OMG y’all I just had the best dinner. Mr Leckie thought he wanted Mexican food and 19 definitely wanted fish. And google told us there was this place on Cherokee Street called Mariscos El Gato and it was the best.

The first two pictures are of our enormous bowl of paella, which had tons of shrimp, crab legs, mussels, and octopus in it, so much, in fact, that it was a challenge to get a scoop of just rice out. It was spicy, but exactly the right level of spicy. It was supposed to be enough for three (that would be me, Mr. Leckie, and 19), but in fact it was enough for six and we have a huge box of it in the fridge and I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow.

17 doesn’t like fish. He had chicken fajitas, which he said were delicious.

So, if you’re in St Louis and feeling like you could go for seafood, maybe check out Mariscos El Gato on Cherokee.

headcanon: show pony’s favorite thing to do is refer to people by anything but their actual name

“yo snake kid whats up”

“and here we have dj hot shrimp”

“hi there mr. death defying!!”

his one goal is to get on peoples’ nerves and he succeeds spectacularly

Two Moons (pt.1)

Word Count: 1144

Genre: Fluff/Angst (?)

Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader/Sehun ft. EXO

Summary: You’ve been dating him for two years, but now you see him less and less. You try to adapt and live your life normally with the boys at the apartment. 

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White people are freaking out about making a murderer like it’s some sort of surprise that the justice system is corrupt. Please. The justice system killed a 12 year old boy with a toy gun and blamed him for his own death. They murdered a woman over a traffic signal and are trying to pass it off as suicide. I could go on and on. Yes, the system is corrupt. Also, water is wet.

TalesFromYourServer: "we really hate to waste food"

i already posted on this sub today but i figured i’d throw in this fun little story from my bullshit lunch shift today.

two top walks in, man and his wife. can’t be any older than 40. i greet them, they do not smile, and they seem a bit quiet.

the lady orders our club sandwich, the man orders the 8oz sirloin medium with rice pilaf.

i bring out their food and ask if everything looks good. the lady says yes. i fill their waters and start feeling weird about them, because i realize they’re trying really hard to not speak to me or make eye contact with me, and they deliberately stay silent as i fill the water, which is very odd as most guests say “thank you” even if they’re midsentence. but whatever, i’ve dealt with impolite tables before, i don’t need them to thank me for anything or even speak to me really. i just figure they are the more quiet type, and i go about my business.

after a few minutes i go to do a check back. i look directly at the man’s steak and ask if everything is tasting okay. he says yes, but he needs A1. now, from looking at the steak, i now have the image of the steak locked in my memory FOREVER. the man had cut the steak into large strips, and it was cooked to a perfect medium, i can clearly see the pink color on the strips of steak. i even think to myself, “that steaks looks sooo fucking good” because i also take my steak medium and they had cooked it perfectly.

i bring him the A1.

i return once his plate looks completely cleared, and attempt to remove the plate. he snatches it back, says “i wasn’t done”. i realize there is one little tiny piece of steak left on the plate. “oh im so sorry sir i didn’t even see that last bite! i apologize!” typically this is the kind of situation where my guest and i would share a good chuckle over my stupidity but with this table they just sat there in silence and stared at me.

i ask if they want dessert, they shake their heads. i return with the check, and the man asks to speak to my manager.

i grab my manager and he goes to the table. the whole im paranoid this guy is complaining about my service or my attitude because i was pretty emotional today and kept almost crying in the middle of the dining room.

my manager comes in to the kitchen and tells me the guy said his steak was overcooked. he said he had ordered it medium, and it came out medium well. he used that last little piece of steak, the one piece that didnt have much pink in it, as evidence to show my manager that it was overcooked. so basically this guy ate the whole fucking steak then asked for it for free because one little piece was overcooked. i know for a fact his steak was cooked right because i fucking saw it with my own two eyes. pink az fuk.

so then i go drop off their bill with his meal comped. i say “im so sorry your steak was overcooked sir, i–” and before i can spout off my bullshit insincere apology he cuts me and starts trying to make himself seem like a real cool guy. he goes “it’s ok, you know, we just really dont like to waste food and i figured i can eat a medium well steak, no need to waste another steak. we really hate to waste food.”

for real? fuck that guy. what a piece of shit. acting like he was being a fucking good person and shit. what would have been a $30 check dropped down to a $16 check, he tipped me $3. it makes me so fucking angry that he straight up lied and premeditated that entire thing just to get a free steak. i hate him.

By: justforjacob