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lardo builds her own panels because it’s easier. ok, not at all. but it’s cheaper. she likes the managers down in the kotter shops; they’re helpful, organized, and let students work and learn and problem solve at their own pace, hands-on. 

sometimes she feels weird being one of the only painting students who builds her own panels, but it’s not like being hockey manager pays much. she’s got rent and groceries and god help her, oil paint to buy. her parents help, but samwell’s already expensive with scholarships and she’s heard her dad talk about loans and mortgage in hushed tones on the couch at night during winter break and she clicks out of buying a new pencil case. (ugh, but it’s ..adorable and the size…and on amazon prime)

she won’t call herself poor–lower end of comfortable, sure. sometimes she hears rans and holster call themselves poor college students and she kinda laughs because? they’re. not? really. they occasionally tutor for econ and intro bio and pay for her takeout sometimes, though she insists not. she checks her bank account and digs around her room for a her check book, god, rent is due soon. 

she fries an egg (bought in bulk when she was back at home) with spam (bulk tins) and spoons out a bowl of rice (fifty pound bag in the haus basement), takes out her bottle of soy sauce (tiny. her mom says that if anything, have good soy sauce). she doesn’t correct them; they’re her friends, but she doesn’t say anything, because…what’s her place to say. 

(her dad pays for gas. lardo doesn’t drive that much, but her dad pays for gas. it’s unspoken. whenever she comes home, her dad will take her car and when she’s back in samwell, the tank is full. her car’s old. she’s gonna say it now, it’s beat up. like, god, there are students at Samwell that are younger than her car.  but it runs and as she heads west for samwell, her dad reminds her to take the car back for him to look at sometime and not not fill the tank over there. she nods).

so larissa puts on a pair of goggles and uses the radial arm saw to slice through pieces of wood and waits patiently for her panels and stretchers to dry. it gives her a buzz, a rush to bring down the saw. she thinks about using plexiglass as a surface to paint on and panels that take up entire walls. she can’t tell if she likes painting on paper or canvas or metal or plastic or masonite or fabric best, it depends on the day. today, it’s freshly sanded masonite. she brushes off a fine layer of dust; the surface has just enough grit but she gives it another pass and rolls up her sleeves, stained with wood glue.

things to do if your friend has an eating disorder

•remind them how much you love them and that they’re irreplaceable

•make sure they know that they’re beautiful and perfect just how they are

•lots of warm cuddles

•heated rice bags make us feel less empty

•tell them how proud you are of them when they eat something successfully

•tell them how proud you are of them for trying to eat something

•stick with them on their journey to recovery

From Break Up to Make Up (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: SMUT, Angst, & Slight-Romantic
Words: 2,606
POV: 3rd/2nd Person 
Song(s) That Inspired Me: Metronome

Summary: After yet another dating scandal breaking out, this time for you, Jungkook finally let his jealously get to him. Unfortunately, you have grown weary of the constant fighting, especially since it was always about the other one being jealous. Finally having deciding it was enough, you called it quits, however, will Jungkook let you go that easy?

Originally posted by mrspreadinglegsjungkook


According to Dispatch News, these two have been in a relationship since late 2015 and have met through a mutual friend, who sources say is BTS’s Jungkook. A close friend of the two state that these two started off as a sunbae-hoobae relationship and then gradually became friends. From there, after seeing that they had similar tastes in music, they began to meet up whenever their schedules allowed them to do so and romantic feelings began to develop. No comment from either JYP Entertainment or Cube Entertainment, but we will update this story as soon as we can.

Jungkook stared blankly at his phone, trying to wrap his head around the fact that his girlfriend was supposedly dating his close friend. He felt his grip tighten on his phone, almost wanting to break it or throw it against the wall. Many ARMYs say that Hoseok’s temper is scary, well they have yet to see Jungkook angry and when one does, just stay clear of him. He doesn’t know how many times he stared at the article and it was not helping that many fans were tagging the official BTS twitter account, where he and the rest of the members take turn uploading and talking to their fans, in related news article about the subject. Some even saying that they ship you and Yugyeom together. Lost in his thoughts of the possibility that his girlfriend and his close friends are fucking each other, he failed to hear you enter the apartment.

