christine: “weeds r so cute!!!! they grow in my garden but Jenna pulls them out :(”

jake: pays money for weed but only gets given oregano

rich: smoked one (1) blunt and now only wears weed socks, shorts, glasses etc

Brooke: pretends to smoke weed to impress chloe

chloe: pretends to smoke weed to impress Brooke

Jenna: calls the police

and mr. Heere is everyones dealer

Boyf Riends CisSwap; Pad Shopping in Hell

“We will never talk about that again.”
“Agreed.” The two were now in Michael’s car after an embarrassing few minutes of trying to figure out how to use the bathroom.
“So what happened? I mean last night I went to bed and I was completely normal but now I have boobs! Michael, I’m not supposed to have boobs.”
“We’re here.” Looking out the window Jeremy groaned.
“They have the cheapest pads.”
“But there’s so many people there, what if somebody we know see’s me?”
“You’re wearing a hoodie, I don’t think anyone will see them. Even if they see us together they’ll just think the pads are for me.” Getting out of the car Jeremy felt awkward, trying to hide as much as physically possible in the old jacket. Heading straight to the “feminine products” isle they looked through the packaging and Jeremy was left confused.
“Nighttime? Daytime? Extra Strength? They all look the same.”
“Extra Strength, you don’t have to change those as much.”
“Oh, great.” The two were heading over to the pharmacy when Jeremy immediately stopped, pulling Michael with him behind the cardboard display for Mountain Dew.
“Ow, why’d you do that?”
“Shh, look.” Poking his head out Michael saw Rich and Jake walk by without seeing them.
“So? It’s just Rich and Jake.”
“I can’t let them see me like this!”
“Jer, you’re worrying about this way to much. Rich and Jake aren’t the worst to that could happen to us right now.”
“We’re what now?”