Unwoven Light

Soo Sunny Park’s Unwoven Light, a large structure of flowing metal and plexiglass, mesmerizes and transports its viewers into dreamy, shimmering realm. The installation consists of 37 parts, each one made from iridescent pieces of plexiglass and chain link fencing. Although chain fences typically appear very industrial, the fencing in Park’s piece has a lively, natural quality to it.

Park was inspired to explore the rigid yet porous quality of chain links after spotting a styrofoam cup stuck in a fence. The artist was also interested in how light can affect the appearance of a room. The sculpture, part of Park’s continuous exploration of light, is meant to capture light and make it visible in the form of brightly coloured reflections.

Unwoven Light is on display at the Rice University Art Gallery until August 30.

-Janine Truong


Thinkspace Gallery’s “LAX / ORD” at Vertical Gallery.

Opening on Saturday, September 3rd, 2016 at Vertical Gallery in Chicago, Illinois is the Thinkspace Gallery curated group exhibition of 12″ x 12″ pieces “LAX / ORD.”

Featuring work from some of the most prominent New Contemporary artists in the world such as (Above) Edwin Ushiro, Casey Weldon, David Rice, Alex Garant, Juan Travieso, Tony Philippou, Tatiana Suarez, Stella Im Hultberg, ONEQ and Fuco Ueda plus many others.  Connecting the West Coast art scene to that of the MidWest’s, this survey exhibition will feature local and international artists curated by one of the movement’s most active and respected proponents: Los Angeles’ Thinkspace gallery. This collaborative presentation with Patrick Hull’s Vertical Gallery is Thinkspace’s tenth iteration of its successful traveling exhibition series, and will be the largest presentation of New Contemporary art ever to take place in Chicago.

LAX / ORD” will be on display until September 24th, 2016.  If you’re in Chicago DO NOT MISS IT.


David Rice’s “Two Creeks” at Antler Gallery.

Opening tonight - Thursday, June 25th, 2015 - at Antler Gallery in Portland, Oregon is exceptional artist David Rice’s solo show “Two Creeks” which will showcase his animal-centric paintings that often feature colorful geometric amalgamations.  These are certainly even more spectacular in real life and if you’re in the Portland area you should definitely drop by.


Soo Suny Park’s installation at the Rice Gallery in Houston, TX called “Unwoven Light”. I wished I had this in my bedroom, it’d be my secret imaginarium tent. To see more, here’s the video I made these gifs of (that of course do not make it justice).

It features an interview of the artist.

You can find more info here:


BRINK” at Antler Gallery.

Currently showing at Antler Gallery in Portland, Oregon is the group show “BRINK” dedicated to showcasing works of art that feature endangered or extinct animals by artists such as (above): Scott Listfield, Nick Sheehy, David Rice, Brian Mashburn, Zoe Keller and Adam Batchelor plus many others.  

20% of the sales from the show will go to supporting the Audubon Society of Portland.  If you’re in the area definitely check it out!


David Rice’s “High Alpine” at Antler Gallery.

Currently on view at Antler Gallery in Portland, Oregon is David Rice’s solo exhibition “High Alpine.”

While David has normally focused on how animals and humans co-exist, “High Alpine” finds the artist removing the contrast and elevating wildlife to the equal position of humans.  There are references to space exploration, companionship and a re-interpretation of Norman Rockwell’s 1969 painting “From the Earth to the Moon” which celebrates the Apollo 11 team. In Rice’s version the people are replaced by a menagerie of North American species.

High Alpine” is on view until June 27th, 2016.


Soo Sunny Park’s “Unwoven Light:” an organically constructed chain link sculpture with iridescent plexi-glass squares fastened to select spaces. Scintillating. Captivating. A jewel that’s been cracked open. A crustacean that has shed its shimmering shell in the sun. Whatever images it conjures up, I’d love to take a trip to see it at the Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas. 

Beauty of Jinju pt. 2

taken with Sony A7 II, 28-70mm FE

Jinju, South Korea

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