           “Baby! I’m home!” You shouted from the entrance way as you took off your shoes and switched to slippers.

Jungkook exhaled deeply and then inhaled as he stood up from the couch and walked calmly towards you.

Your eyes lit up at the sight of your boyfriend and when you leaned up to give him a kiss, you were instead greeted by his phone.

           “What am I looking at?” You questioned, eyeing the screen.

Jungkook stared blankly at you, trying to calm the raging anger that was threatening to seep out. He then scrolled down to the article that was the source of his anger.

You took one look at the article title and dread and panic filled her eyes.

           “I-it’s not what it looks like, Kook.” You tried to explain, fully aware how scary his temper can get.

Jungkook scoffed, “Funny because it looks like that you’re dating my close friend as well as me….” He mocked as he shoved his phone back in his pocket.

You flinched at the harshness of his tone, “It’s a misunderstanding…Besides, what about you and your dating scandals? Like the one with Lisa? I never once had gotten angry with you over that?!” You argued, feeling the anger build inside. You two were always at each other’s throats over the issue of jealousy. Neither one of you guys wanting to say that you were feeling jealousy whenever a dating scandal came out.

Jungkook narrowed his eyes, “Really? You never once had gotten jealous over my dating scandals? You’re such a hypocritical bitch…” He retorted, no longer masking his anger anymore.

You felt a slight pain in your heart after hearing him call you a hypocritical bitch. You quickly gotten rid of that pain and replaced with anger that was equally on par with the anger he was feeling.

           “You know what…  I’m done.” You stated, angrily walking away from him.

Jungkook stared at you, “What did you just say?” He whispered both in disbelief and angry as he followed you into your bedroom.

Before you could slam the door in his face, he firmly placed his hand on the other side of the door, putting all his strength into holding the door open. Realizing that he wasn’t going to give up, you stopped pushing against your side of the door and let Jungkook inside the room. He angrily slammed the door and locked it, so you two could argue in peace and not be interrupted by the off chance your members stop by and say hi.

You took of your shirt, remaining in your lacey bra, as you rummaged through your closet for a change of clothes.

           “I asked you a question Y/N.” Jungkook said, leaning against the wall in front of your walk-in closet.

You scoffed, “Yeah and I’m refusing to answer so… sucks to suck.” You replied, venom dripping down every word.

Not wanting to deal with your attitude, Jungkook impatiently walked towards and roughly grabbed you, causing you to drop the clothes you wanted to change into. He then pushed you up against the wall, roughly pinning your arms above your head that way you couldn’t hit him.

You glared at your ex-boyfriend, “Let me go, you asshole or else I will kick you in the nuts.” You threatened as you struggled against his iron grip.

Jungkook then pinned his body against yours in response, “Now what are you going to do baby girl?” He whispered harshly as he towered over you.

You continued to struggle against his hold, “Seriously Jungkook, I am sick and tired of this…” You quietly confessed, trying to control the adrenaline and raging hormones that were pumping throughout your veins.

Jungkook leaned in closer, your lips hovering over each other, “What are you sick and tired of?” He asked, loosening his grip on your wrists.

You instantly noticed that and took it as a chance to break free, which you did. You roughly pushed him away and then tried to leave that room, however, as soon as you were close the door, Jungkook hoisted you up and carried you over his shoulders like a bag of rice. He then roughly dropped you on your bed and angrily took off his shirt, exposing his well-tone upper body. He instantly straddled your body, locking your place, and pinned your arms above your head once again.

You sighed from frustration, whether it is from anger or sexual has yet to be determined.

           “Have you always been this defiant?” He questioned, chuckling to himself.

You rolled your eyes, “Only when you’re an asshat, babe…” You replied sarcastically.

Jungkook shook his head lightly, showing of this almost evil smirk, as he began to lightly trail his finger down your jawline and all the way between the crack of your breasts. He began to massage one of your breasts that were still covered by your bra. He then placed his hand underneath the material and began to lightly pinch your nipple, causing it to become erect.

