Muminika's, Gift For A Friend: The Secret Of Arrietty [x]

A few days ago my friend Erin was watching The Secret World Of Arrietty and she said she wanted to draw something for it. She ended up surprising me with this picture where we’re wearing the character’s clothes. Apparently it came to her because she realized that I’m so tall, haha. I love it :3

Her personal Tumblr [x] and her art Tumblr [x].

Hey, remember when I did this —> http://tryingtoimprovemydoodles.tumblr.com/post/61818983285/fan-art-gasp-so-i-was-scrolling-through for the fabulous ricemelk/riceart? well, i decided to try to SAI it up, and i think it looks pretty good. The coloring on Henry’s hair looks a little weird though QuQ oh well, i tried.

Henry belongs to ricemelk not me.

Carlson does in fact belong to me the cutie

miss-spaghetti asked:

If I was dating you, I think you'd be making me listen to the Nightvale station with you every time there's an update.

/)u(\ aheheheheh I would until you told me you couldn’t take anymore or really didn’t like it at all ^^”

ricemelk replied to your post“curvycurlycait replied to your post“I saw sushi on my dashboard….. …”                

                    i want sushi too. :(

  RAW! I need it. The more I think about it the more I waaaaant iiiiiitt.