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[TRANS] 10+Asia July Issue Interview Snippet

Speaking of physical appearance, you seem to exert a lot of effort in losing weight. In a recent interview, we heard Ricky lost a lot of weight. You look slimmer now.

Ricky: I lost a lot more weight then. I have to work harder! I will only eat once a day.
L.Joe: Really? So you’re not going to eat lunch today? You had breakfast earlier.
Ricky: (in a cute tone)  On days like this though…
Everyone: (laughs)
Ricky: Okay, I wont eat a lot.  If I eat two meals, it will be of bread but I wont drink milk, instead I’ll fill (my tummy) with water.
CAP: You had kimchi fried rice this morning.
Ricky:  That doesn’t count, it didn’t taste good so there were left overs!
Changjo: Hahahaha.

How about the other members?

Niel: Chunji hyung pays attention (to his weight) so much, as well as CAP hyung.
Chunji: (suddenly in a loud voice) I enjoy going on a diet…! Haha. I love ramen but haven’t had it recently.
CAP: Since I am aging, my stomach is now getting bigger so I’m working hard to tone my abs.

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