You bit your lip, hoping to fight off any light moans that were threatening to come out.

           “Get off me.” You angrily demanded, sending him a hard glare.

Jungkook responded by pinching your nipple hard, earning a loud yelp from you.

           “Why? I think you need to be punished…” He taunted as he eyed your breasts hungrily.

You continued to glare, “Oh? I need to be punished? If anything, you need to be punished for going all crazy on me. Like what the hell, Jungkook? Out of all the dating scandals I have been in, this is the only one that made you go berserk!” You argued back.

Jungkook stayed quiet, lightly nodding. You eyed him strangely, wondering why he isn’t saying anything. Suddenly, he roughly sat you up, basically tore your bra off and forced your shorts and panties off as well. Feeling the cool air hit your naked back, you quickly grabbed a pillow to cover your now exposed body, but Jungkook wasn’t having any of that.

           “Lie down. Now.” He demanded angrily yet seductively as he proceeded to take off his jeans and boxers, finally freeing his cock that was hardening to the point where it was pressing against the zipper.

You scoffed for the nth time that evening, “Or else what?” You questioned, clearly not losing your stubborn spirit.

Jungkook pushed you down on the mattress roughly and lightly held your neck, “Baby girl… you don’t want know what will happen if you continue to defy me…” He whispered almost evilly.

You froze at his tone of voice, never once in their relationship have you heard him use that tone of voice. It made you shudder and strangely, in a good way…

Jungkook smirked at your silence, “Oh now my baby girl wants to be quiet…” He said as he trailed his other hand down your torso and all the way down to your core. He lightly began to caress you folds, letting you suffer for all the times he had suffer from jealousy.

You whimpered from both his teasing and the added pressure on your neck. Who would have thought you would enjoy light choking?

           “Like that?? What if I did this?” He asked as he proceeded to insert not one, but two finger inside your wet core that was slowly becoming lubricated from your juices. He started off slowly, thrusting his fingers in her tight pussy, even doing the scissoring motion.

You let out an airy moan, “J-Jungkook…” You whimpered.

Jungkook began to mercilessly thrust his fingers in you without any warning, causing you to let out a series of loud moans.

           “Did I say that you could talk to me?” He asked with a serious expression written on his face.

You stayed quiet, trying to catch your breath, but the silence was short lived due to Jungkook assaulting your clitoris now with both his mouth and fingers. He continued his assault until he felt your walls contract around his fingers, signaling him that you were ready to cum. Just as you were about to cum all over his fingers, Jungkook immediately stopped.

           “Next time, listen to your oppa. Be a good girl and I will reward you, okay?” He asked as he lightly caressed your thigh.

You absentmindedly nodded your head, “Okay…” your whispered.

Jungkook flashed a small smile, his first smile of the night, “Good girl… now tell oppa what you want.” He seductively cooed as he began to massage your neck to ease up on the pain from him choking your earlier.

           “I want you Jungkook…” You breathed, feeling your juices slowly drip down your thigh from his earlier assault.

Jungkook made a noise, “Are you sure? You don’t want Yugyeom fucking you hard. Pounding your tight pussy. Making you beg to make the unbearable pleasure to stop?” He taunted as he slowly rubbed your clit, adding a bit of pressure.

You began to form a devious smile, knowing exactly what will get him to fuck you quickly.

           “You know what…. Yeah, I want Yugyeom here instead of you…” You paused to observed Jungkook’s facial expression, “I want him fucking my pussy mercilessly. Leaving bite marks all over my boobs and neck. Simply claiming me as his own. I want him to make me moan loud until I can’t handle the amount of pleasure…” Before you could continue your taunt, Jungkook’s hand immediately landed on your neck.

           “Shut up…” He growled, anger flashing in his eyes as he, without warning, thrusted his hard cock in your soaking wet core.

           “Jungkook…” You whimpered as he pounded your soaking wet core, your pelvic bones colliding each time.

