rice vermicelli noodles

with Herbed Tahini Sauce

4 rice papers (serves one, multiply if you’re inviting a friend)
½ cup cooked vermicelli (AKA rice noodles) 
1 red beet (boil, allow to cool and cut into slices) 
1 carrot
½ cucumber
½ avocado
handful of mixed lettuce
handful of sprouts & fresh chives

2 tablespoons tahini
1 garlic clove crushed
½ lemon juice
1 tbls sauerkraut
1 tsp cracked pepper
Herbal Salt to taste
Fresh dill & chives
+ splash of water if needed for consistency. 

1. Blend all sauce ingredients until smooth, set aside
2. Prepare all vegetables by thinly slicing longways 
3. Fill a shallow dish with warm water, one at a time dip rice paper sheets in the water for 5 seconds, remove immediately and lay on a chopping board (wood works well here) 
4. Arrange filling on the wraps, starting with the noodles, followed by the vegetables, keeping everything centred. 
5. Fold the top and bottom in, the sides should stick down, starting at one side roll the paper over the filling and continue to roll to complete the wrapped process. Repeat. 
6. Dip and eat! Enjoy immediately! 


Quick and easy dinner tonight… I was so tired and hungry from riding my bike all day and wanted something easy to make and high in healthy calories.

Brown rice vermicelli noodles w/ fresh picked veggies: zucchini, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, cilantro, kale, snow peas, scallions, & a curry sauce that was half store bought/half home made. (the store bought stuff is sooooo yummy and has really healthy ingredients and is low fat, however it’s pretty high in sodium, so I blended some tomatoes, onions, hemp seeds, garlic, & water and then mixed that with the store bought curry to make it a lil healthier IMO ;)