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anonymous asked:

McCree is actually a pretty good cook, and he loves to make stuff for the members on base with him, but because he was on the run for so long his ingredients are often questionable and strange

I always have a thing for describing someone’s cooking as “it tastes like home” and I can totally imagine applying this description to McCree’s cooking. Tho for Hanzo he’s probably like what the heck is this thing what do you mean you don’t use a ricecooker to make the rice

purpleandyellowmatsunos  asked:

HC+ cooking

Send me  “HC”  + a word and I’ll write a headcanon about it. | ACCEPTING!

Karamatsu isn’t very exciting when it comes to cooking—his food isn’t that good unless he throws in his backbone and sells his soul into making it. The only thing he can make that tastes good is rice, and that’s easy because their home has a really nice ricecooker.

But, the one thing he is good at making is sweets, like candies, and chocolates. If he tried baking, he would be really good at it, too. He has a knack for sweet things, after all.

Though, would that count as cooking…?