           “Don’t moan out my name… Moan out for Yugyeom… Remember, you wanted him fucking your tight pussy mercilessly.” He angrily yet seductively taunted before claiming your neck that wasn’t covered by his hand.

You whimpered, “I want you though Jungkook…”

Jungkook smirked at your words, “Then get on your hands and knees and bend over slightly.” He requested as he ceased his assault on your now bruised pussy. He quickly let go of your neck and let you sit up. You sat up and did what you were told.

Jungkook eyed your body hungrily, patiently waiting for you to be in the position. As soon as he saw your ass in his eye of sight, he quickly scooted his way behind you and…

           “Did you just smack my ass?” You questioned.

Jungkook smacked your ass hard again, “Yes, now be a good girl and grab a pillow because what I am about to do next, I don’t want your neighbors to call the cops on us…” He said vaguely as he slowly entered your pussy from behind, loving how tight your walls felt around his veiny cock.

You let out a breathy moan from his cock being inside your beaten yet still wet core again. Loving your moans, Jungkook began to thrust hard and fast, as he gripped on your hips to hit your pussy deeper.

           “R-right there, Jungkook!!” You moaned loudly, well loud as it could be since your face was planted in the pillow.

Fortunately for you, Jungkook heard your request and began to hit that spot, pounding mercilessly each time he did. Unable to take the pleasure he was feeling, he began to smack your ass until it was decorated with his hand prints. You began to cry out from the pain mixed with pleasure each time he did. You then lifted her head up from the pillow, no longer caring if your neighbors could hear both of your loud moans. You wanted the world to know that you were both taken.

Jungkook suddenly stopped assaulting you from behind and then lied down.

           “Ride me.” He demanded.

Wasting no time, you immediately straddled him, positioning your entrance over his hard cock. You then began to roll your hips as you slowly rode him.

Jungkook, loving seeing you ride his cock, let out loud moan as he rested his hands firmly on your hips and helped guide you. You leaned forward, resting your hands on his muscular chest, began to quicken you pace, enjoying seeing Jungkook’s face contort with pleasure.

           “You know… I think I could get used to seeing your boobs bounce in my face like this. Almost makes me want to take them in my mouth and leave my mark all over them…” He stated as he continued to eye them.

You chuckled lightly, “Then, why don’t you?” You teased as you stopped riding your boyfriend.

Taking your advice, Jungkook then sat up, causing you to gasp due to the newly found pleasure.

He raised his eyebrow in response, “Oh you like that?” He teased back as he rolled his hips, causing you to moan softly.

           “Y-yes…” You whimpered as he continued to that action over and over.

Jungkook chuckled lowly at your response, “Okay…” He replied before resting his head in the nook of your head and began assaulting the spots that weren’t covered by his love bites.

The two of you continued to fill the room with your moans until the both of you could no longer hold in your release. Jungkook, now resting beside you, stared blankly at the ceiling.

           “So… where do we go from here?” He asked, remembering that you mentioned that you guys were done earlier.

You, resting your head on Jungkook’s chest, looked up to meet his gaze, “Um…” You began, unsure how to answer him.

Jungkook then sat up, “I am willing to work on us if you are…” He mumbled shyly, flashing you a small yet loving smile.

You returned his smile, “Okay… I am willing to stay and work things out…” You replied softly as you sat up as well.

Jungkook placed a loving kiss on your temple and then pulled you down, so the two of you could drift off to a peaceful sleep.

           “I love you…” Jungkook muttered before sleep taking him away.

Unknowingly to him, you heard his words and felt your heart skip a beat.

