“ok so…serious inquiry here. i understand that you and your political base are just absolutely going to obsess over the benghazi thing for literally the rest of your lives until you guys eventually die out.”

Obama told the troops to stand down and let ambassador Stephen die, then he demonized the people who disobeyed his orders and lied about it. Also Clintion new that it was a terrorist attack done by Al-Qaida and knowingly lied about it.  The lie wasn’t for national security it was because Obama was up for reelection and he didn’t want to admit that he lied when he said he defeated al-Qaida. Both of them disrespected those victims and their family solely to save face.

“but i wonder why the liberal base didn’t call out condoleezza rice for ignoring the memo that was placed on her desk before 9/11 that suggested an attack by airplane was extremely likely?

Because that memo made it to Bill Clintons desk, he received repeated warnings of an eminent attack since 97 and choose to ignore it. He also had Osama Bin-Ladins head on a silver platter 3 times and chose not to take it.

“more people lost their lives somewhere else so the dead Palestinians aren’t as important. all i’m really saying here is that you should really really really get your head out of your ass. and i mean that in the nicest way possible!”

Are you saying I should get my head out of my ass when it comes to fact that Palestine were Byzantine and Ottoman territories and was never a country, or the fact that it was an insult to call an Arab a Palestinian until 1920? Or the fact that Hamas stores and fires weapons from houses against the will of its occupants, and there’s testimony that Hamas forces at gun point to keep the Palestinians inside after Israel gave a 30 to 40 minute warning of their target. Or the fact that the Palestinian leader has a 2mil house built on aid funds? Or how about the fact that the only country (Jordan) that has accepted Palestinian refugees treats them like cattle? Or that Israel is the 1st country to allow gay marriage has the most diversity in religion and ethnicity in their government then any other country. The first country to allow women in the military and has the most high ranking Female military officers then any one else in the world and the best hospitals, cancer research and education opportunities.  Undoubtedly Palestine is better off under Israel authority then the Palestinian who does not give a dam about the safety of their own people. 

Or are you talking about liberals. Should I get my head out of my ass (I didn’t know I was that flexible) about the fact that the first Democratic president forced the Native Americans on the trial of tears in a direct violation of a Supreme Court order. That the Democrats created the KKK and created and enforced
Jim Crow laws. That every single democrat in congress voted against the 19th amendment. That every single Republican run state had women right to vote before the 19st amendment. That the Democrats fought the African American right to vote every step of the way. Or how about how every democratic run city is in the economic pit of despair 

“you’re so devoted to hating any liberal (and for what reason?) that you don’t notice the discrepancies in your own party. the attack in benghazi was an absolute tragedy and preventable, but so was 9/11. so was the invasion of iraq. so was the recession of 2008.”

I do not hate liberals I just don’t trust liberal politicians because they are part of a party that believes that the government aka themselves needs more power, and power hungry people will lie as much as they need to to get it. I notice the discrepancies in my own party whenever a conservative crosses a line other conservatives verbally hag them from the rafters. While liberals are still celebrating a rapist and a traitor who would have been stripped of everything if they were conservative.

You right 9/11 was preventable Bill Clinton had Osama Bin-Laden’s head on a silver platter 3 times and chose not to take it nor did he take action after several reports detailing an emended threat. If he did 9/11 would have never happened and the War on Terror would have never taken place. The recession of 2008 was a series of mistakes caused by both parties pluging their ears and going la la la.



This is the jam of the century.


Don’t make me bring the rice out.


RiFF RAFF - RiCE OUT (by JodyHighRoller)


RiFF RaFF “Rice Out”

Director: Travis Blackwell

Producer: Derek Allen

Mixtape: Birth Of An Icon



I KNEW there would be a video for this eventually!!


Riff Raff found his path