           “I love you too…”

A/N: Boy that was steamy! Now, if you excuse me, I need to go bathe in Holy Water. Even though I had uploaded this before on my personal blog, this was technically my first smut that I have ever written on here so…. okay, enjoy it ;) Requests are open! Happy reading!

beezarre  asked:

Hi Pear! Bee here! Ever since our conversation on sunday I've had one question going round and round in my head, and I just had to share: *how* do centaurs sleep? The way their spine is constructed makes picturing it rather difficult, but I want my new precious baby to be comfortable when she sleeps without having to use my MC as a pillow.(not that that wouldn't be cute as hell) (the idea of foetal position for a centaur leads to how the hell are they born? so nothing there either^^) Halp? *-*

Okay, Bee, but picture this:

Giraffes sleep using themselves as their own pillows (or standing up). Picture your centaur with a nice saddle-bag-esque rice bag or pillow across their hind quarters to use as a pillow for their upper body. Picture also using that rice bag pillow as a heat pack for achy muscles that must naturally occur from a centaur’s body composition.

Llamas (top) and alpacas (bottom) sleep laying down with their necks stretched out. Picture your centaur doing the same, laying flat out on their human stomach like laying on a desk.

Maybe there’s a special hammock or sling they suspend from trees to lean their human body into to sleep, while letting the horse half stay upright. Maybe they find a good rock or hummock to lay draped over, or maybe they just mostly end up sleeping with their horse legs folded under them or on their side so the human part can lay down. While horses can lock their hips and legs in a way that allows them to stand while relaxing enough to sleep, humans have no similar trait, so it’s less finding a way for the horse bits to relax as finding a way to get the human into a position where they can rest against something. That’s mostly the consensus across the boards I looked at, too. Good luck! -Pear

Spells for Serenity, Calming, Relaxation, and Peace

Updated: July 21st, 2016


[dramatic voice] And then Hanzo bought a rice cooker asap. McCree looked at the box, confused. “It pays for itself,” Hanzo explained.

I didn’t know frozen rice squares were a thing until I saw this A++ post from @crotah, unless I just ignored it and forgot, so I looked it up and saw microwavable rice. I was just… so confused??? So I thought, what if McCree tried to stock up his fridge before Hanzo moved in?

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook spilling the bag of rice puffs on the table and trying to hide it from you.
*lifts the bag from the wrong side and spills all the rice puffs*
*tries stuffing as much rice puffs into his mouth and*
*panics and stuffs as much into his hoodie*
“Hey Jung-”
*stares at you with puffed up cheeks*

anonymous asked:

hi! I was wondering if I could request an angsty turned to nsfw Jumin scenario/imagine/hc (whatever you prefer for it) where he gets back from a business trip and MC is mad at him because he barely called her the entire time he was gone and they argue a little but she ultimately ends up teasing him as a "punishment" I need frustrated Jumin in my life (omg I'm so embarrassed requesting this hahaha)

Hello, anon! I couldn’t angst for the life of me, but I think I got a little carried away with this one. 

I know I’m cutting this at a crucial part, but should I make a part two, or just be a tease and leave it at that? Teehee.


Reversing Roles (Jumin x MC)

It’s quiet and a little unsettling.

I’m tired and sleepy, but I don’t think she would appreciate it if I dozed off.

She told me to wait for her, but it’s already been a couple of minutes. Where did she go?

These were some of the thoughts that raced inside C&R director Jumin Han’s mind as he was blindfolded and tied to the bed. He was starting to feel queasy and frustrated, and his stomach churned at the thought of you cruelly leaving him in this condition all night as punishment.

He was used to always being the one giving orders and tying you to the bed, but how exactly did your roles reverse?

2 hours earlier…

“I’m home, my love,“ Jumin greeted as he opened the door to the new home that you and him started to share until recently. However, instead of you welcoming him, it was Elizabeth the 3rd who greeted him alone at the entrance. 


“Hello, Elizabeth,“ Jumin carefully placed the paper bags he had been carrying onto the floor and bent to stroke under Elizabeth the 3rd’s chin. He smiled, as he was rewarded by a series of purrs.

That’s strange. MC and Elizabeth the 3rd usually greet me together, but it’s only Elizabeth who welcomed me home this time.

“Where could MC be?“ Jumin thought out loud. As if answering his question, Elizabeth the 3rd started to make her way to where you were. 

Picking up the bags, he followed her, and as he neared the living room, he heard you talking to somebody on the phone. “…no, he hasn’t called ever since. All I’m left with was a handwritten note from the day he left for his business trip, and I’m worried…..it’s been a week, but he said he’d only be gone for three days…“ 

You were facing the window overlooking the nightscape. There was also an empty bottle of wine and a half full wine goblet on the side table. How long had she been drinking alone? 

“No, we didn’t fight or anything….yes, I tried calling him multiple times, and all I got was voicemail. I even asked Jaehee to have him call me back if he calls her, but she couldn’t get a hold of him either….I miss him, Zen….yes, yes, I know, thank you for worrying. I’ll call you back when he gets home. Bye,“ you ended the call and started to cry. Jumin couldn’t bear that he’d unexpectedly made you upset, so he dropped the bags, crossed the room in a few strides, and embraced you from behind, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“I’m sorry to have worried you MC, but I’m home now my love,“

“J-Jumin??? How— how long have you been there? “

You dried your tears, broke away from his embrace, and observed him. Aside from the sad look he gave you, he was put together and clean shaven. At least he came home safe…

“Why didn’t you return any of my calls and messages? Didn’t you know how lonely and worried I was?!?“

“Oh, about that, I—-”

“I try to understand how busy you are with work, but sometimes, I wonder if you’re just using that as an excuse to ignore me.“


“Am I not worth your time anymore, Mr. Jumin Han?“

“ENOUGH!!! You were talking with Zen earlier, shouldn’t I be the one getting angry instead?“

“What? Am I not allowed to talk to anybody anymore? Zen was only trying to reassure me that you’d be coming back, Jumin! Who knows what you’ve been up to in that trip? Even Jaehee couldn’t contact you!“

“If you’re trying to accuse me of cheating on you, then you’re mistaken, MC! You know how I hate that my father changed women as if he were just changing his clothes! I would never do that to you! You know how much I love you; how could you suspect me like that?“

His broken tone had you coming to your senses, and you stood there in stunned silence as Jumin pinched the bridge of his nose, a frown marring his handsome face.It took him a while to calm himself, and he looked straight at you when it seemed like he had regained his composure. 

“Sit down, dear,” he motioned for you to sit down on the loveseat. He sat beside you and attempted to embrace you, but you were still sulking, so he settled for holding your hand instead. “Will you let me explain, my love?“ you were pointedly avoiding eye contact, but you nodded.  

“The reason the trip got extended was because the negotiations almost didn’t go through. I thought I was only there to finalize the deal with the client, but I found out that somebody on our side messed up, and I had to fix it somehow,“ “…but the lack of phone calls?“ Jumin chuckled and sheepishly rubbed his nape. 

“Well…that was because part of the condition was to spend time with the client’s 3-year old child, and the brat somehow got hold of my phone and he threw it in a lake. By the time we found the phone, it was already unsalvageable even when one of the staff thought to put it in a bag of rice overnight,“ by this time, you could tell that he was distressed because he wouldn’t normally use such words as “brat“, but you couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the thought of the C&R Director chasing a toddler around.

“Oh you poor thing! So that’s why. But you could have asked to borrow somebody else’s phone and called Jaehee at least. She was also worried because her calls wouldn’t go through either,“ you almost wanted to forgive him, but you were still holding out.   

“If I could call somebody at that time, I would have called you first… but then, all my contacts were in that phone, and I didn’t have any numbers memorized. I’m sorry, MC. Please let me make it up to you,“ he looked hopefully at you, like a child expecting to get a present that he always wanted.

“Hmm… I don’t know, Jumin. I told you to carry a copy of your contacts list in a small notebook before, but you never listened.“

“I know, and I’m sorry. I’ll order Assistant Kang to make me a copy of my contacts first thing in the morning.“

You shook your head. “No dear, you have to do it by yourself. Jaehee was already neck deep in work the last time I checked. You could at least lessen the projects that you give her.“

“Alright, no more unnecessary projects. Please forgive me, I’ll do anything you want.“

You perked up at the thought of your husband offering to do anything for you. “Really? Anything?“

“Yes, my love, anything.“

“Well, there IS something I’ve been meaning to try…“

Jumin heard the door open and close, followed by the sound of somebody moving around the room. “MC, is that you?“ “Did I permit you to talk?“ “No ma’am,“ he had used that tone on you a couple of times, so he knew not to address you casually.

There was a soft thunk by the bedside table, and he felt the bed dip, and the smell of your citrus and green tea shower gel permeated his nostrils as you sat beside him. “So, what shall I do to you first, Mr. Han?“ your tone was seductive, like honey smoothly gliding over his soul. “You do know that I intend to get payback in full after this, don’t you… ma’am?“ there was a sound of rummaging from his right side.

“Cheeky bastard. If you’re going to get payback after this, then I might as well make it count. I wonder though, should I just take off that blindfold and eat a sandwich in front of you? Or should I build a block tower instead?“ “MC…“ there was a hint of warning in his voice, and a tick in his jaw. It was  fun teasing him like this, but you knew not to push your luck.

anonymous asked:

you definitely aren't poor if you're eating vegan lol it's expensive

ah yes, that’s why some of the world’s poorest communities live off a plant based intake - those bags of rice, beans, potatoes and lentils are an extravagant display of wealth!!

yo think about this

How about we gather together, like everyone in this website? Then we sit on a circle and put The 7th Sense as the background music. We put an open rice bag at the center of this circle, and 17 scented candles around us. After that, we start calling Bambam for his real name (Kunpimook Bhuwakul), the same for Ten (Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul). Doing that, will conjure Satansoo, and he’ll sing us MAMA, and THAT will conjure Yoongi. Bultaoreune. And they’ll make Monsta X get their first win. After that we can eat pizza together idk.

Important note on rice!!

I heard this through the grapevine via my GF’s parents, plus some quick back up research on internet and I think its important to share.

The acceptable amount of arsenic for a human to consume in their food is 10 parts per billion.

Rice grown in Texas has shown to have 300 parts per billion. New Jersey at 200 parts per billion. Other areas of the south east US have high levels and that is where most of our rice is grown. Brown rice has more than white.

It’s a world wide problem though. The FDA has advised that people who consume almost exclusively rice to add more grains to their diet to minimize potential risks. Consumer Report are saying the same. (Rice industry is not of course)

Rice from California, India, and Thailand have the lowest levels.

Check your rice bags, if they are from Texas or New Jersey THROW THEM OUT. The rest of the US be very very careful, my mom threw out one from Arizona , she won’t risk it because of the amount of rice she uses. My household we threw out Texas and New Jersey.

Be careful of ALL rice products.

You can also look up your brand on consumer report they might have specifics for that brand.

I am glad I learned before I offered rice to the Kami and made food.
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I know you offer Kami rice and eat of course, please check your bags!

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Grocery Shopping

Dojutsu Bunch #1

“Toilet paper, toilet paper,” Itachi murmured to himself as he clutched the wrinkled grocery list in one hand and pushed the cart with the other. “Already got the ketchup… and eggs… Oh yeah, I can’t forget the bubble bath–hush, Hanabi, it’s okay.  Don’t cry,” he prodded the two year old toddler who began to bawl in the front seat of the cart. “We’re almost done, almost done.”  He handed her a bottle of milk and she quieted her fussing.

“Alright, got the milk and grape juice,” Neji announced, placing the items in the cart with a thunk.

Itachi scanned the items on the shelves to his left without looking up. “Tomato juice for Sasuke?”

“Done,” Neji replied, patting Hanabi on the head, who had begun to reach one chubby arm out for him.

“Cinnamon buns for Hinata?”

“Got it.”

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Janitor here. Sundays are super busy for us, and people drop crap all the time. Glass jars, plastic bottles that bust open, bags of rice, wine bottles(NOT THE WINE BOTTLES), but inbetween cleaning all that I have to clean the restrooms four times a shift and do the trash both inside and outside. So thank you, co-worker, that decided to not work your midshift to help me out and instead decided to come in at opening to get your 8 hours in and screwed me over big time. So exhausted.